Dream interpretation

Why dreamed of a balcony: how to find out the interpretation of the dream book


The balcony is a rather ambiguous symbol. The interpretation depends largely on your actions in the dream, whose it was, on what day of the week you saw this dream. However, let us try to figure out what carries with it a similar sign.

According to Miller's dream book

  • Standing on the balcony, a long time saying goodbye to a loved one? Unfortunately, Miller prophesies your separation in reality, now final and irrevocable.
  • If you just saw a loggia, expect soon to hear from a person who is not currently with you, and it will not bring you pleasant emotions.

According to the dream book from A to Z

  • If you dreamed a balcony, then maybe you should start learning to control your emotions? Often you explode over trifles, and it does not benefit either you or others.
  • If you were standing on it, looking down, watching the passers-by or just nature, then the rest or the journey that is planned for you in the near future, will pass safely.
  • They couldn’t part with their loved ones in any way, forgiven for a long time, although they understood that some of you have to leave - in reality you really have to part, but now everything is unlikely to come back.
  • If the balcony was destroyed and lay on the ground or just looked like it was about to fall, such a dream warns you to be more attentive, especially on the streets, because there you are in danger.

According to Freud's dream book

The balcony, according to Freud, is a symbol of the female breast and body.

  • Consequently, if you tried to get on him, then you have a clear strong attraction to a certain lady.
  • If you have seen a house littered with these buildings, it means that you are unintelligible in choosing partners, which is why you have them in abundance. You just can not decide what your ideal companion should be, and if you have decided, you will not be able to find it.
  • The loggia, beautifully hung with flowers and other vegetation, shows your love and a strong dedication, romance.
  • If you dreamed about how you are repairing him, being a married man, it means that you love your spouse a lot and her need for your life does not fade. If a single man had a similar dream, then it’s time for him to change something in life, perhaps his own attitude towards the opposite sex, otherwise he would risk never having a family. But a woman such a dream shows that she is too complex because of her own appearance and it would not hurt her to gain self-confidence.
  • Did you admire the view from below, standing at the top and watching the passersby? This is a sign of your high self-esteem, which, however, does not allow you to fall into the face of the dirt and inevitably leads you to success.

According to the XXI century dream book

  • Dreamed of your own balcony? So, everything will start to get better with you, you will complete an important job, having received a well-deserved reward and earning the respect of colleagues, you may even be promoted. However, in the event that he was not yours, but someone else’s, this portends to you dissatisfaction and problems in love.
  • If you have seen several balconies at once, do not trust promises much in the near future and try not to give them yourself, because they will end up empty.
  • If you were on it, anxieties and experiences await you. However, they will be groundless.
  • Were high and could not look down? You are afraid of responsibility, you are worried that you are not firmly on your feet in society, but you are not trying to fix it.
  • If you climbed over the railing, climbed to the balcony below, it means that soon you will receive a responsible assignment, for the fulfillment of which you will have to put a lot of work, but they will be rewarded.
  • If you got off the loggia, it means that circumstances will arise that you did not expect and which for some time will disable you. Jumping - you are too self-confident, you should not overestimate yourself and rely only on your own strength.
  • A dilapidated or fallen balcony is a sign that you still have a very precarious state of affairs, which is why many plans, plans and dreams will not come true.

According to the dream book of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

Standing on the balcony, especially unstable and unglazed, is a sign of danger, that you overestimate your strength and do not look at the real state of affairs. Immediately refrain from rash impulsive actions and every thought before you say, think fifty times, otherwise you can fall into the lower classes. And the higher you stood, the stronger the fall and the more painful the blow. The reason for your position can also be seen in a dream, after looking into the details of a dream, and the door's location can tell you how much time it will take to balance you.

According to the wanderer's dream book

  • To be or sleep on the balcony - fortunately, the accomplishment of our plans, the improvement of the general situation.
  • However, the fact that you are standing on it, risking a fall, speaks of your ambitious designs, which are unlikely to be successful.
  • If you jumped or fell from the loggia, it warns you about the collapse of everything you planned, the breakdown, both physical and moral.

According to the esoteric dream book

  • Everything that is on the balcony is in an extremely unstable position in the air, which means that the same should be said about the dreams of the dreamer in reality.
  • If the balcony collapses, falls - this is a warning about the danger from an accident. Do not walk for the time being on the streets unaccompanied and beware of walking close to buildings.

According to the dream festival of the birthday of January, February, March, April

If you have a significant other, then soon you will learn about his or her cheating. You shouldn't ruin everything right away, but rather listen to the partner's explanations about what happened.

According to the dream festival of the birthday of September, October, November, December

For some time, for some reason which is incomprehensible even to you, you will not have the desire to tell something about yourself, you will become secretive if you have speculated that you are blocking the balcony.

According to the dream festival of birthdays of May, June, July, August

Looking down at the passers-by? Get ready for a new acquaintance with a pleasant and friendly person.