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Dreaming doctor: popular interpretations for different dream books


Interpretations for what the doctor dreams - a lot. Each dream book interprets the appearance of such a character in dreams in its own way, given the nuances of sleep. Remember what the doctor looked like, what was his specialization (surgeon, dentist, general practitioner or other profession). Did you treat someone else or were you a doctor yourself? Was the doctor one or more? All of these points are important for the proper decoding of sleep.

General interpretation

The generally accepted meaning of the appearance of a doctor in dreams is health problems. You need to listen to your body, because through the unconscious it gives a signal for help. It would not hurt even to be examined to identify possible hidden diseases that have not yet made themselves known.

For example, a gynecologist who has dreamed of a woman means problems with conception or with the reproductive system. And if the doctor had tools in his hands, then a quick abortion or other operation is possible. However, to be pregnant at a visit to a gynecologist in a dream - to the early replenishment of the family.

But if a man saw himself in a dream in the role of a gynecologist, then you should take a closer look at your friends in reality, someone needs moral support or help in solving problems.

It is believed that the dentist dreams of changes in the professional field. The dreaming dentist is a sign that pushes the start of action. Do not miss a good moment for career growth or job change. But a torn tooth is a bad sign, your expectations will not come true.

A surgeon in a dream, especially conducting an operation, is as a symbol of global changes in life, decisive actions on your part. This is usually a positive change.

If you came to a speech therapist in a dream, pay attention to your behavior and, especially, talkativeness. You can blurt out too much, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. And if you were at the eye doctor, then it is time to believe in yourself. This dreamed doctor means distrust of oneself and one's abilities.


Dream Miller

Miller in his interpretations focuses on female dreams:

  • marry a doctor - behave more cautiously, someone from the inner circle wants to deceive you;
  • unsuccessfully treated by a charlatan - to the soonest problems, and not only with health;
  • treat teeth in the dental chair - to quarrel with loved ones;
  • hear the diagnosis from the doctor or come to his examination - to the disease, difficulties, fading beauty.

Dream interpretation Denis Lynn

To see a doctor in a dream - to the disease. Do not delay the trip to the doctor.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

If the doctor dreamed of a woman, then such a dream promises her problems in her personal life, and if a man has a career. But, on the contrary, if the doctor was not alone, then positive changes are coming.

Dream Grishin

If the doctor is alone in a dream, then it is a sign of health problems, several doctors or even a whole council - the pressure of fear, which gives no peace and reality. Understand your phobias, otherwise close to a nervous breakdown.

Dream Shuvalova

A friend in the role of a doctor who has dreamed personifies a person who is very significant in your life and depends on your health, physical or psychological. Perhaps he even subordinates you to himself. Review your attitude to this person. Most likely, you want more freedom from it.

Dreaming longo

Longo is not so pessimistic in his interpretations.

  • In his dream book, the doctor is only a symbol of excessive concern for his health, but by no means a disease. Probably you are thinking up feeling sick. It is better to get rid of such a bad habit, while psychosomatic diseases have not made themselves known.
  • And to be a doctor himself is to have the habit of taking on the solution of other people's problems. Think, maybe it's time to stop caring only for others and start living for your pleasure.
  • If the doctor is caring for someone else - this is a sign of the desire to receive support from people who are not suitable for this.
  • A doctor who met outside his office and does his own business promises a pleasant trip, most likely a business one.

Dream Dream Meneghetti

The doctor for this dream book is a symbol of excessive closeness, isolation. Perhaps due to religious pressure.

Dream Dream

A doctor who appeared in a dream means the exacerbation of a chronic disease. Dentist for a man is a harbinger of a situation in which a good friend will help, and for a woman - changes on the personal front, perhaps the appearance of a new partner.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream book, it all depends on the mood of the doctor you dreamed about:

  • ready to start your treatment or is already treating you - you need the help of loved ones,
  • refuses to heal - your hopes will not come true,
  • treats someone else - that person will need your help soon
  • in a dream I just saw a doctor in a white coat - they will help you in your endeavors.

Old French Dream Book

The appearance of a doctor in dreams foreshadows an ambulance.

Summer dream

Seeing yourself as a doctor in an office or in a hospital is about to recover.

Autumn dream

To be at the doctor's office - to the disease.

Spring dream book

This dream book foreshadows a disease that will last three weeks.

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