Dream interpretation

I pull out a tooth in a dream: we interpret independently


It's no secret that when people communicate, a beautiful smile is a hundred percent success. Therefore, to have good, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy teeth is a great achievement, and it can even be argued that this is happiness. After all, a person who has lost his teeth is experiencing a lot of inconvenience in the process of eating, and is unable to eat anything he likes. But to lose a tooth in a dream what does it mean? What dreams it, dream will tell.

Keep your teeth young

Dreams in which a person loses a tooth are associated with all sorts of problems and difficulties in any sphere of life. Resolving these troubles will not be very easy, just as a new tooth does not grow in the same place. To pass a series of tests, one will have to be patient, endurance and, of course, hope.

Something can happen in your life that will undermine the authority of your colleagues, relatives, friends and be able to break your self-confidence. All plans and goals will end in failure, and dreams fall apart, not having time to come true.

This life segment must be lived through, and a favorable outcome will certainly come.

For someone else's cheek tooth does not hurt

Soreness in the mouth, spitting - such a dream is a precursor of the disease. It is necessary, without delaying, to be examined or treated. If the predictions are disappointing, do not give up, otherwise you will miss the chance to save yourself.

You saw something being removed to someone in the dentist’s office - this is a warning that draws your attention to your colleagues or close friends. Some of them in the near future will be very two-faced. Wanting to ruin your career will intrigue and slander your reputation. Especially bad, if he really has compromising information on you.

You feel pain because an implant is pulled out to you - in real life you will experience severe mental anguish or emotional shock. Try to survive this in the circle of your relatives. Otherwise, your experiences will cause no less terrible health problems. Avoid unpleasant conversations and sympathetic people.

If a similar dream was seen by a person who borrowed a large amount, do not expect that this money will be returned to you. The band of material difficulties and deprivations is coming. Financial problems will not end there.

You see blood on your gums when you see a doctor - this indicates a serious illness of a relative, even death.

In a different interpretation, it is a harbinger of a break in relations with someone from a relative, a kind of departure of this person from your life.

A mouth full of rotten teeth personifies the destruction of your family values ​​and values. The order and discipline in the house are completely broken. In this case, you should become an example of the right way of life.

Other interpretations point to troubles and sorrows that will affect your family as a whole. It is necessary to closely monitor the health and safety of the household, thereby preventing the threat.

If you dreamed of how you pulled out the canine from an animal - this is the forerunner of your slander against someone. You can unfairly blame the person for what he did not commit. Be extremely careful and cautious in judgments and conclusions. If this has already happened, dare to admit mistakes.

Tell me what your teeth are, and I will tell you who you are.

Artificial jaws promise insincere relations with your chosen one or business partner. They want to deceive you. Be careful when you make, purchase real estate, signing the contract. Carefully read all the documents and take legal advice.

Golden crowns promise wealth in real life. Transactions and all sorts of financial transactions will be successful and will bring double profit.

  • gum - to premature aging or weakening of the body;
  • crooked stubs in the mouth - to unsuccessful purchases, postpone the trip to the store;
  • even and white - to acquisitions that will serve and delight you for a long time;
  • insert implants - indicates profit and financial well-being;
  • jaw - a sign of attention. Your property is in danger;
  • wooden jaws - to the disease;
  • lead - to trouble;
  • Bone - bring joy.

Brushing your mouth promises joy and prosperity in family life. You see how a raid flies, and your smile is snow-white again - you promise recovery, if you are sick, good luck and luck, if there was a strip of adversity.

Wind passing right in the teeth. Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A strange mouth with a beautiful snow-white smile symbolizes your envy in the sexual sphere. You are haunted by the fear and uncertainty that you can satisfy your partner. Perhaps you should talk about it with a person close to you.


Snatching a tooth in a dream means declining vitality and general exhaustion. A person becomes wilted, lethargic and helpless, which hinders the solution of everyday issues. To see an ugly black smile in a mirror means to warm foes who pretend to be friends. Possible loss of significant business contacts or a long departure of close relatives.

Gustov Miller

I saw treatment at the dentist - it means that in reality a disease and a long treatment are waiting. You will face serious challenges. Do not refuse help, including financial, you will need it.

An empty mouth speaks of your powerlessness in reality, colleagues spin up intrigues against you and are trying to convince you of something about the leadership. Do not give in to provocations and keep yourself in hand. Now you can not change the situation, it is better to free your workplace.

Damage to the enamel talk about your fatigue and exhaustion. You need a vacation.

But dream how to keep a cigarette at the lips - to peace of mind and balance.


A clean and beautiful smile is a symbol of good health and material well-being. It does not matter, male or female. Black spoiled, needing treatment, - about a human disease in real life.

  • To see oneself without jaw - to meet a lonely old age in reality.
  • Pull out rotten roots - to the loss of a loved one.

David loff

Torn out teeth are personified with the ailment of a sleeper or with his psychoemotional problems. Perhaps the dreamer is haunted by lack of self-confidence, lack of a clear life position, and feelings about his own inconsistency.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The dreamed fangs are a symbol of anger and your excessive aggression. You are trying to defend your opinion, position, but your disputes quickly turn into conflicts. Learn to be more restrained, it will only benefit you.

A grinning predator indicates a threat to the sleeper, be careful behind the wheel and do not trust casual acquaintances.