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Practicing the mantra of wealth and prosperity


Goddess Lakshmi is revered in Vedic culture as a patroness of fertility, wealth and well-being. The mantra of wealth and prosperity of the goddess Lakshmi is one of the most sought after in Hinduism. From ancient times, merchants and merchants offered up their praises and requests to Lakshmi for the gift of success in their work.

Another aspect of the goddess is femininity and beauty - she is considered the patroness of the home, gives women charm, virtue and worldly wisdom. How to properly address the deity, and how many times you need to pronounce the mantra? We will also consider the question why the practice of Lakshmi mantras brings much more to life than financial wealth and success.

Lakshmi in Vedic Culture

Who is the goddess Lakshmi, and why is she worshiped by millions of people in the world? The Vedas claim that the goddess emerged from a lotus flower that was floating in the original ocean of life. In many images you can see Lakshmi with a lotus coming out of the waves of the ocean. Four hands of the goddess symbolize 4 aspects:

  • prosperity;
  • physical pleasure;
  • virtue;
  • the liberation of the soul from the captivity of sin.

Goddess patronizes successful and hardworking people, loves the luxury and enjoyment of earthly riches. She grants abundance, material wealth and wisdom to her favorites. Lakshmi can help in doing business, remove the obstacle and open the way to achieve the goal. However, a person seeking help from a deity must have a sincere heart and not use the patronage of heaven to the detriment of competitors.

When a person needs luck and luck, he turns to Ganesha and Lakshmi. If a person is pursued by failure and bad luck, it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi left his home. For requests for prosperity choose the image of the goddess in golden tones. Pink-faced Lakshmi is asked to show mercy and compassion - after all, the wrath of the goddess deprives a person of success in life. If the goddess is depicted next to Vishnu, she is asked for well-being in the house.

How to get in touch with a goddess

To earn the favor of the goddess and enter into resonance with her vibrations, it is necessary to practice the mantra using her name.

The main mantra of Lakshmi is:

Another glorifying mantra is:

Both mantras repeat an odd number of times multiple to three - 12, 24, 108. The more repetitions you say, the denser you will enter the flow of energy of the goddess.

Attention and favor of the deity can be drawn by placing a figurine in the house or printing the image on the printer. Worshiping the gods always brings their favor.

For the successful practice of mantra, you need to combine the repetition of sacred sounds with meditation on the image. To achieve success in life, the Gayatri Lakshmi mantra is practiced for 36 days 108 times at sunrise.

The symbols of the goddess that attract her energy are all large flowers, lapis lazuli, jade yellow or red. The metal expressing the abundance of Lakshmi is gold.

The altar of the goddess can be made independently. To do this, cover the surface with a new cloth with golden threads, place the statuette and symbols - gold jewelry, stones, flowers. You can smell a fragrance with lotus or other flowers.

At any time, you can turn on the recording of the glorifying Lakshmi mantra and meditate on its image:

For luck in your career

People with pure thoughts Lakshmi helps to achieve public recognition and a high position in society. However, if a person’s heart becomes callous and deceitful, the luck granted by the goddess will leave him forever.

For career growth, one should practice the special Gayatri Mantra (at least 108 repetitions at a time) for 36 consecutive days, starting from the time of the moon's rise:

Do not forget that one of the main aspects of a goddess is mercy and compassion. If a person is hard-hearted and is not going to correct, contact with the goddess will be impossible to achieve.

The mantra of wealth and prosperity - the practice of Sadhana Lakshmi

To never live in need, you must always be in the flow of the goddess of prosperity. Most people believe that a one-time appeal is enough. It should not be surprising that with such an approach to the practice of mantras they do not achieve any success.

Mantra Lakshmi on money and wealth is repeated many times throughout life. The practice of Sadhana Lakshmi was passed on by the student of the sage Rishi Vasishthi for regular use. On Friday evening, you need to take a bath or shower, sit in front of the image of the goddess facing east and sing the mantra:

Then you should sing another mantra a special number of times using the rosary: ​​repeat 21 times one circle of the rosary of one hundred and eight beads. That is, one repetition of the mantra is 108 utterances. There should be exactly 21 such circles.

The practice of Sadhana Lakshmi relieves a person from want, grief and everyday difficulties.

Lakshmi, Ganesh and Kubera

These three Vedic deities personify luck, prosperity and wealth. However, their functions are different. Hindu god Ganesh is considered the patron saint of wisdom and helps to remove any obstacles to success, Lakshmi opens up let him to prosperity. Kubera is responsible for cash, that is, the function of the treasurer is more suitable for him. In the Vedic tradition, these deities may be referred to together. By practicing the following mantra, you can achieve incredible success in your business or career:

During the practice of mantra, you can put a banknote in front of you - it will become a money talisman. You can not spend this bill. After reading the mantra, blow the bill three times to charge it with the energy of success and the attraction of money. Each time the bill will be filled with vibrations of abundance and prosperity, and over time it will become a powerful talisman of personal monetary luck.

You should never ask Lakshmi, Ganesh and Kubera to deal with business rivals. The function of these deities does not include the punishment of anyone. Just ask to remove obstacles, clear the path to prosperity, and with love in your heart, give thanks for your help.