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Lipophrenia - longing for which there is no reason


Lipophrenia - what does this mysterious word mean? Something like that I thought and decided to deal with this issue, because I really like to learn different psychological terms and their meaning. I propose to clarify this issue in the next article.

What is lipofrenia

Lipophrenia is a feeling of gratuitous sadness, sadness, longing. This concept can not be called new, although it appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to firmly establish itself in the arsenal of psychologists, as well as in social networks.

Of course, all of us sometimes have a bad mood. But, as a rule, there are specific reasons for this. And a person can tell what or who spoiled his mood. A lipofrenik not able to argue their dreary state.

It is believed that the name of the term "lipophrenia" is formed by the ancient Greek words "fat" and "state of mind". Therefore, some experts interpret lipophrenia as "crazy for fat" or "the brain swims fat." Of course, this approach is unacceptable! It is necessary to understand the root causes of the problem and solve it, and not ignore it.

But what does it have to do with fat? I propose to recall what happens to water drops, if there is a film of fat? True, they will drain from the surface, but not absorbed into it. If you exaggerate, it turns out that the fat prevents the penetration of the drop where it went.

Why was this information needed? Because it is an analogy with a person suffering from lipophrenia: he does not absorb positive information, he is not able to perceive it adequately. And literally remains alone with his bad thoughts, feeling like no one needs.

The causes of this condition

Although at first glance it may seem that there are no objective reasons for lipophrenia, in fact, of course, they are. The problem is that the patient, because of his altered state, is simply not aware of them. Of the main provocateurs of inexplicable sadness, psychologists distinguish the following:

  • prolonged lack of positive in life, when nothing brings joy to a person and does not make him feel happy;
  • engaging in monotonous work (some psychologists believe that doing monotonous, repetitive actions more often provokes attacks of unreasonable melancholy);
  • lack of activity;
  • prolonged sitting at home without the opportunity to work (often moms who are on maternity leave who are deprived of social life and self-realization suffer from lipophrenia attacks);
  • naturally increased anxiety;
  • increased criticism of themselves, their mistakes;
  • conflict situation at work or at home;
  • serious disappointments in the love sphere of life (treason, loss of trust, etc.);
  • the presence of low self-esteem (which is reinforced by overweight or flaws in appearance);
  • maintaining the wrong day and night regimen;
  • poor nutrition (when a person sits on rigid diets that exhaust the body, regularly loses nutrients, limits sweets);
  • eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia also lead to depressed morale);
  • severe pathology;
  • the need for forced bed rest.

Also, according to some psychologists, people whose work takes place underground or in rooms devoid of sunlight, are more likely to face lipophrenia.

As an example, we can consider the famous Artyomovsky factory of sparkling wines (the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine). It has special gypsum galleries used to store and produce classic sparkling wines. Even at the initial stages of production, it was noticed that factory workers often experience emotional depression and unreasonable sadness after working shifts. When the survey was conducted, no one could adequately explain the reason for this state.

True, there were complaints from the entire staff, that the overall situation of adits is very morally depressing. Indeed, it is true that gypsum is dirty gray in color, depressive. To solve this problem, the management of the plant repainted the working area, depicting there a lot of funny colorful pictures. And very soon, complaints of unreasonable longing gradually faded away.

In addition, we must not forget that modern people spend too much time on the Internet. Gradually, real communication is increasingly being replaced by virtual contacts. In this case, it is not surprising if lipophrenia arises on the basis of a person’s awareness that, although he has several thousand “friends” on his instagram or Facebook, there is not a single true friend in life.

You can also highlight several additional factors offered by experts in various fields:

  • so parapsychologists say that lipophrenia is the impossibility of exchanging energy with other people, a kind of energy stagnation;
  • psychologists do not get tired to repeat about the dangers of virtual reality and frequent deception, which users of the world wide web encounter every day;
  • physiology experts put forward their own vision of the problem: a person is too long in wrong postures, plus he suffers from a strong information overload. In support of this version, it is argued that lipophrenia most often occurs against the background of physical exhaustion;
  • Well, the last opinion on this issue - a pathological condition provokes post-traumatic stress disorder. For example, the driver who knocked down a pedestrian, could not cope with their experiences, as it should be done.

Suppose that an acquittal was pronounced to him, it can be considered that “everything is left in the past,” but at the same time he suffers a strong internal tension in similar situations. Psychological discomfort and longing can be caused by little things preserved in the subconscious: the same hour of the day or night, the same time of the year, a similar place, etc.

It turns out that it is impossible to call the female sex more susceptible to the state of lipophrenia, referring to emotional experiences, hormonal changes - in fact, this is completely wrong. Women more often than men discuss their experiences, but this does not mean at all that their spouses do not have them. Yes, and you just remember forever sad Piero from the fairy tale about Buratino, in order to understand that guys can also be lipophrenics.

What is the duration of lipophrenia? Here everything is purely individual and pathological longing can pass after a couple of hours, or it can take several days. If sadness is not in a hurry to let you go, and her attacks are becoming more and more frequent - it's time to sound the alarm and go for help to a psychologist!

How to cope with lipophrenia

We have already figured out what lipofrenia is, we figured out its causes, now is the time to look for ways to solve the problem. It is unacceptable to ignore the incomprehensible longing, because over time it risks becoming a full-fledged depression, which will be even harder to get rid of.

What should be done?

  1. First of all, forget about the virtual world and return to reality. Right now dial the number of a friend (girlfriend) on the phone and make an appointment! Positive emotions from a single conversation in life are much stronger than dozens of hours of empty correspondence in social networks, which are also devoid of meaning.
  2. Also try to go outdoors as often as possible when the weather allows. And do it not only when you need to go to the supermarket or a pharmacy, but simply walking relaxed without any purpose. Such a walk will quickly drive the blues away.
  3. But if the weather outside the window is not at all happy, then find a funny comedy, series or film and watch it. You can even confine funny videos. Laughter, as you know, is the best natural antidepressant.
  4. Watch your sleep schedule. In a dream, we get rid of not only physical stress, but also mental, we are filled with vital energy.
  5. And psychologists advise to change their attitude: to concentrate less on unpleasant trifles, with an emphasis on positive events.

But what is definitely worth giving up is the self-prescription of serious drugs for yourself, such as antidepressants and tranquilizers. They will not help to solve your problem, they will only take time and may cause harm to health!

In conclusion

To summarize the topic:

  • Lipophrenia is a state of inexplicable longing and sadness. It can be short-term, and can be delayed and become a real depression.
  • It occurs for a variety of reasons, starting with the lack of live communication and ending with unsolved psychological trauma.
  • To cope with the pathology will help the correct sleep and nutrition, sufficient communication in life, positive emotions.
  • Ignore lipophrenia can not, because it can be delayed, and this is dangerous.

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