Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a boy: the value of the popular dream book


Why dream of a boy in a dream? After reading the dream book, you will learn about it. Most of them interpret such a dream positively.

If you saw a little boy or a son in your dream, expect success and financial independence in reality.

To dream of a baby. This is a good sign, he brings family happiness, success at work. Each dream book has its own explanation of such dreams.

Interpretation of various dream books

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

  • Depends on his age, behavior in a dream
  • If he is healthy, cheerful, smiling, good news and events are coming. Crying baby means opposite interpretation
  • Baby in a dream - you will not be caught

Modern dream book

  • Ahead unexpected news, surprises
  • For a pregnant woman means quick delivery
  • Have fun, play with him. Great dream, especially for creative people. Stability in business, money, inspiration in creativity
  • Weeping lad - speaks of insufficient attention, care for his family, his wife

Great Dream

  • For a woman, this means pregnancy. She is likely to be born a boy
  • Joyful, running towards you. For people of creative professions means inspiration, success at work, material well-being

Sonic of the white mage Y. Longo

  • Income, profit, enrichment
  • Beautiful, smart baby. Your life has taken a calm, peaceful course. Things are going great
  • He cries bitter tears. Financial matters are at stake. Give them more control
  • Aggressive, climbs fighting. Trouble in the near future can not be avoided. Wait for them from your "friends"
  • Swear, punish him - in real life, be tolerant, control your emotions, do not succumb to momentary weakness. Otherwise, embarrassed

Psychological dream book

  • Foreshadows troubles, cares, unnecessary work
  • For a girl who feels and represents herself as a boy in her sleep. Relatives' advice that it is high time for her to find a fiancé herself, to get married pretty tired, it’s already unpleasant to listen

Universal Dream

  • The dream saw an unmarried girl. Wait for the appearance of a beloved man
  • Beautiful, cheerful in a dream - expect mutual love

Dream Miller

  • Crying baby Health problems, trouble. Cheerful boy - love
  • Neat, handsome boy dreaming of happiness, well-being
  • A childless girl is nursing him. Wait for deception, betrayal of a loved one
  • Mother sees a dream, the boy dies. Forerunner of anxiety. Uncertainty about the future
  • Swing your sick son - heartache, longing, pain

According to Wanga's dream book

  • The baby is crying. Expect trouble
  • Mother sees her son in tears. Pain suffering from your children
  • A group of boys foreshadows many small problems.
  • Search for him in a dream. A difficult situation awaits you, from which you will have to find a way out for a long time.
  • Play with him - you have to find a job, you will not find it as soon as you would like

Dream Aesop

  • Swung a little boy. Expect trouble
  • Play with him. Happy period of life for you has come
  • He cried. Be careful not to lose anything permanently.
  • A lot of little boys. Anxiety, worries, troubles

According to Freud's dream book

  • A sign of male genitalia
  • A man plays or babysit him - he has a penchant for self-satisfaction
  • A girl will be inclined to this, if in a dream she punishes a boy
  • Save the baby who drowns. This desire to have a baby

Common dream book

  • Wait for a surprise, unexpected news, profits in various fields
  • Sees a pregnant woman - there will be quick delivery
  • Playing with him is a sign of a gracious period in life. Stability on the material, spiritual levels
  • Muse will visit creative people
  • He is crying. Pay more attention to your family.
  • Unfamiliar boy You meet him as your own son. Mistrust, disappointment in women

Astrological dream book

  • Well-being and peace awaits you
  • Older age - speaks of you as an immature person

Girl dream

  • Have given birth to a boy - expect material well-being
  • He has a smart look. Sign of a prosperous life, happiness
  • He is ill - it means for your child good health
  • He cries - to material losses

Medieval dream book

A boy to see in a dream - wait for joy

According to Nostradamus

  • Healthy boy - happiness, bright hopes
  • Disabled boy foreshadows global catastrophes
  • The girl takes the hands of a dirty baby. Epidemics are possible
  • Smiles in a dream. Ahead expects a happy life and mutual love
  • Crying in a dream. Danger, problems, troubles await soon

According to the gypsy dream book

  • Ahead you will succeed in business, family welfare, fun
  • Hold his hand. Expect business support
  • Kissed baby. Will be provided with good health for many years.

Traditional dream

  • If the boy sees a man. A brilliant thought or idea will visit you
  • For a woman - a harbinger of joyful excitement

According to the esoteric dream book

They saw the baby in a dream. Good changes in your life just around the corner

The interpretation of dreams, in which the care of the boy

  • Bathe him - current problems are easily solved in a positive direction.
  • Feed him - well-being in life
  • Change diapers for him - something bad is preparing against you
  • A woman sees that bore a boy. Soon it can happen in reality. If the child is born already grown up, you should not postpone the pregnancy

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