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Diagnostics of karma: methods and features


Diagnosis of karma is needed in order to determine what tasks you face in your current life, what karmic debts you need to work out, find out the goals of the current incarnation.

How is karma diagnosed?

Scientific methods for the study of karma does not exist, so you have to rely only on faith. Or refer to a psychic who has the necessary abilities and help solve the problem.

What is important to determine in the diagnosis:

  • To catch the energy vibrations and feel the subtle, spiritual body of a person
  • Understand whether there are karmic blocks that should be eliminated. Blocks are a memory of previous incarnations, a negative experience.

To perform a diagnosis, a person must have astral vision. Then he will see the energy cocoon and the blocks in it, like dense dark clots.

The definition of karmic "baggage"

Karmic luggage is a collection of all the blocks that are in the casual thin body of a person. This phenomenon is also called hidden karma - it may not manifest itself for a long time, waiting for the right moment in the future, provided that it is located in the rear hemisphere of the body.

If the karmic baggage is in the front hemisphere, it means that the blocks are ready to be realized and this can happen as soon as possible. The more blocks and the denser they are, the greater the amount of karmic baggage.

This can only be assessed with astral vision. If a person does not have this skill, you should contact a psychic.

Determining the severity of karma

There are certain rules that help determine how negative karma is in a person. The psychic reads this information on the size of the plume of energy blocks:

  • If the loop exceeds the length of 1 meter and looks like a kind of "karmic tail", then the karma is very heavy and negative. Most likely, in the life of a person there are many sad events that cause him suffering and pain.
  • A train with sizes from 30 to 60 centimeters speaks of moderate karma. This phenomenon is observed in most people living on our planet.
  • A train of up to 30 centimeters in size speaks of light karma. A person lives easy, he is lucky, he is successful and carefree about everything, Fate does not test him. Most likely, in previous lives he managed to atone for sins and heal the soul

If you have just embarked on the path of spiritual development, karmic "tails" can prevent you greatly. Therefore, the first thing to do is to reduce the size of the loop with the help of special practices.

As your spiritual potential develops and your karmic blocks develop, the length of the energy plume will decrease. Positive actions, thoughts, emotions and intentions contribute to this. Negative actions and thoughts, on the contrary, increase karmic blocks and add problems.

The concept of karmic blocks

Karmic blocks appear in the human subtle body as a reflection of his purpose in the current incarnation.


  • Unfulfilled karmic tasks that could not be realized in past lives. For example, the unrealized talent of the artist or sculptor
  • Failed "exams" - tests that were sent to your soul for her healing. As a rule, these are repetitive situations in life. For example, a woman gets married three times and every time she gets an alcoholic husband
  • Karmic debts to other spiritual entities, the world, the universe and God

If you look at a person with astral vision, the karmic blocks will look like dense black knots, interconnected by a multitude of thin strands. Each block is a symbol of a certain event of the past.

Who can diagnose?

It is considered that only a specialist with extrasensory abilities is able to diagnose the thin body. Is it so?

In fact, every person has a huge energy potential, just not everyone has a sufficiently developed one. You are able to know the world not only with the five physical organs of the senses, but also with the help of the astral, mental bodies.

The power of the human subconscious is huge - if you believe enough in it, you can do real miracles and diagnose karma yourself.

Watch the video about the diagnosis of karma:

How to develop a psychic skills?

To uncover the deeply hidden energy organs of perception, you will have to try. Most often, the psychic potential is very deep, and to allow it to open up, you have to put a lot of effort into it.

Basic methods:

  • The development of intuition. There are many exercises and spiritual practices. The most important thing is to learn how to turn off the mind and turn on the subconscious, to be able to feel what the soul is saying to you.
  • Spiritual practices and meditations should take at least two hours a day. Of course, not everyone is ready to take the path of spiritual development so dramatically.
  • A radical change in the way of thinking - it is necessary to remove all negative thoughts and emotions from consciousness, to live in harmony with spiritual laws and divine commandments.
  • Working out your own karmic debts and destinations. The study of methods of radical forgiveness.

Important: you must have at least the makings of innate abilities for extrasensory perception. The more of them, the sooner you will achieve success. It's like a musical ear - in the absence of it, developing skills will be incredibly difficult. And with innate talent, a few exercises are enough.

To become a psychic, it is necessary to devote his life. Only a few are ready for such surrender. Therefore, to diagnose karma, better look for a "ready" talented specialist.