Dream interpretation

Dreamed of the White horse - decoding sleep


Why dream of a white horse? In most dream books, a white horse is associated with daytime clarity. It is also called "sunny", it personifies the sun. This symbol is the embodiment of good human motives, hard work and the fight against evil.

Universal Dream

A sunny white horse is purity, intelligence, a sign of divine powers. If in a dream you are sitting on a white horse - this is a symbol of your future well-being, which will be provided to you with the support of relatives and relatives. Do not skimp on the gifts and grateful words.

Sometimes such a symbol foreshadows inner insight. A person should rethink his life experience, and a good idea will certainly come to mind. Girls like dreams dream on the eve of the wedding. This is a sign of normal excitement and emotional uplift.

To trot on a white horse - to new useful acquaintances. If a snow-white horse is bareback and it is not a hindrance to stay on horseback - you will manage to maintain a high social position even in spite of a difficult confrontation. If the nature of horse riding is calm and measured, then the next life will be the same - pleasant and uncluttered.

Dream Miller

The white horse is a collective symbol of the general well-being of a person. Riding on a beautiful white horse is a good sign that foreshadows excellent prospects and positive changes associated with relatives and close people. Unmarried girls dream of a horse to a change in family life. Such a dream foreshadows the emergence of a nice guy.

White horse grazing peacefully on the meadow means finding a soul mate - you will find a friend whose thoughts and views will surprisingly coincide with your ideas about the world around you. For men, this dream indicates attachment to a woman.

Shooting a dashing white stallion - talent and extraordinary ability to work will bring you recognition and wealth. The horseshoe in this case is a symbol of wealth, and the white horse is your future. You symbolically shoe your wealth for your own success.

To feed and care in a dream for a white horse means to get stronger physically. For a patient, this dream foreshadows a speedy recovery.

A bad dream is the one in which a white horse is sold. This is a sign of lost profits, dreams are not realized. A dream where a horse injures his rider is also a bad sign. Soon insuperable life difficulties will come. The same meaning of sleep, where the horse itself dies.

For a sick man, a fleeing white horse predicts an aggravation of a painful condition. The illness can be delayed.

Dream Vanga

According to Vanga, horses in dreams remind us of the transience of time and the frailty of life. Horses of angels in white.

The white horse symbolizes masculine power, inflexible military spirit and fearlessness. Well-circled horse predicts power, respect for others.

In the prophecies of Vanga, the white horse personifies human courage, generosity, generosity, and victory. A dreamed horse or horse is always a good sign. Such dreams are filmed for the wedding or meeting with the bride, the future husband. The big white horse symbolizes holy love. Somewhere near your fate.

A dream about a white horse can tell a lot about friendship. You are surrounded by loyal and honest friends. If you dream of horses that were harnessed to a cart, wait for the obstacles to success. For a girl to see that her lover is riding on her on a white horse speaks about the loyalty of her chosen one. If the rider is afraid, sitting on a white horse - her fiance is very jealous of her.

If a girl dreams that a white horse turns into a pig or donkey - this is a warning against wrong decisions. Reckless behavior can be a reason for denying her lucrative offers.

A dream, where a white horse descends from heaven, turns into a stranger and scolds you or throws stones, means a great failure, hopes will not come true, the work is done in vain.

Seeing a white horse in the distance is about to receive joyful news in the near future. A man who dreamed that a horse died in his house may soon suffer greatly and even die. If in a dream you are sitting on a horse and unable to cope with it, then you have committed or will commit a sin. The worse the rider copes with the horse, the more sins he committed.

Dream interpretation freud

In the dream, the white horse represents sexual energy. Another white horse is associated with creative energy, physical strength, and intellect.

In psychoanalysis there is no such clear marker as a white horse. There is a concept horse or horse. Often horses or horses dream of women.

For young girls, teenagers, such a dream is a sign of mental / puberty or the formation of a conscious sexual attraction. For women in more mature age, sleep about horses can be interpreted as sexual dissatisfaction.

The white color of the animal is interpreted as an additional marker and means complete freedom from all sorts of obstacles, as a rule, of a moral nature. White is the willingness to accept, the fear of missing opportunities.

The white horse is the desire to satisfy your sexual needs as soon as possible. Freud's horse is a direct phallic symbol, the horse is a female one. Dreams with noble animals dream during periods of sexual activity, maximum potency.

To feel the fear of a horse is to be afraid of your own motives associated with increasing potential.