Dream interpretation

Dreamed pin: what does it mean by different dream books


Since ancient times, the pin was considered a powerful talisman for people. What does this symbol dream about and what does it try to tell us in dreams is a difficult question that has a lot of meanings.

Dream interpretation treats this subject ambiguously, because pin pinned to the inner sides of clothing for good luck, protection from the evil eye, and even love. This simple object has a certain form, capable of attracting negative energy to itself and closing it in itself. In every dream it is necessary to pay attention to the details as much as possible: the conditions of finding the pins surrounding in a dream, its color and visual features.

General interpretation of dream with a pin

Seeing a pin in dreams is a good sign if the item is shiny, new and clean. Such a dream predicts a quick new acquaintance, good news or a profitable acquisition. If the pin in the dream was unbuttoned, then someone in your environment is plotting something bad against you or is very jealous of your success. It is worth being careful.

A damaged pin in a dream - to losses, failures and illnesses. If you have seen a pin in your mouth, do not say too much. Perhaps your lack of restraint in conversation will lead to serious conflict.

Inject yourself with a pin - to caution that there is a person nearby who wants to harm you at all costs.

A dream in which you saw a lot of pins can mean the following:

  • many new pins - to financial well-being, big profits and luck;
  • get a few pins as a gift - to the good changes in your life, the health of loved ones, the wonderful news;
  • a lot of rusty or spoiled pins - to endless problems, illnesses, misfortunes and failures;
  • scatter pins - to clarify family relations and the beginning of a series of quarrels;
  • a young girl scattered pins - to the imminent parting with a dear heart man.

What dreams of a gold-colored pin? The most common sleep values ​​are:

  • to find a gold pin - to prosperity in the family and unexpected profits;
  • lose a gold pin - to parting with the business and wealth;
  • pin a gold pin to your clothes - to success in business and personal life;
  • a woman gives a gold pin to a man - for a serious relationship and a possible marriage;
  • receive a gold pin as a gift - good luck in business for men, to a marriage proposal for women;
  • prick with a gold pin - to caution about the existing envious who can harm you for your success;
  • unbuttoned gold pin - to the application of great labor for the sake of income in your business or business.

If in a dream you saw the head of a pin well, then in life you will be accompanied only by luck and luck. Dream interpretation treats the closure of a pin, as a sign that by applying some effort, you will be able to cope with all the problems and failures. It is only necessary to believe in your strength and stock up on strength and patience.

Bought a pin in a dream - to an important acquisition, which you have long sought. If in dreams you bite a pin, then in reality you are expected to quarrel with relatives and relatives.

The meanings of dreams with different pin sizes are as follows:

  • find a big pin - for big profits;
  • find a small pin - to the good news, letter, pleasant event;
  • a big pin on clothes is a sign of presence in your life of faithful and reliable friends who will never leave you in trouble;
  • choose a big pin in a dream - for future changes in life;
  • a big pin with rust - to the loss of finances and serious illness;
  • a big pin with a black bead or thread - to the loss of a dear person.

If a pin in a dream was pinned to clothes, and you lost it, then something in your life will soon change and go wrong, as you planned. You can survive the deception and fail in business. If the pin was pinned in black, then you were subjected to evil eye, damage, conspiracy, etc.

Dreams with a pin in hand are treated as follows:

  • look at the new pin in your hand - for good, love and pleasant changes in life;
  • look at the damaged and rusty pin in hand - to family quarrels and troubles;
  • prick the hand with a pin - to the difficulties in life.

A pin on your chest, seen in a dream, reminds you of loved ones who lack your care and attention. If you swallowed a pin in night dreams, then soon you will be expected to succeed in creativity. A pin found under a carpet during cleaning in a dream speaks of the presence of envious people in your life who weave intrigues around you. A pin stuck in the floor speaks of the imminent separation or divorce.

If in a dream you pinned a pin to a child, then in real life he lacks communication with you.

Interpretation of sleep with a pin different dream books

According to Miller's dream book

A dream like this is interpreted by a dream book as a warning about discord and quarrels in the family. To young girls, a pin in a dream speaks of a rude attitude towards her beloved person.

If in a dream you swallowed a pin, then in reality you are expected by extraordinary circumstances that will lead to risky transactions. A rusty or bent pin warns about your frivolous behavior, which leads to a loss of respect for you from others.

According to the dream book of Aesop

This dream book considers the pin the personification of the secret threat, danger and surprise. If in a dream you found this object lying to you, then in the future you will meet with your dangerous enemy, who is able to bring you a lot of trouble. If the found pin lay to you with a blunt end, then you will have a pleasant meeting with good friends.

Prick with a pin in a dream - to an important matter that can bring greater material profits. To lose a pin - to minor misunderstandings in life, due to your distraction.

According to the dream Melnikova

This dream book gives the following values ​​of sleep with a pin:

  • prick with a pin - to nervous situations that will be provoked by people around you;
  • a pin in a girl's dream - to feelings in a relationship with her beloved;
  • a broken pin - a symbol of the frivolity of your behavior in life;
  • to break a pin - to the approaching grief and loss, insufficient attention from relatives;
  • to look for a pin - to insignificant damage and petty quarrels.

According to Veles' dream book

This dream book personifies a pin in a dream, as a sign of the possible loss of a loved one or loved one in the future. Also, this item can mean bad deeds to your address from detractors.

If a man in a dream holds a pin in his mouth, then in real life he will listen to the opinion of his wife. If you prick with a pin in a dream, then you will make a mistake in life by your own stupidity.