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Mantra healing all diseases - great mantra


Mantras are specially selected sacred sounds that affect the subtle bodies of a person. The repetition of mantras a certain number of times helps to recover from serious ailments and restore energy. Mantra healing all diseases practiced in Tibet and India since ancient times, it has not lost its power in modern times. Healing mantras must be read at dawn, at noon, or at sunset, - then they acquire a special power. However, you can repeat the sacred sounds during the day, at will.

Sri Gayatri Mantra

This magic formula is considered great because, in addition to healing the physical body, it also gives enlightenment - the healing of the soul. The hathri mantra purifies the soul, removes the cause of discomfort and gives inner peace and harmony. The repetition of the sacred text brings a person closer to the Absolute, allows you to touch with consciousness to eternity and to find peace of mind. In such conditions, physical healing takes place.

The mantra should be practiced with deep reverence and respect for the eternal Truth, wisdom and mercy. It is impossible to use the sacred text for selfish purposes: the divine mantras are always turned to the spiritual side of man and direct him to the path of development and improvement. The Gayatri Mantra is an appeal to the divine mother of the world, therefore the inner attitude must be appropriate.

How many times is it necessary to practice the Gayatri Mantra? If you are seriously ill, it is advisable to repeat the sacred text three times a day: at the hour of dawn, noon and sunset hour. It is at this time that divine sources are revealed, and the request of a person is heard. Yogis believe that the Gayatri mantra is the most powerful and powerful. It contributes to the purification of karmic sins, if you pronounce it with deep faith and humility.

Gayatri Mantra Practice Rules:

  • for a cure for severe illness, pronounce the formula daily for three weeks (21 days);
  • For general health improvement, start practicing the mantra at the beginning of the lunar month for 21 consecutive days;
  • you can read the formula for spring water and then drink in small sips;
  • It is necessary to repeat the formula 108 times in a row - then an incredible result will be achieved (use beads with beads for counting).

The words of the Gayatri Mantra:

The meaning of the words is as follows:

  • Ra means the sun;
  • Ma - means the moon;
  • Yes — denotes land;
  • Ca - means space;
  • This one denotes absolute infinity;
  • With Hang - means: I am you.

It is believed that the eight sacred sounds that form the basis of the mantra activate the kundalini energy, which rises up the spine from the coccyx to the brain and activates the brain centers. The most powerful healing mantra has one more miraculous property - it brings grace and healing to all pets and pets, gives peace and harmony to family relationships.

To enhance the effect of the mantra, it is necessary to visualize during execution. Perhaps it won't work right away, you shouldn't worry. During visualization, it is necessary to imagine how sacred sounds envelop the entire body in white or golden glow. The sore spot should be presented as a scarlet or black spot and see with the inner eye how it gradually diminishes and disappears.

How to pronounce the sacred sounds? Every sound should be given in the body by vibration. Vowels are drawn, consonants too. Mantra is not a song to be performed in a beautiful voice. Mantra is the vibration of sacred sounds that heal the soul and body of a person. Is it possible to pronounce sounds mentally? It is possible, however, in this case they will act on thin bodies. To achieve the effect of healing the physical body, you need to say the mantra out loud, but not necessarily loudly.

Mantra Buddha Medicine

This is a very powerful mantra that heals all diseases that come to us from Tibet. The sacred formula heals all available mental and physical ailments. The Buddha of Medicine is a universal formula that eliminates not only bodily suffering, but also solves other problems. In Tibet, it is practiced to achieve wisdom and success in business. Regular practice of mantra frees one from karmic sins, provided one observes a righteous life. That is, it is impossible to be cleared of karmic load by committing new wrong deeds.

This healing mantra can free you from any disease. During its execution, it is necessary to imagine how a lump of disease resolves and leaves the body. You can submit in any available image. If you can not imagine, just think about it. Our thoughts are material, so they should be sent in the right direction and avoid doubt.
Mantra text:

How many times is the holy text read? You can pronounce the words 7, 21 or 108 times in a row. Daily practice gives a strong effect, which is expressed in healing from ailments, strengthening physical health and gaining heavenly grace. With the help of pronouncing the mantra, they sanctify food and drinks before they are taken.

The same mantra is practiced when taking drugs: it enhances their action, revitalizes the medicinal formula. Read the mantra over the water, which you will wash down the medicine or over a tube of ointment, a bottle of healing oil. You need to read an odd number of times a multiple of three. The longer you read the sacred text, the stronger the effect of the mantra on the medicine.

Other mantras - sun and moon

In addition to the great formulas, there are other healing mantras with recourse to the sun and the moon. You can listen to these matra healing from all diseases and be treated at any time.

Mantra of the sun:

Starting the practice of solar mantra is better from Sunday. Yogis believe that the activation of the power of the mantra is achieved after 1000 repetitions. The sacred formula promotes healing and rejuvenation of the whole organism, if it is practiced constantly.

The mantra dedicated to the moon, relieves mental illness, heals the human psyche. Chandra is the Hindu god of the moon. Appealing to Chandra soothes the mind, eliminates anxiety and apathy. It is the mental state of a person is the beginning of all diseases. The daily practice of the lunar mantra eliminates the causes of diseases, harmonizing the mental state of a person.

Mantra of the Moon:

To start practicing healing mantras you need to listen to, and then repeat. Sacred sounds when listening penetrate the thin human body and have a healing effect. However, to overcome chronic ailments, you must independently pronounce the text of the mantra, achieving resonance - body vibration. The vibration should resemble a buzz, first in the chest, then all over the body. It will work out with practice.

Why is it necessary to practice mantra for 21 days? Because it is during this time that all the cells in the body are renewed. After 21 days, a “rewrite” will take place at the cellular level - a health formula. Determine the day you start practicing and mark in the calendar. If you do everything right, you can achieve the desired result.