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Guessing on 3 cards online for the near future


Divination by 3 Tarot cards is one of the most popular due to its simplicity. Even a novice will cope with such fortune telling. In this case, you can get a comprehensive answer to any question you have about the future, present and past.

To make a free online guessing on three Tarot cards you need:
2-3 minutes not to think about anything, focus on your subconscious.
When you feel light in your head - draw three cards:

Choose the first map: Predict more
To guess yet

If you feel that the cards you lied: better rest and repeat the fortune-telling after 5 minutes.

Guessing on ordinary Tarot cards

The meaning of the arcana tarot is easy to get confused. This is the main problem faced by beginners in their first divinations. Therefore, before you make your alignment, try to thoroughly study the interpretation of the senior arcana. You need to understand the connection between the cards, and intuitively guess their values.

There are several schemes for interpreting the Tarot cards on three cards:

  1. Remember that the first, second and third lasso always indicate the past, present and future, respectively
  2. In love cards, the first card will indicate the prerequisites for a relationship with a partner, the second will tell you how you feel about each other now, the third one will sum up - what kind of future your couple has
  3. You can use the scheme of Donald Tyson in the layouts for a particular person, in which the first card is his general image, the second one is probable actions, the third one is a description of character
  4. In another scheme, the first lasso symbolizes thoughts, the second - feelings, and the third - actions. Used most often in the layouts on the relationship with a particular person
  5. The following formula is made up of three meanings: 1st is the circumstances that led to the situation, 2nd is the answer to the guessing question, 3rd is the circumstances in the future that will affect the outcome of the case
  6. If you need to get an unequivocal answer to a closed question, the first lasso is a description of the person who is guessing, the second is “yes”, the third is “no”
  7. The following scheme is quite interesting: you need to add the numbers of all three arcana. The sum is the card number that will give the answer to the question of the fortuneteller. If the number is greater than 22, you need to add its numbers. For example 28 = 2 + 8 = 10

Choose the appropriate scheme, depending on the purpose of your fortune telling. Over time, you will be able to create your own method, and will interpret the predictions on an intuitive level.

Next, consider the special cases of divination.

Alignment for the near future on 3 Tarot cards

The easiest and most popular deal. We brought him in the online divination at the top of the page.

The point is simple. We lay out three cards and decrypt:

  • the first means the past
  • medium - present,
  • the last is the future.

Alignment to work

This fortune telling will provide information on how things will work out in work, business and career. You need to shuffle the deck carefully, remove three cards from it and arrange them in a row on the table.

Next, decipher:

  • 1 - indicates what your skills, knowledge and skills acquired in the past, will help get a good job, start a profitable business or step up the career ladder
  • 2-present situation and the chances that you can improve your material well-being, make the financial sphere of life stable and receive emotional satisfaction from your activities
  • 3 - how will the future in the field of working achievements. What are your qualities and personality traits that will affect success or will they contribute to failure?

For a more detailed analysis of the situation, use other hands to work. We have analyzed them in this article.

Alignment on relationship problems

With the help of only three cards, you will find out who is to blame and what to do to correct the problem situation in the relationship with your beloved man. The maps will also indicate how external factors influenced the situation.

Shuffle your deck, remove three cards and lay them on a table in a row. Value:

  • 1 - how your actions, thoughts, feelings and actions influenced the situation. What is your fault and responsibility for what is happening now in a pair
  • 2 - the role of the partner in the occurrence of the problem. His character traits, actions and actions (or lack thereof) that can be considered the cause of quarrels and conflicts
  • 3 - circumstances beyond your control of both of you, external factors that have become a source of problems in the relationship. These could be specific people, unforeseen events, pressure from public stereotypes, and so on.

Watch a video about simple Tarot layouts:

Rules for working with tarot

You need to know the rules of working with tarot cards if you want to receive reliable predictions that give accurate answers to any of your questions. The rules are as follows:

  • Do not sit down to guess before seven in the morning and later than eleven in the evening. Night is an unfavorable time when cards are unlikely to tell the truth.
  • Put cards away on weekends - Saturday and Sunday. These are unfavorable days for any magic manipulation.
  • You should not guess in rainy and foggy weather. Wait until the sun starts to shine on the street.
  • Proceed to lay out only in good spirits. If your mood is far from cloudless, first get rid of negative emotions.
  • No need to do several layouts on the same situation. Only the very first one will get the exact answer.
  • Tarot cannot be used on Christian holidays.

Tarot magic is very strong and requires respect. Therefore, take anyone, even a simple three-card layout, very seriously. Sincerely believe that you will find out the correct answer to your question, and then you will receive a reliable forecast that will come true.