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Hardness of character: how it is manifested and how it is brought up


What is the strength and strength of character, and how to cultivate these qualities in yourself? We often talk about this with our daughter, who talks about the problems of her friends and girlfriends. Someone lacks the strength of character to defend their point of view, and someone can not fight back hooligans in the yard. What is character strength and what does it depend on? How to express yourself in this world, so that others began to respect and appreciate? This is what I want to tell you in the article.

Internal Energy Bar

Strong character is a person’s internal energy, which allows to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal. Character begins to form from the very birth of a small child. The formation of the strength of character is influenced by the human environment, upbringing and traditions of the people. Formation of character (worldview) ends at the age of 18, and after it becomes almost impossible to change a person.

What does the character, this invisible foundation of any person, form from? This is a complex mental education, which consists of many shades, polar manifestations, traits and qualities. Character manifests itself through the thoughts, words and actions of a person. It is through actions that one can get an idea of ​​a strong or weak character of a person.

Characteristic strong character:

  • perseverance;
  • The will to win;
  • purposefulness;
  • sequence;
  • independence;
  • independence;
  • perseverance.

By the way a person knows how to overcome obstacles and move toward a goal, he is judged on the strength of his character. A characterless man goes with the flow and does not resist obstacles in his path. He is more driven than the leader, he does not seek to occupy a leading position and conquer the heights of life.

Note! The character of a person is manifested through his will.

Manifestation of character strength:

  • active energetic actions;
  • bringing the started business to the end;
  • overcoming obstacles to the goal;
  • focus of effort.

Important! The distinguishing features of a strong character are innovation, initiative, enthusiasm.

A person is not afraid of difficulties, his words are not at variance with a deed, and his behavior is distinguished by consistency and logic. A characterless person shows cowardice, is afraid of difficulties, does not keep his word and does not want to take responsibility for any order.

To determine the degree of strength of character, you need to write down the strengths and weaknesses of your personality in a notebook. This will determine the direction of movement and methods of exposure. Only you need to honestly identify all your strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve a real result. Do not embellish their qualities, but do not belittle.

How to raise strength

Is it possible to cultivate strength of will in oneself, to develop firmness and fearlessness in the face of difficulties? How to get a strong character? Psychologists say that the strength of character can produce a lifetime. Each person has innate features of personality traits that do not depend on his will. However, in addition to the innate qualities can be formed and acquired. For this you need:

  • self-education;
  • self-development;
  • the right environment;
  • personal example;
  • correct worldview;
  • ways of expression.

Self-education and self-development are two particularly important points in the formation of volitional qualities. A person needs to work on himself, set a goal and move in its direction. Self-education begins with order in thoughts and deeds: you need to accustom yourself to a certain daily routine and not allow yourself to be lazy.

Self-development is expressed in the constant knowledge of oneself and the world around it. This may be a hobby that broadens the mind, or volunteering. Volunteering organizes a person, is a stimulus to action and self-education.

Worldview is closely connected with self-development and self-education. A clear life position of a person, striving for a goal makes one actively move and develop. An incorrect worldview will pull down, lead away from the goal, and cause the resultant to go with the flow and become an opportunist instead of the master of his destiny.

Important! Hardness of character is not transmitted genetically, it is formed and produced during life.

To show volitional traits, you need a certain type of activity. This may be a sports section or volunteering. Dispute helps to overcome laziness and fear, and volunteering is an excellent incentive for the manifestation of volitional qualities.

However, for the correct movement in the chosen direction, it is also necessary to have a condition - adequate self-esteem. You need to learn to be honest with yourself and to realize how strong and strong-willed you really are. Self-esteem should not be confused with a sense of self-importance - these are different qualities and characteristics. Self-esteem helps not to turn off the path and give up, and a sense of self-worth makes it difficult to see the truth with open eyes.

A personal example is a person whom you can equal. They can be a historical person or a contemporary worthy of respect. It is not necessary to copy the behavior style of a given person, although sometimes this can be useful.

A very important aspect on the way to building a strong character is managing your emotional sphere and intentions. That is, a person should not go on about their emotions and desires, and be able to manage them.

On a note! Do not what you like to do, but what benefits. So you can cultivate willpower and character.

And finally: do not be discouraged. Even if something doesn’t work out or it’s not going according to plan, you shouldn’t give up and become disheartened. Will power lies in the fact that a person can adequately perceive failures and move on.

Note! The process of cultivating willpower and character is similar to sports training: you need to constantly make efforts and repeat the same exercise many times. As muscles memorize certain movements, so the psyche reinforces the traits necessary for the development of strength of character.

