Dream interpretation

What does it mean if you had a rotten tooth? Interpreted by dream books


Understand what dreams rotten tooth, you can by comparing the interpretation of dream books, psychologists and their own feelings. From the point of view of psychology, a rotten tooth dreams of a sense of insecurity, threat, hidden danger, feelings of guilt and shame.

Possible fear of exposure. To see a rotten tooth in a dream is a sign of involvement in a shameful secret. Try to remember your actions and emotions when you find a rotten tooth - are you scared or are you all the same whether you were trying to remove a rotten tooth or decided to leave it as it is.

If you remove or spit out an injured tooth - did you feel pain, did blood and saliva flow? All these moments are significant. Dry teeth usually mean your indifference to the problem. The presence of saliva - you experience sharp negative emotions. Blood - having a problem can cause you a lot of heartache.

Rotten tooth in a dream from the perspective of traditional psychoanalysis

  • From the point of view of psychoanalysis, teeth in a dream are family members and emotionally close people. In rare cases, if a person is extremely passionate about work, his colleagues can also become “teeth”.
  • The presence of a rotten tooth in a dream demonstrates a serious problem in close and personal relationships. Your attitude to a rotten tooth in a dream is important - you can simply state a fact - this tooth is rotten and treat it as a foreign object. In this case, you are most likely satisfied with the silence of the problem and you are determined to keep the secret behind the closed door without touching it. Alien rotten tooth, lying on the floor - you accidentally learned someone else, a little significant for you, secret. If you see another person's rotten teeth, he has strong ill-wishers.

  • Most often, a rotten tooth means betrayal and betrayal of a loved one. Such a betrayal that you do not want to see and notice, but subconsciously focuses attention on her. Hidden secret carries a danger and can cause the development of the disease. Try to clarify the situation for yourself. Do not let everything take its course. Rotten teeth necessarily require treatment.
  • Rotten baby teeth - you successfully solve your childhood problems. If you have milk teeth in a dream, it’s time for you to mature and part with naive children's illusions.

Symbolic interpretation of a rotten tooth in a dream

To tear a rotten tooth in a dream - to part with doubts and fears. This is a good sign. If you take out a rotten tooth in a dream easily and painlessly, without assistance, it’s time you get rid of the false attachment that seems to be a problem. Parting and getting rid of unnecessary connections will be easy and painless for you. Your fears are in vain.

If you seek to get rid of a rotten tooth in a dream, but it hurts, blood flows - it means that you are working on a difficult problem in a relationship. Your actions are positive and lead to getting rid of trouble.

Visiting the dentist - you are ready to accept the help of other people in solving the problem. And they are even ready to turn to professionals, because this seems like a more convenient option to you, or you do not believe in your own strength. Follow your own advice, ask for help.

What does it mean to dream in a dream rotten teeth

  • The classic dream book interprets rotten teeth as a sign of danger and anxiety, the possibility of accidents, problems at work. Of course, when a person is absorbed in internal problems, external concentration decreases. Do not allow yourself to relax, get together, be careful and alert.
  • A female dream book suggests that to dream of rotten teeth in a dream - to the heavy loss of a loved one, grief, illness, possibly to the death of someone from the family.
  • Dream According to Freud, involves quarrels between spouses. This is logical, especially if the rotten teeth really hide treason, slander, betrayal or a major lie.
  • Dream Miller suggests health problems, in particular, with the endocrine system, promises problems because of the bad nature. Indeed, pouring bile is not worth it.
  • Vedic dream book talks about problems within the family and promises troubles and diseases, which can be avoided with the help of gentleness and kindness.
  • Dream Interpretation predicts a meeting with unpleasant people with whom you want to establish interaction. The same dream book promises an easy solution to all problems if you dream of a fallen rotten tooth.

Actual interpretation of a dream with a rotten tooth

Allowed and the actual interpretation of sleep. A rotten tooth in a dream may be a normal rotten tooth in the mouth. In this case, sleep should be considered as an urgent need to visit the dentist. Perhaps you postpone a visit to the doctor. It makes you ashamed of a sick tooth and hide it. The tooth just reminds of itself.

An unhealthy tooth can be any health problem that threatens to ruin your appearance or hygiene. Gynecological problems are often displayed in a dream, like a rotten tooth.

How to react if you see a rotten tooth in a dream

To see a rotten tooth in a dream is an undoubted impulse to act. This is a demonstration of a serious problem that requires your intervention, treatment or getting rid of a rotten tooth. You have to make a decision and stop hiding the problem, instead of solving it.


To see a rotten tooth in a dream is a warning, a sign to action. Do not ignore the signals of your subconscious mind, take them into account. To reawaken the dream - immerse yourself in a half-sleep and try to recall in detail what was happening in the dream.

Consider the situation carefully and concentrate on the details, already without strong emotional involvement. Quite often, the sugar and the sharp tip of a new tooth turns out to be in the hole of a dropped tooth. This sign means the renewal of the body, spiritual strength, the ability to overcome all obstacles.