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Online guessing on love with playing cards

Playing cards is the easiest way to tell fortunes. In this way, our mothers and grandmothers guessed. And there are a lot of ways of divination.

In our century, we decided to make free true divination for love with the help of playing cards. To do this, we took a classic alignment of 6 cards out of 36. The decoding of each card depends on the location. The transcripts themselves were taken from the fortune teller's practitioner.

How to guess:
Get ready, do not think about anything for a couple of minutes, except for your partner. When you are ready, open each card in sequence.
(!) A detailed decoding of all maps in this position will appear under the layout.
Good luck!

Thoughts of a loved one
of a personWhat is the heart of a beloved person? What is a beloved person in the near future?