Dream interpretation

Epiphany divination: fulfill desires, find out the future


Hello, my name is Lyuba, and my parents come from different villages. Surprisingly, they helped them find each other ... Epiphany divination. However, among them there are not only divinations for the constricted and love-carrots. I myself know a lot of them: for desire, for the future. Want to tell?

Why guessing at baptism

You know that the church is not very welcome fortune-telling, but the hunt more than bondage. In the days of paganism, it was believed that it was on these days that curtains were opened over all the secrets of the future and portals to the world of the dead. In addition, it is during this period that all the evil forces lose their power, because it is absolutely safe for us. But there are a few rules:

Before divination itself you need to outline the circle around you with a candle or a splinter. This will protect against evil spirits.

It is best to guess where the world of the living and the dead touch: the intersection of roads, the threshold, the basement. The place must be non-residential. Absolute silence is a prerequisite. It is also impossible to cross your arms and legs.

For the future

Epiphany divination for the future is extremely simple, because popular today. Here are a few options.

7 glasses

In preparation for any fortune telling you need to remove the jewelry and the cross, as well as dissolve the hair. Now you can take 7 identical glasses. In each of them we put a symbol:

  • The grain symbolizes hard work;
  • Salt means tears;
  • Sugar - sweet life;
  • Match - child;
  • Coin - a secure life;
  • Ring - the wedding;
  • Bread - a full life.

We close our eyes and swap all the glasses. We put in a row and choose one. That is what awaits you in the new year.


Classic genre, but very informative fortune telling. Sometimes wax gives a clear picture, and sometimes speaks with symbols and signs. Turn off the light, melt the wax on a wax candle, pour it into a plate with cold water and look.

  • Small droplets promise a rich life;
  • Egg - either the birth of a child, or something new;
  • A crooked apple is a dangerous temptation;
  • The leaf of the tree is envy and intrigue;
  • Mushroom - longevity and health;
  • Cross signals from impending illness;
  • A bunch of grapes promises happiness in all areas;
  • The house hints at a wedding. Or maybe a new farm or relocation;
  • The dragon is just a good sign;
  • Pants - life choices;
  • The star promises good luck;
  • The monkey hints that there is a traitor nearby;
  • Veer - hard work and problems at work;
  • The bell is either alarm or news;
  • Apple even promises health and wisdom.

Based on the book

Everything is simple here. We take a collection of poems, a Bible or just a book with spiritual content and ask a question. We guess the page and line number, open and read. You can even guess the favorite novel, if you understand it and close.

On desire

Surely you have a cherished desire. So, in Baptism, the universe can answer whether it will come true or not.

On grains

The easiest way. We remember our desire, we say it out loud. Take a handful of grains with your left hand and count how many there are in your hand. If the number is even - wait for the "dream come true."

On the cat

The second option is suitable for those who have a cat. Making a wish, we call him to us. If the cat steps over the threshold of the room, it is first right paw - the wish will come true.

On the mirror

We are taking him out on the afternoon of January 18th. In the evening we pick up, before going to sleep we write our wish on the finger on nm. We hide under our bed, around we put the branches of pine and ate.

Waking up, we study the mirror for traces of your inscription. If it is preserved entirely - the desire is unlikely to be fulfilled. If there is a trace - it can try, but it will cost victims for you. If there are no traces left, the desire will definitely come true.

On money

Epiphany fortune telling for money too.

So, we take iron (paper, too, can) rubles (10.5, 2 and 1) and small coins (ten kopecks and fifty dollars). We clean them to shine and hide in a bag of cloth. It is better to do it yourself, but if there is no such opportunity, we wrap it in a clean rag so that they cannot get enough sleep.

Put it before bedtime under your pillow. In order for the coins to tell the truth, they need to be saturated with your energy. That evening we light a red candle. This must be done before midnight comes. Now we take a wide bowl and pour any grain into it. We take the scroll with the coins in our hands and ask if the financial situation will change in the near future. We do it in our own words. Pour coins into the grain. The bowl should not be made of metal so that there is no ringing. Mix, cover the bowl with a cloth, close our eyes and take a handful of grains with your hand. What coin did you get?

  • If no, the situation with money will not change for the better or for the worse.
  • 10 kopecks. Nothing good is waiting and replenishment of personal treasury can not wait.
  • If you have a fifty dollars, you will be asked for financial assistance. You decide whether to help or not.
  • Ruble promises pleasant expenses. It can be a holiday or purchase, which you have long dreamed of. If you have long been saving money for something, know that the purchase will be successful and will bring a lot of joy.
  • Two rubles hint that the money will come unexpectedly and from an unexpected source. True, the amount will be small.
  • 5 rubles. The year will bring good returns. Maybe you are waiting for a promotion, or a new high-paying job.
  • 10 rubles hint at luck in finances. You can start your own business and start playing the lottery.

Summing up

To guess or not to guess on the day of Epiphany is your choice. Very often such divinations come true, but for this there can be a payback. Try to protect yourself, he evil forces and follow all the rules of Christmas divination.