Characteristics of strong and weak qualities

Let's examine in detail the strengths of character that need to be developed.

Purposefulness - what does it mean? It is a relentless pursuit of the goal, and not just its name. Many have set a goal (climb the steps of the career ladder, lose weight by X kg, stop smoking), but not all reach their final destination. Faced with difficulties, a person either gives up or simply begins to feel sorry for himself and makes himself beloved. If you have not achieved the final result, you have no willpower. Nurture. Set a goal again and again and try to achieve it by gritting your teeth.

Perseverance in achieving the goal helps to reach the final destination. Perseverance does not mean stubbornness, but is close to it in its emotional coloring. Without perseverance, dedication will not help, because bringing the started to the end requires the effort of strong-willed forces. Only when the intended summit is taken, can one say that a person has achieved a certain result in bringing up a strong character.

Willpower - the core on which the person’s personality rests. It is expressed in overcoming oneself: laziness, apathy, unwillingness to move and even to lift a finger. It is through willpower that a person becomes a person with a capital letter. Without it, it resembles an amorphous formation that does not resist anything in its path and dies. Willpower and will to live give the right to live and fight for their existence.

Note! Strong character does not mean the desire to go over the heads in order to achieve the goal. A strong-willed and strong-willed person can empathize.

Organization - this is an order in the head and affairs. An unorganized person will not be able to achieve any result in his activities, as chaos of thoughts reigns in his head. Organization starts with a daily schedule and a plan for the current day or week / month. If a person is constantly distracted, he will not be able to focus on the goal.

Paint your current day on the clock and try to strictly follow the schedule. To develop a good habit of organization, it will take some time. Then you suddenly notice that you no longer need reminders and notes in a notebook.

A responsibility - this is the awareness of the seriousness of their intentions. An irresponsible person will not be able to hold on to good work, form a family and raise children. Responsibility is absorbed with mother's milk and trains for the rest of your life.

If you develop these qualities in yourself, then it is safe to say that you have formed a strong, solid character. Water sharpens a stone, and daily will training brings up a strong character.

Personality weaknesses

Now consider what you need to get rid of in order to become a truly strong person.

Pessimism - This is the most dangerous enemy of a strong personality. He can kill all good beginnings and negate the effort. If high self-esteem can be compared with pink glasses, then pessimism is black glasses. They do not allow to see reality in true color, but present it only from the dark side. Pessimism deprives a person of hope for success, he must be fought and conquered. Try to find positive aspects in any bad situation (at least one) and you will see that there is no reason for pessimism. The world is not unipolar, and each event must have a positive side.

Uncontrollable emotionality can destroy anything. Firstly, it interferes with communication with people. Secondly, it makes it difficult to focus on achieving the goal. Emotions should be learned to keep control, otherwise they will control the person. Learn to see the bare facts, and not the emotional component of any information - it will help you soberly and unbiasedly look at things.

Envy - one of the most negative qualities of a person’s character. It can completely paralyze the will, drawing negative thinking and anger into the pool. Often a person begins to experience an uncontrollable feeling of malice towards someone who has achieved at least some success. Envy destroys the mind of a person; it must be fought with radical methods. Someone from the wise said: "Envy is the willingness to change destiny." Do you need someone else's fate, full of suspense? Maybe the person you envy is waiting for a terrible disease? Therefore, do not envy anyone, be grateful to your fate.

Wastefulness - this is the burning of life. A person spends money on entertainment, rampant, drunkenness or drug addiction. This will eventually lead to the most undesirable outcome, and even to premature death. Therefore, such a habit should be eliminated as soon as possible. The same goes for visiting casinos and bookmakers.

Indecision - a dangerous personality trait. You must have your own opinion and be able to make informed decisions. Indecision is a mask of cowardice, and a coward cannot be a strong personality. Be guided by your own opinion, most often the advice of outsiders express their subjective point of view - you do not need it at all. Do not argue with anyone, just act your own way.

Low self-esteem - This is a stumbling block on the way to the goal. A person does not believe in his own strength, because he considers himself unworthy of a better fate. It is necessary to struggle with low self-esteem, you may have to visit a psychologist. You need to look at yourself and see your own problem in close-up. Sometimes this can not be achieved without the help of a specialist.

By getting rid of unnecessary personal qualities, you can successfully develop your strengths. This process can proceed at the same time: deliverance and creation. Keep a diary where you will celebrate the positive moments and successes, as well as criticism of your failures and weaknesses. After a while, you will notice that you have become a different person.