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Labradorite Stone - the Other Side of the Moon


The stone Labradorite (or Labrador) is named so in honor of the peninsula with the same name, which is located in the northern part of America. It was there that the gem was first discovered in 1770. You can also find labradorite under other types of names: black moonstone, bovine eyes, spectrolite and karyatite.

General Mineral Information

Labrador is a type of tulle spar. It can vary in color from dark gray to greenish gray. If you take a pebble in your hand and start turning it from side to side, then there will be sparkling greenish, yellow, red or blue spectacular highlights on it. The gem has a frosted glass luster.

It should be noted that the main color of the Labrador is not particularly attractive, because it is gray, almost mournful. But thanks to the bright lights that play on its surface, it acquires a more noble look.

As for the main mineral deposits, Finland is in the first place in importing beautiful labradorites. And then, in descending order, the following countries are located: Germany, Greenlandia, India, Tibet and Ukraine. In Australia, it is also possible to find a gem that has a high gem quality.

Historical background of the Labrador

According to legend, the first people to know the great magical power of labradorite, these were ethnic groups inhabiting the mysterious Hyperborea. Their gem was highly valued due to its magical properties and was revered as a sacred stone.

The inhabitants of Europe learned about the mineral only at the end of the eighteenth century. The rich ladies wore earrings, rings, brooches and a necklace with a Labrador, not hesitating to show off their delightful treasures to those around them.

Approximately in the same time interval, the mineral becomes famous in Russia as well - also at the end of the eighteenth century. When the Hermitage was being built, in the depths of the earth huge blocks were found, from which the nacreous eyes of a Labrador looked out. After this, glory spread throughout the gem of Russia. He began to use for decorating the royal residences and apartments for representatives of the nobility of St. Petersburg.

Healing properties of the gem

  • Lithotherapists claim that labradorite helps strengthen the body's defenses.
  • Gem has an analgesic effect: it alleviates the condition of articular pathologies and diseases of the spine.
  • Also, the stone successfully treats infertility, impotence and part of the urogenital diseases (in particular, in men - the prostate gland).
  • With regular wearing of pendants and rings with a mineral, a person will improve his mood, it will be easier for him to cope with the negative effect of stress on the body, and sleep is normalized. In addition, rings (worn on the middle finger) and pendants with a gem relieve drug addicts of terrible dependence due to the fact that they relieve stress, soothe, remove from depression and allow the body to recover from nervous tension.
  • Labrador helps to remove stones from the kidneys, has a positive effect on the overall metabolism in the body.
  • If you put a statuette or just a piece of mineral near your headboard, you thereby eliminate nightmares, insomnia, will bring back the "natural alarm clock" of your body.

Labrador has an impact on the work of the solar plexus chakra (Manipura).

The magical properties of the stone Labrador, who is suitable

  1. Labrador is a mystical gem, which has powerful protective properties. It contributes to the expansion of consciousness and allows you to connect to the energy of the universe.
  2. Mineral protects its owner from negative energy, as well as from the loss of vitality. It helps to form the energy “shield”, which will save a person from negative external influence.
  3. Using labradorites, it becomes possible to travel to other worlds and their past incarnations. It is a mineral of esoteric knowledge, which makes the process of comprehending mystical information easier.
  4. Also, the action of the stone is manifested in the alignment of the physical and etheric bodies, and also in the opening of access to a person’s personal spiritual task. With regular wear, awareness increases, faith grows stronger.
  5. Gem helps to increase intuitive abilities, as well as innate mental qualities. Due to this, it will be easier for a person to correctly understand the signals sent by his higher "I".
  6. As for questions of psychology, here the gem will help to cope with various fears, lack of faith in one’s own strength, doubts, painful memories from the past, disappointments, as well as various emotional rubbish, which often drags from past lives.
  7. It will help to cope with the hyperactivity of the mind, strengthen the imagination, clear the mind for new ideas. It harmonizes analytical and rational abilities with intuitive inner knowledge.
  8. Labradorite is the mineral that helps a person to speculate and observe himself. Helps to distinguish and harmoniously combine intelligence and intuition, relieve its owner from unnecessary illusory ideas about the world, allowing you to observe the true essence of things.
  9. The mineral should seek help in that period of life when change comes, because it will give a person the necessary fortitude and perseverance. It also contributes to the preparation of the body and soul for subsequent spiritual development.

Labrador and Zodiac signs

Most benefits from the use of products with labradorites can get Aquarius with Libra.

And those minerals that are distinguished by a reddish-brownish tint are known by the names of "bull's eyes." They are advised to use those ladies who were born under the zodiac constellations of Scorpio, Cancer or Leo. For them, the gem will contribute to the disclosure of their natural individuality.

People who are engaged in healing, if they belong to the signs of the Zodiac Aries and Virgo, will be able, thanks to the crystal, to develop in themselves excellent intuition and good extrasensory abilities.

In particular, you should pay your attention to the stone for the elderly. Labradorite will be a reliable defender of peace in the home and peace in the home. Traditionally, there is a division of stones into male and female. The first category includes light-colored gems, and the second category includes those whose tone is brown-green.

Note! The stone will not render its help to envious and unfriendly people and moreover - it will try to harm them in every way. Mineral helps exclusively positive-minded individuals who stand upright and have the ability to correctly assess different life situations and act correctly in them. In addition, Labrador favors all those who love to take risks. Decorations with him must be in the arsenal of creative individuals, for whom he will present an excellent talisman that helps to attract good luck and success into his life.

At the end, we advise you to view an informative video about the amazing properties of labradorite: