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What kind of magic does rhodonite stone have


Rhodonite stone is a mineral that refers to manganese silicate. Its name from the Greek language is translated as "rose". This beautiful gem in antiquity was also called the "stone of the morning dawn."

Mineral properties

Rhodonite was formed in the bowels of the earth, where magma was able to combine with sedimentary rocks, which contained a large amount of manganese. Rhodonite in its pure form is rare, so in the stone-cutting industry, orlets are used - a breed with a high concentration of manganese.

It is believed that the main deposit of rhodonite is located in the Urals. It is here that the most valuable minerals are mined, but a large number of gems are also supplied from Madagascar and Africa.

A variety of rhodonite Orlets is a matte mineral of various shades of pink with admixtures of other rocks.

Rhodonite usually has a pale pinkish hue, but there are gems of cherry pink, brown and crimson. Sometimes in the rock there are areas of pure rhodonite, where the mineral has a bright red color and even resembles rubies.

Recently, a new type of rhodonite, cobalt, with a purple-violet hue was discovered. In addition, the following types of rhodonite are known:

  • Ribbon - stands out among the rest with multi-colored stripes;
  • Foulerite - a mineral that has impurities of yellow-brown color;
  • Bustamite is a variety of rhodonite gray-pink with black veins;
  • mourning - black stone, which since ancient times is used for the manufacture of tombstones.

Jewelry with rhodonite began to produce in Russia for a long time. In Europe, jewelry with this gem became popular after Carl Faberge acquired a large batch of rhodonite in Russia in 1913. So the high society of Europe saw beautiful ornaments with this stone, as well as the famous Faberge eggs.

The magical properties of rhodonite

It has long been known about the amazing magical properties of rhodonite. The girls wore jewelry with this stone in the hope of successfully getting married and becoming mystically attractive to the male sex.

Stone is a powerful talisman for representatives of creative professions, artists. It is not surprising, because he contributes to the disclosure of his master of various abilities and talents, helps him to win recognition and success.

It has long been known in the countries of the East that this stone is able to awaken all the highest feelings in a person and reveal creative potential. For these properties rhodonite was even called a divine stone or a mineral of illusions. It was believed that he could revive even the most desperate man to life, fill him with new forces and hopes.

In modern magic rhodonite balls are used, which help to enter an altered state of consciousness and to establish contact with the other world.

Rhodonite, having black streaks, has the ability to protect the owner from robberies. The presence in the home of a talisman with rhodonite, for example, a sculpture or a casket, will save your home from robbers.

It is believed that the stone improves the financial situation, helps to attract wealth, and even helps to win the lottery.

In addition, rhodonite has the property to absorb all the negative emotions of its owner and turn them into positive energy. Therefore, the product with this mineral will help get rid of depression and will raise your spirits, charge positive and return interest to life.

A product with rhodonite, presented to newlyweds on their wedding day, will become a reliable amulet and will protect against detractors and the evil eye. This stone is considered the patron saint of family happiness and well-being, is one of the most powerful charms of the hearth. Lonely people, he will be a loyal assistant in the search for the second half.

Healing properties of rhodonite

For a long time rhodonite was considered the patron of women's health. It contributes to the conception and favorable course of pregnancy and childbirth, helps to produce a healthy baby. An amulet with this mineral must be worn by women who for some reason cannot become pregnant.

Stone is also used in the treatment of eye diseases and contributes to the strengthening of vision. To this end, it is recommended to regularly apply small flat stones to the eyes.

In addition, the mineral is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, cleanses the blood and activates blood formation processes. It helps to strengthen the immune system, improves metabolism and normalizes the function of the endocrine glands.

The soft pink color of the mineral has a positive effect on the nervous system, soothes and helps to get rid of depression. It normalizes the psychological state of a person, puts in order thoughts and feelings. Rhodonite also relieves nightmares, cures insomnia and relieves stress.

It is believed that the stone helps in the treatment of fractures, heals bruises and wounds.

Energy practitioners recommend the use of rhodonite for improving the chakra Manipuru and Anahata. The pink rays of the mineral, penetrating into the aura of man, harmonize the etheric body and maintain the energy balance.

Who is rhodonite

The stone is the patron saint of the fire signs of the zodiac - Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. It is also perfect for Libra and Gemini. These signs, he will give confidence in their abilities and fill with energy, help to develop supersensible perception and intuition.

Rhodonite is an amazingly soft and benevolent stone, so other zodiac signs can also wear it, it will not harm anyone. But the mineral can fully manifest its properties only if it comes into contact with the body. Therefore, it is best to choose a ring, pendant or bracelet with rhodonite.

Rhodonite carries the energetic influence of Venus, and the black streaks in this mineral indicate the energy of Saturn. Venus has a soft and harmonizing effect, and Saturn organizes and gives a little rigidity. Rhodonite owes its mystical properties precisely to the influence of these two planets.

Stone is a talisman of creative individuals and people striving for success. These people should get a bracelet with rhodonite and wear it on the left wrist. In this case, the talisman will constantly energize and increase the desire for new knowledge.

If you want to get rid of laziness and passivity, you should also get a talisman with this mineral. In this case, the best with keychain rhodonite.

The stone will also be a great talisman for your child. If you want the baby to be strong and smart, and the disease avoided his side, get him an amulet with this stone.

Rhodonite is considered a family tree. It serves as a reminder that you should always read and remember your ancestors, because the strength of every person in his family.

How to care for a stone

If you want a product with rhodonite for a long time to remain beautiful and bright, you should properly care for it.

  • Do not forget to take it off before taking a shower or bath, swimming in the sea or river, before playing sports and sauna.
  • Do not allow the product to come into contact with chemicals.
  • If you notice dirty stains on the surface of the stone, wipe it with a suede cloth.

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