Dream interpretation

Dreamed of coins: value for different dream books


In dreams, there are often certain signs on the basis of which one can judge the future. Not all characters are clearly understood, but in every dream there is a certain object that is so striking that it would not be superfluous to assume that this is no accident. In this case, you can rely on an inner feeling that rarely deceives a person. Guided by intuition and examining the general interpretation of symbols, you can get an idea of ​​what is in store for you in real life.

One of these symbols are coins. If they appeared in a dream, you should definitely try to determine what they mean in this case and what this dream foretells.

What coins can dream

It is not so easy to determine which event they are trying to point you to the dreamed coins. First of all they evoke thoughts of wealth. But coins made of copper, silver or gold may become an omen of the fact that love, good work or other pleasant events will appear in your life. In some ways, they too can be regarded as wealth.

You should judge a dream in which there are coins by what actions you take with them and what is their type. Monetary dreams in ninety cases out of a hundred are significant, and when you try to guess what a dream means, you get the opportunity to know your near future or get an answer to a difficult problem. Having such information, it is easy to correct your behavior and achieve good results in the future.

If you pay attention to those dreams in which you only contemplated coins, but did not perform any actions with them, pay attention to their type. Gold coins are an excellent sign, promising prosperity and happiness, a rich life and no hardships.

Silver money promise the dreamer that fate will be good to him. Feel free to start the implementation of a new project, implement long-cherished ideas, ideas. Sleeping with copper coins usually portends the work you do to get a decent reward. During its execution, you will feel that your work is useful and necessary. To feel their involvement in a common cause, useful to others, is always nice.

In a dream, you can see old coins that have long lost their value and are withdrawn from circulation. They should be seen as harbingers of good experience that you will soon be able to get. It is necessary to take this as seriously as possible - the experience is useless does not happen.

Having scattered in a dream a trifle, in reality you can live this event like abundant tears. But do not be afraid in advance - it is not always bad. Sometimes tears help to release the accumulated emotions, after which you will be able to breathe more freely.

A bunch of coins is happiness and wealth, which you have long expected and deserved. You have quite a bit left to wait for this award.

A very small coin foreshadows the completion of the family.

Ancient, rare coins are a wonderful sign. You will have a good chance to get a wonderful experience and rare knowledge. Their receipt can also be regarded as wealth.

Dreams with actions

Unlike contemplative dreams, visions with any actions with coins can mean something different. For example, if you accept silver coins as a gift, be prepared for the fact that some person in real life will try to deceive you. It is necessary to show more attention in order not to become a victim of an dishonest act.

Sharing your coins - you will soon have a fight with someone. To hand over iron money from hand to hand - to the successful completion of the work begun.

Found coins foreshadow the opportunity to have fun and relax from the daily routine. It may be expensive, but it will be remembered for a long time.

Money lost in a dream promises income in vain. Collect a trifle - to gain luck in small, but necessary things. Troubles and difficulties will disappear, success will appear. To scatter in a dream the trifle on the floor promises waking aimless waste of energy on trifles.

Interpretations on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud

According to Miller’s dream book, to find coins on the road means excessive anxiety and hassle. If a stranger rolls metal coins into the dreamer's palm, these are great prospects that will open in reality. If you lose money from your pocket in real life, troubles await you. Silver money - to quarrels or family scandals. Gold is a good sign, promising prosperity.

According to Freud, coins are a symbol of intimate life and secret human desires. Scattering metal coins to the right and left with handfuls - an overflow of energy. A person who performs such actions in a dream is ready to have an intimate relationship with almost anyone who likes it. To get money from someone in the form of coins is a sign of lack of sexuality and spiritual warmth. Lost coins - frigidity, impotence, bad relationships with the opposite sex.

Wanga’s dream book states that only mean and petty people are involved in counting money in a dream. To give someone money - investment and strength to achieve the desired goal. Getting metal coins from a stranger means that rumor speaks of you as a kind and generous friend. Bent and melted coins - to the losses and the difficult financial situation. Do not despair - on the contrary, try to remember other details of sleep. This will help prepare for possible trouble. Perhaps knowing about the upcoming financial collapse, you will not make major purchases and thus save yourself from ruin.

Usually, coins in a dream are a wonderful sign. Be sure of the good outcome of events, then your optimism and belief in yourself will bring you rich fruit, happiness and a lot of luck.