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And how have we lived so far without metaphorical cards? They are everywhere! Four years ago, only one of her friends dabbled with them, but today everyone is off the chain, and each offers me something of their own, but with the help of metaphorical maps. The style of metaphorical cards, psychotherapy with metaphorical cards, coaching with them, numerology is also not without them. And what is the secret of success? Is it really a universal tool in all cases of life?

Online fortune telling on metaphorical associative maps:

How to guess:
Put a task to the cards: you can ask a question on any topic, compare something with something, etc.
When the question is formulated - open the card.
What associations do you see when opening a card is the answer to your question.

First option:The second option:

The history of the emergence of metaphorical maps

Frankly, the first acquaintance with the cards alerted me and puzzled. The pictures that my girlfriend had spread in front of me were so bad in taste and simply ugly, from an artistic point of view, that I refused to work with them. You see, I have a very picky and demanding taste, and I am sure that beauty and truth are inextricably linked. The lurid pictures have caused me nothing but laughter. Session not asked ...

And when I found out that one of the creators of the maps was Eli Raman, a professor of art history, there was no end to my bullying. It turns out that they and the psychotherapist Joe Schlichter were also going to educate people about artistic taste, not limited to psychotherapy. Apparently, the method of the opposite: before these vile these pictures, that after the session you will be sick of a bad painting for the rest of your life. So I smacked my psychological friend at every opportunity ...

Well, she took into account this experience and found a good illustrator who drew other maps - with the same symbols, but in high artistic performance. And here I have not turned away. In addition, the girlfriend endlessly confirmed that the metaphorical cards help incredibly, clarify all the "dark places" of the human subconscious. In general, the strength of my skepticism fell under the onslaught of the salutary inclinations of a girlfriend psychologist. And so it began ...

What's the secret

They immediately explained to me that this is not a Tarot card. Generally not the principle. Everything is arranged according to the principle of transformational games: psychotherapy, game, transformation. These cards do not predict anything, they evoke certain associations that pull everything hidden in your subconscious into the light of day. They make you talk to yourself, to see the true motives of your own behavior.

And the most pleasant thing is that a psychotherapist at such a session does not put pressure on you, does not offer his versions and explanations - he only asks universal questions, and you yourself answer them. So you find a way out of the crisis. And I believe that all life is one continuous crisis, and this applies not only to the Russian economy. Although to her too.

The cards themselves can be of different shapes: square, rectangular ... I would not be surprised if round ones appear. Various pictures are drawn on one side of the cards: people, their actions, abstract symbols, objects, animals, landscapes. On the second nothing is drawn. There are more cards with words.

Laws of psychology

In this method work universal psychological laws, fundamental, we would say:

  • First, the law of projection: maps cause you to have a certain flow of images, associations, which are peculiar to your inner world;
  • Secondly, the law of dissociation comes into force: as if you are looking at yourself from the outside, go out of subjective delusions;
  • And thirdly, the law of metaphor is ruled by a ball: imagery helps to describe the situation not so one-sided and primitive. You gain new meaning.

Why do we need all this

Initially, psychologists with the help of these cards wanted to get to the source - the events that caused you to fall ill, the root causes of psychological disorder. So it goes on ...

It is very important to block the patient's rationality, which controls his statements and does not allow to get to the heart of the problem. Maps and assistants in this.

And a dialogue is started between the external and the internal, the conscious with the subconscious. It's time to talk to them already.

Vivid images help revive the events of the past. And without this, you will not understand the present. Somewhere in one of the events lies the beginning of the disease.

How it was

Well, first you need to come to a psychologist with your trouble. And here the specialist offers you three strategies of work:

  1. The strategy is open - all the cards are immediately laid out with the images up. The psychologist begins to ask harmless questions, quite common, and you choose the cards as God put them to the soul. At this moment absolute confidence arises between you, so important for successful therapy. You relax, stop fearing yourself and the position in which you find yourself.
  2. The strategy is closed - as in fortune-telling, when the cards are images inside, you don’t see the pictures themselves. At this point, the patient does not just trust, but becomes imbued with intrigue and sees almost divine intervention in everything that happens. But he feels much more anxious.
  3. Combined strategy - take the first card openly, the rest from the closed deck.

Techniques more

Someone Egtmeyer invented the technique "Change the point of perception." You draw two cards blindly. One of them is a problem, a disease, and the second is a medicine, a solution. And here you are interpreting your problem, starting from the picture. Then the cards are reversed and what was the solution becomes a problem. Wow trick!

There is also a "Drawing" method. You simply pull the card and put it on a fairly large blank sheet of paper. And then you finish the picture. Then describe everything. what happened.

You can use the method of "relationship analysis". Blindly draw five cards, each will answer one of five simple questions:

  • "What upset your relationship?";
  • "Is your responsibility discord and what is it?";
  • "And what is the partner responsible for?";
  • "What is good in your relationship?";
  • "What should be done to bring harmony back, or what should happen by itself so that you do not lose each other?"

Further secrets will not disclose. I believe that self-activity is harmful here, you need to go to a specialist, and to an experienced, qualified psychologist. In the hands of such a specialist, all the tools work perfectly, including metaphorical maps. A self-taught and quick-wits any method ispohabyat.