Dream interpretation

I clean the fish in a dream: what does it mean by dream books


Often we meet people who are fond of fishing. What excitement causes their fishing process. With the same pleasure, they then clean and prepare the catch. And what if cleaning a fish dreamed of a person far from such an occupation. What dreams of such a plot, we learn in the famous dream books.

Catch fish big and small

Fish is a mythological symbol of abundance, wealth, harmony and fertility. In many cultures, this is a sacred sign, promises the addition of a family, hope for new benign changes and unconditional joy. But there is one condition: the prediction will be positive for the dreamer, if the fish is the freshest, and the water from which it is obtained is the purest.

The interpreters pay much attention to the appearance and size of the fish. The larger and rarer the representative of the marine element, the more generous and richer the upcoming gifts of fate.

The fish is looking for where is deeper, and the woman is where is better.

For women, dreams about aquatic inhabitants affect to a greater extent aspects of the spiritual and moral spheres of life.

Married lady to separate the head from the sea bass foreshadows a long conversation with her husband outright. You are worried about a long overdue question, and you can’t get rid of it. Most likely leant jealousy and suspicions of treason.

For a young girl to brush off the pollock bones, wiping her hands on the apron - this indicates your repulsive behavior, which contributes to the rapid separation of young people with you. It should be more feminine and pay attention to the manners and culture of communication, perhaps then the fateful meeting will happen.

Flounder slips out of your hands, but you try to keep her - an indication that you want to expose a friend who wants to take away your lover.

A married lady is holding a crucian or perch in her hands - to the expectation of a baby boy.

Business lady is watching for successful fishing - to the imminent influx of strength and energy. Your tactics will work and will bring considerable dividends.

For a young person, red fish in a dream promises a profitable marriage with a rich and dignified person.

If a little Miss cleans smoked smelt - this is to the fact that someone puts obstacles in her way, restricting freedom and making it impossible to develop in life.

The fish in the river is not in the men's hand.

For a mature man, a dream where he cleans fish embodies his ambitious plans and intentions, and also indicates discontent of his relatives, whose opinions he does not take into account. His conqueror abilities do not fit into the routine family life.

Carry away cutting smoked flounder - a hint of a nebula of your goals. At some point, as if in smoke, the certainty of life was lost. Decisive actions are contraindicated, the period of comprehension of what is happening has come.

Blue fish business boss in a dream - to the realization of the potential manager. Green - to the inspiration and growth of moral values.

The one who fishes, that also cooks it. Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

I saw how you cleaned the fish - this process suggests that you cannot disconnect from your workers' question outside the office. Business matters haunt you everywhere and do not give you the opportunity to relax in an intimate life, too. As a result, you have problems with erection and general breakdown. Until you learn to disconnect from external stimuli and enjoy sex, you will not see a permanent relationship with the opposite sex.

You eat what you caught and cooked yourself - a dream about your male egoism. You do not care how to give pleasure to your partner, you are too busy satisfying your own instincts and confident in your superiority.

You cut the red caviar in search of red caviar, but do not find anything - in real life you have developed a phobia of the first intimate affinity with a woman. You are afraid to suffer a fiasco, as at the first sexual contact in youth. Confidence betray only very experienced female person.


Dreamed of rain from the sardines - a bad sign, foreshadows environmental catastrophe or natural disaster.

To see a large accumulation of herring and not to try to catch it - you no longer trust fate, without having experienced your own strength and capabilities. Chance is not given every day, use it.

The human face of the flounder on your desk is to the threat of war in a global sense. On a family scale, to discord and conflict due to the envy of neighbors or friends.

They took to carving fish, but it turned out to be rotten - your gut let you down, you too trust a close circle of friends. Information about your plans has spread through the walls of the office. Rumors and gossip interfere with your workflow.

You met face to face with a shark, and you have a clear desire to rip her belly - this shows your strength of mind, endurance and stamina. Fate has hardened you and prepared for new challenges.

Gustov Miller

Caught sturgeon and gut it in gloves - in reality you will cope with serious trials. And your enterprise will give you the opportunity to earn well and succeed in business.

You walk on the fish market - you will find an addition to the family, wealth and joy.

The fishing net promises expensive acquisitions, but if the net is worn out and torn, you will find lost profits.

Nothing was caught in a dream - the dream hints at the uselessness and vanity of your undertakings. Perhaps a change of activity will benefit you.

Seeing in the hands of fishing rods, tackles and hooks - this is what fate generously gave you strong health, mental alertness and strength of mind in order to cope with the upcoming trials.

Young lady live fish promises to meet with her lover in reality.

David loff

Slippery inhabitants of the sea symbolize the ability to earn their own food, the more dreams of fish, the richer and more status the dreamer's family. And the size of the sea reptiles indicate the fecundity of the dreamer.


Separating fish from skin and scales means exposing your miscalculations. You admit your mistakes and are ready to correct them, waiting for the right occasion.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Together with your wife you are trying to beautifully prepare and bake the halibut - this action promises a renewal of sincere and warm feelings between you. You are in the process of knowing each other, ready to share your knowledge and ideas in the name of the common good of the family.

Yuri Longo

Separating fish from giblets is a good dream for those who are in crisis in solving a problem. It seems you have found the right way out of this situation with guaranteed success.

If you separate the fish from the scales, which are immediately washed off with water into the gutter, expect large financial losses. Your actions and deeds will be too self-confident and not quite thought out.