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Celtic patterns and their meaning, examples of amulets


To study the Celtic patterns and their value is not only then to wear jewelry and clothing with them. But also in order to comprehend the deep magical meaning inherent in these ancient symbols.

The value of Celtic patterns

Without exception, Celtic patterns are a kind of weaving that looks like braids, baskets or fabric structure. It is thanks to weaves and intricate patterns that the pattern acquires magical power.

It is believed that the threads from which the Celtic pattern is made are a symbol of the thread of life, the life course of a person. And the nodules are landmarks of this path. The Celts believed that the ornament could not be changed, because it was given by the gods.

Now jewelry with Celtic designs are very popular: you can engrave them on jewelry or make a personal talisman. In ancient times, handwritten books were decorated with similar symbols.

If you want to buy a similar talisman for yourself, you should understand all the meanings of the symbols of the ancient Celts.

Celtic amulets and their meaning

The first talisman we’ll talk about is a labyrinth. The pattern is as follows:

This is a symbol of a person’s life with the following interpretation:

  • It embodies the continuity of life and all the diversity of the processes occurring in the universe.
  • Symbol of communication of objects, things and phenomena occurring in the world.
  • Helps to develop abilities, learn the world, learn to read sensitively all shades of feelings and emotions, to better understand others
  • This symbol is able to enter the state of meditation, therefore it is often used in spiritual practices.

Another variant of the Celtic pattern is a cross. It has the following meanings:

  • It personifies the unity of earth and sky, men and women, just the opposite, which complements each other.
  • It helps to enlist the support of Higher, bright forces, to find harmony and happiness
  • Gives its owner wisdom, helps to attract opportunities for self-development. Expands the scope of thinking and outlook

Celtic patterns in the form of a spiral - the personification of spiritual growth and human development. They symbolize the connection of human nature with the universe. This is a union of mind, body and soul - harmony in everything.

In the conventional sense, any Celtic symbols are a sign of Destiny, the spiritual path of man in his earthly incarnation.

Celtic symbols and their meaning: amulets in the form of birds and animals

Sometimes Celtic patterns are in the figures of birds and animals. Depending on the creature chosen, amulets with Celtic symbols will have different meanings.

For example:

  1. The bird is a symbol of freedom. This is the independence of the human soul from the earthly world. Such an amulet helps to find a connection with the other world, to expand the boundaries of consciousness, to go beyond the limits of possibility. Such amulets are often used in a variety of magical rituals, through which you can lift the veil of secrets of the future
  2. Raven and Pheasant are birds of psychics and soothsayers. But they have dark power because they are a symbol of death.
  3. Dove - a symbol of love and peace. Helps to develop positive spiritual qualities of the individual, to adjust the mind to positive thoughts
  4. Partridge - a symbol of dexterity, cunning, resourcefulness. These qualities talisman gives its owner
  5. Duck - fills with vital energy, inspires development and achievements
  6. Heron - a symbol of vigilance. Such an amulet will save from betrayal and deception, will help to clearly understand the true intentions of others.
  7. Albatross - the pursuit of perfection, wisdom, spiritual development. Patron of creative natures and family relationships
  8. The snake is a symbol of healing. It helps to protect against serious diseases or to heal from the existing ailments. Also, the snake gives wisdom, helps to quickly restore vitality after hard work, develops resilience
  9. A deer is an amulet of attainers. It helps bring to life opportunities for success, creates favorable circumstances on the way to the cherished goal. Gives abundance and prosperity in all spheres of life. Gives activity and energy
  10. The horse is a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Such an amulet is better for people, whose main activity is connected with nature, and women. Helps to bear and give birth to healthy children, while remaining an attractive and harmonious personality
  11. Dolphin is a very positive amulet that helps to clean the negative accumulated in the soul
  12. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and caution. Gives its owner protection from ill-wishers, envious people and enemies, eliminates the feeling of fatigue, brings good luck, helps to build relationships with others

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Other Celtic Symbols

Intricate weaving can be concluded in other figures. For example:

  • Leaves - a symbol of divine energy and the forces of nature. Fill with vital energy and help to abstract from the negative
  • The tree is the personification of the tree of life. The talisman gives wisdom to its owner. and energetic, helps to develop intuition and extrasensory abilities, gives good health and longevity
  • The cauldron - destroys the boundaries of consciousness, erases the difference between all living beings. This is a powerful source of inspiration that helps to gain sacred knowledge and get closer to spiritual enlightenment.
  • The dragon is a symbol of independence and power. Gives deep knowledge, helps to become invulnerable, develops the gift of clairvoyance and divination, magical abilities. In ancient times it was believed that the dragon protects sources of sacred knowledge from the uninitiated.

Choosing a talisman, listen to the feelings of your own soul. You should feel comfort and peace. If anxiety or excitement arises, you want to take off the amulet - this is not your symbol, it must be replaced with another one.