Dream interpretation

In the dream that I am pregnant: interpretation of different dream books


For every woman, pregnancy is an important, exciting event that changes her whole life. Why dream of seeing yourself pregnant? The dream interpretation offers the multiple meanings of this vision, depending on the emotions, feelings, and the picture itself, which the dreamer saw.

General interpretation of sleep

To see yourself pregnant in a dream for a woman who has long dreamed of having a baby can mean the realization of her cherished desires in a dream. Perhaps in recent times there have been some conversations with friends or relatives about children that have deeply affected your soul, and their reflection manifested itself in night dreams. For childless women, such a dream means difficulties in life and the burden of problems. Psychologically, such a dream reflects the carrying of plans, thinking about insoluble issues and projects.

If in a dream you saw yourself pregnant in the early stages, this will bring you new things in life, at work, and your direct influence will have a definite impact on the development of these innovations. If at the same time you felt joy and satisfaction, then all changes in life will be positive.

If you dreamed that you were in a position already at demolitions, then now the most opportune moment for the realization of your ideas and plans is taking place. If you felt the approach of childbirth, but you were afraid of this, then this vision speaks of opportunities lost in real life. The obstacle to the implementation of any business is your self-doubt, which impede the successful achievement of goals.

For a young girl to see yourself pregnant promises shame and loss of reputation, humiliation in the future. You should be less gullible and frivolous, be wary of choosing a friend, especially a potential life partner. If a similar dream plot came to an elderly woman, then soon illness or nervous shocks associated with conflicts in the family are awaiting her. You should take a more responsible attitude to your own health, change the situation and take a break from the difficulties in life.

If in a dream you understood that you were expecting a boy, then this can be considered a positive sign. Soon you will receive a proposal for a new position or an increase in wages.

If in a dream you were expecting a girl, then soon you will face real life difficulties. If such a dream has dreamed up a young woman, then the problems will be small, but rather unpleasant. For a married woman, such night dreams promise a quick betrayal of a spouse or the discovery of an old love affair with him. For the unmarried of the fair sex such a plot foreshadows the fight against the insidious temptations. For a woman who is in a position at the moment, such a dream suggests that in reality she is expecting a boy, not a girl.

If in a dream you understand that you are pregnant with twins, then this is a kind of symbol of your serenity and inner harmony. For a young girl, such night dreams promise professional and heartfelt accomplishments, a quick meeting with a future faithful and sincerely loving husband.

What dreams of own pregnancy, if it is known that twins are born? Such a dream symbolizes some kind of freedom. For a young woman, this dream predicts deliverance from imposed obligations or a new useful acquaintance, which in the future will have a significant impact on a career. For men, such dreams foreshadow new lucrative contracts or improvements in heart matters.

When you dreamed that you were expecting a triplet, soon you would expect career improvements, business success, the signing of successful and well-paid contracts. However, in private life, these dreams promise dramatic changes or fading feelings. Also, the plot of a dream may indicate that in reality you are in a true love triangle.

If in real life a woman is really pregnant, then a dream about her interesting position can mean a successful birth.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

In this dream book, seeing yourself pregnant in a dream for a virgin is a warning of deception. Seeing yourself in the position of a woman - to the quick joy and pride in their own actions.

According to Freud's dream book

The famous psychologist believed that a dream in which a woman sees herself in an interesting position means her willingness to build a serious relationship.

According to Miller's dream book

In this dream book, seeing oneself pregnant to a married man means a possible deterioration of relations with one’s own waking wife or the impossibility of having one’s own children.

A single man to see himself in a position - to the imminent wedding of a good and faithful girl.

A gravely ill person is threatened with death. Seeing yourself pregnant for a woman in prison is about to be released soon. For a person who is saddened by difficulties and endless problems in life, the dream promises liberation from adversity. Soon your black streak of life will end, and you can breathe deeply. For a woman who is now truly pregnant, vision promises quick and successful delivery without complications, as well as easy and painless recovery of health after the birth of the baby.

For a virgin, such a dream promises dishonor in reality.

According to the modern dream book

To be in an interesting position in a dream, a girl promises happiness on the heart front, a woman in her age - health problems. Also a dream in which you find yourself in an interesting position pushes you to implement the planned cases. In this period of your life, success in all the most ambitious undertakings is guaranteed.

According to the dream Wang

According to the interpretation of this dream book, to see yourself in an interesting position in a dream for a married woman promises the birth of twins in the future. If a similar plot of the vision came to an unmarried woman, then this indicates the dishonesty of her chosen one, with whom she builds relationships in real life.