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Work with chakras: opening, cleaning, harmonization and filling


Working with chakras is necessary in order to open and “clean” energy centers, remove clamps and holes in the aura. As a result, a person is filled with energy and vital forces that are necessary for a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

Methods of working with chakras

There are a great many sources of energy in the world. A person draws it from work, favorite work, interaction with pleasant people and all other activities that give him pleasure.

It is important that all the energy received is spent properly, and when it ends it is replenished in the correct ways. If the aura is healthy and all the chakras work harmoniously and harmoniously, this is what happens.

But if there are problems on the spiritual level, energy cannot flow freely through the body, it literally “flows away”. And a person, deprived of so many vital forces necessary for him, becomes irritable, tired, drowsy, apathetic.

To eliminate energy problems and need to work with the chakras - energy centers, important components of the aura and soul.

There are several methods of working with chakras:

  1. Chakra opening
  2. Cleaning
  3. Harmonization
  4. Recovery
  5. Activation
  6. Filling

These are the most important methods, but in general there are many more. Let's talk about the most necessary and necessary.

Chakra opening

Disclosure is necessary so that the chakras can receive the energy coming from the outside world completely. If the energy center is closed, it ceases to function.

Depending on which chakra is closed, the person’s problems are different:

  • Closed Muladhara leads to sexual disorders and such negative uncontrollable emotions as anger, irritation, aggression. Self-preservation instinct disappears, a person can begin to risk his life and involve dangerous situations without realizing it.
  • Problem Svadhisthana leads to depression. There are feelings of apathy, passivity, positive emotions and the desire to enjoy life are lost.
  • Closed Manipura - the cause of self-doubt. The channel of success and well-being closes, problems with career and business can begin
  • Patient Anahata leads to a feeling of depression. The first symptoms are non-reciprocal strong love, inability to transmit their love to others, as a result - loneliness
  • Blocked Vishuddha leads to intellectual disability. A person experiences difficulties with the expression of thoughts and feelings, social problems begin, conflicts with others
  • Closed Ajna "kills" intuition and intelligence. Memory and concentration deteriorate

Also, the closed chakra affects the state of health: the organ that corresponds to the blocked energy center begins to fall ill.

Cleansing chakras

The reasons for which the chakras literally "clogged up", not allowing energy to flow freely through the body:

  • Negative emotions and the habit of annoyed, angry, offended and the like
  • Conscious negative attitudes, beliefs, stereotypes. Most often, the problem is rooted in childhood, less often - the result of a social framework and the "work" of society.
  • Damage or evil eye. It is not necessary to blame them a stranger who wants to harm. Most often, the person himself causes damage, reacting negatively to problematic and painful situations in life.

In order to clear the chakras and allow energy to flow freely through the body, you can use the following methods:

  • Turn to hypnotherapist or psychic
  • Practice meditation and other spiritual practices.
  • Work with self-esteem and negative attitudes with the help of psychological and psychotherapeutic methods

The easiest way is to control your thoughts and emotions, changing from negative to positive. But this is not always the case with people who have not yet sufficiently developed awareness and control over themselves.

Chakra harmonization

It is very important that each energy center works healthy and correct on its own, but it also correctly interacts with the other chakras. When the whole aura system works well and smoothly, this is harmony.

To harmonize the chakras, a special meditative practice is used:

  • Relax and free your mind from extraneous thoughts
  • Place your hands alternately on each chakra, from the bottom to the top.
  • Hold your hands over each energy center until you feel a tingling, warmth, or pulsation in your palms. Depending on the energy, each person's feelings may differ

Practicing such meditation should be exactly one month daily. It is advisable to do it on an empty stomach, before sunrise.

Watch the video about the methods of working with chakras:

Activization of energy centers

This step must be performed after the diagnosis, opening and cleansing of the chakras. As soon as you remove the main problems, the energy centers need to be activated in order to fill them with energy.

The methods are simple and every conscious person can:

  • Watch your thoughts, words and deeds. Change negative thoughts to positive, drive away all bad things from the subconscious. What you think is sure to be pulled into life
  • Be in the sun more often. Solar energy enormously fills the energy and allows you to activate the chakras. It is advisable to be in the sun at least an hour a day.
  • Watch what you eat. The most energetically filled food is not thermally processed. These are fruits and berries, vegetables and nuts, for example
  • Frequently visualize each chakra: imagine in your mind how it looks, how it is filled with energy and radiates positive vibrations, light
  • Wear talismans with minerals that fit your astrological chart.
  • Aromatherapy. Pick up incense with pleasant aromas
  • Practice chanting mantras

This is not the whole list. Think and write down what things and activities bring you pleasure. This may be creativity, communication with friends and close people, hobbies, sports, active recreation.