Dream interpretation

In the dream, hippo, interpreted by various popular dream books


The answer to the question "what a hippopotamus dreams about" lies in the details of your sleep. Any dream book will offer different interpretations depending on the mood of the hippo you dreamed: friendly, quietly grazing on the grass, floating on the river or sat down in a swamp; aggressive and belligerent; Or maybe you dreamed of a little Hippo? Or even a toy? For each of the options has its own interpretation.

General interpretation

Seeing a calm hippopotamus is a good sign, it is a sign of composure and complete harmony. Typically, dreams in which a hippo swims peacefully or rests on the grass promise pleasant and welcome changes or new important acquaintances.

In water

  • If you dream of a fat, well-fed, healthy hippopotamus in a clear reservoir, get ready for a win, a gift or an increase in earnings. Especially if the hippo looked friendly. It is possible that you will be promoted at work.
  • If you dreamed of a thin hippopotamus in dirty water, then wait for financial difficulties. Be prepared to overcome failures.
  • If you go into the water to the behemoth, you expect a new pleasant acquaintance.
  • Hippo in the sea, to which you swim towards, is a sign of overcoming sudden obstacles.
  • Hippo in the sea, from which you are trying to swim, - a symbol of meeting with an undesirable person. And if the hippo caught up - beware, perhaps someone will try to harm you.
  • Hippo in the sea during a storm - a sign of internal personal problems. Listen to yourself, maybe something does not suit you at work or in your family. The subconscious mind makes it clear that it is time to change your life.
  • Hippopotamus with a large family resting quietly in the pond - to the addition of the family. Especially if you dream of a young girl.

On land (your actions with the behemoth)

  • Feed the hippopotamus - to career growth. Especially if he behaved peacefully. Feed the fruit - to new pleasant acquaintances.
  • To discover that a hippopotamus is in fact not a hippopotamus at all, but someone in its skin is hypocritical on the part of colleagues or superiors.
  • Neighboring next to the indifferent hippo may be a sign that it is time to change your social circle or partner. Perhaps you are not valued and indifferent towards your fate.
  • Run away from the aggressive behemoth - to cope with life's difficulties, but for this you have to spend a lot of strength.

In dirt

  • I had a dream in which the hippopotamus lay contentedly in the healing mud or swamps, which means big pleasant changes are waiting. Promotion at work, desired changes in personal life, etc.
  • But if the dream shows a hunted animal in a slippery mud that does not bring him pleasure, difficulties are coming, perhaps even illness or injury.
  • If you fell into the dirt to the hippo, promises a loss of their honor and dignity. Be careful in your decisions and actions.
  • The motionless animal in the slow flow of dirty water is a reflection of your laziness. Your unconscious suggests that it’s time to change your attitude towards life, and then problems will be solved.

Hippo cub

  • Little Hippo playing a dream as a sign of excessive infantilism and laziness. Perhaps you should reconsider your views on the work or study process and become a little more serious in order to achieve positive changes in your career or study.
  • Ironing and hugging a cub is a reflection of your own desire in protection and infantilism. Especially in women.

Toy Hippo

  • A small hippopotamus or even a few hippos mean financial difficulties that will soon have to be resolved.
  • Big teddy hippo - to new pleasant acquaintances.
  • Frighteningly huge behemoth - awe in front of suffocating maternal love.
  • Unpleasant-looking and at the same time hard toy means that someone is trying to manipulate you. Be attentive to your surroundings.

According to dream books


Miller gives a different interpretation of the hippopotamus in dreams:

  • quiet animal - to gain patron;
  • aggressive - to the appearance of the enemy;
  • iron hippo - need a partner.


To see the hippopotamus of Freud - to the revaluation of their sexual partner. Most likely your partner is lazy, passive in bed, does not satisfy your desires and it is better to change him in order not to succumb to his influence.


To train a hippopotamus - to dream in vain. Fantasies will not come true.


According to this dream book, it is very important to note the mood of the sleeping hippo:

  • the attacker - to the closest collision with enemies;
  • requiring protection - to get acquainted with a pleasant person;
  • catching up - to meet with annoying people;
  • quietly floating - to solve problems.


  • If you dreamed of a whole herd of hippos - be careful with the authorities or powerful people. Inadvertent words or actions may lead to public censure.
  • Hippopotamus cubs, seen in a dream, foreshadow the arrival of relatives.
  • Dead hippo - to a major failure or a series of minor scrapes.


This dream book says that a hippopotamus in dreams is a meeting with an authoritative person.


The more the hippo ghosted in a dream, the bigger the success awaits.


If a hostile hippo catches up with you, beware of two-faced people in your surroundings, machinations are built behind your back.


In this dream book, hippopotamus means meeting with a haughty person soon.


In mythology, hippos are a symbol of tremendous power, influence, and power. To see this animal in a dream - to a meeting with a similar person.