Dream interpretation

A treasure was found in a dream: interpretation by different dream books


Why dream of finding treasure in a dream? Look at the dream book and find this explanation.

General interpretation of such dreams

There is no consensus on such dreams. Their explanations are sometimes opposite.

Some say that it is a herald of good changes in life. The beginning of the time of luck, luck. Recommend to conduct various operations to invest money to make a profit. You can participate in the lottery draw, sweepstakes. Income you will be provided. Investing money, it is important not to overdo it.

Other dream books on the contrary, argue that there is no reason for joy from such dreams. Do not take the treasure seen in a dream literally. They predict material difficulties, poverty, disease.

Interpretation of various dream books

Dream Miller

  • Dig a treasure - to triumph and success
  • Searching for treasure - foreshadows useless efforts
  • Where you dug in order to find the treasure, turned out to be a corpse. It crashes your plans.
  • If the treasure is not a great value, everything will remain in life.
  • Admire found treasure predicts a lot of difficulties and no benefits
  • During the whole dream, to search for treasure - to achieve success in the financial sphere you will have to exert maximum efforts

Freight's Dream Interpretation

  • Treasure to find or treasure - personifies the face of your loved one or himself
  • Search for treasure - trying to win the attention of a loved one

Dream David Lofa

  • Real money complications
  • In real life, you want to become an experienced and wise person. These qualities and symbolizes the treasure
  • Quite by chance you find treasure in an unexpected place. Tells you about your undisclosed possibilities. You don't even know about them yourself

Spring dream book

Warns of impending ailment

Autumn dream

Success in money that does not last long

Summer dream

If there is a lot of jewelry in a hoard - to poverty, misery

Small Veles dream

Your dreams and plans are useless and unrealizable.

Russian people's dream book

Predicts welfare, fulfillment of your cherished desires

Gypsy dream book

Your life difficulties will be temporary

Dream book writer Aesop

You will be waiting for a quick valuable find

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Useless thoughts, empty desires, temptations

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Prosperity and happiness in the family

Dream interpretation Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • Misfortune and tragedy await you
  • Dig it out yourself - gradual recovery

The dream of the sorceress Medea

  • Personalizes your precious memories and valuable, original ideas.
  • Dig a treasure - joy, health, wealth, abundance

Dreaming tarot

Do not delay solving problems for tomorrow, you may not have time

Modern dream book

We remind you of unfulfilled dreams

Bible dream book azar

Unreasonable expectations and hopes

Esoteric dream book

Grief, loss

Sensible dream book


Islamic Dreambook

The treasure is filled with precious coins - a good sign. Prosperity in commerce, knowledge, power

Jewish dream book

Unreal dreams

Dream of Solomon

Unfulfilled hopes

Modern combined dream book

  • Good news is waiting for you
  • The treasure is rich in gold, jewels - trouble, no profit.

East female dream book

Says your wishes come true soon

Dream Dream Dashka

Well-being and prosperity in life, dreams will come true

Dream interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

A small treasure - well-being, a big - displeasure

Family Dream

In search of happiness you will be lucky

Dream interpretation for lovers

A solid person will show generosity towards you

Arabic Dreambook

  • Everything connected with the game of money will make you a profit
  • Failures in business pursue you. Take a break to rest
  • You can expect love, as a result of which you will create a happy family.
  • You may receive an expensive gift
  • You will learn the bad news that your friends are lying to you and want a bad end.

European dream book

  • You will find what you have long wanted to find.
  • Success will bring you a different job than what you are doing now

Veles dream

  • Your plans in work and personal life will not come true
  • Predicts your affliction
  • Do not be tempted. They will harm you

Interpretations from other sources

  • The treasure contains a lot of coins - to the end of material difficulties
  • Gold coins found student - to acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Find a treasure - you are waiting for material losses, in which a stranger will be guilty
  • Symbolizes your experiences with past events.
  • Tells you about soon disappointment in people whom you trusted your business.
  • Found treasures radiated a strange glow - this suggests that all your business will soon go up the hill

The mystical significance of the dream of finding the treasure

  • Someone close to you has bad intentions. If you found a treasure in a dream, then you actually got to the bottom of this relationship to you.
  • There is a positive side here. If the treasure found is rich in gold, coins and jewelery, your discovery of the truth about your loved ones will not give you bitter disappointment. You will have real friends in the future.

The psychological significance of the dream of finding treasure

Finding a treasure in a dream can mean: