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Mantra Saturn to neutralize the negative


The Indian mantra Saturnu or Shani helps to avoid negative events in life. Reading and listening to such mantras will easily cope with the limitations, obstacles and difficulties encountered in the course of life. This is a colossal work with the subconscious and the inner world of man.

Mantra Saturn: features

The mantra Saturn is especially effective for those people who have an astounded Saturn in the astrological chart. Also listening and singing the sacred text helps in a period when a person is experiencing emotional difficulties.

Features of the mantra are as follows:

  • The complete cycle of the mantra that you need to listen to or read is 23,000 repetitions. When you repeat it the necessary number of times, the desired result will come.
  • It is necessary to start practicing on Saturday. This refers to the time that came after sunset on Friday and ended at sunset on Saturday. It is extremely important to consider
  • To make it easier to count the desired number of repetitions, you can use the rosary. They help to keep up the score and get into the right rhythm, “catch” the state of meditation and relax the mind
  • The repetition of the mantra should be continuous, and consciousness should try to turn off as much as possible. You must enter into a state of sensory perception, be emotionally involved, but at the same time disengage from all sorts of thoughts.

Mantra Saturn is very calm and melodic. Repeats 9 times, and its full sound lasts 4.6 minutes.

Who is the Saturn mantra for?

The Saturn mantra should be listened to by people whose Saturn power in the horoscope is either weak or too strong. This can be understood by some features:

  • You experience a feeling of constant anxiety, which makes it difficult to live fully and cope with stress.
  • You are tormented by insomnia, because before going to sleep, a flurry of thoughts, feelings and feelings literally bursts into your mind. There is a feeling of lack of soil under your feet.
  • You experience a constant feeling of anxiety, strive to protect yourself from the outside world, expect only negative from him. People are sources of threat, not allies.
  • The perception of reality is distorted, it is necessary to get rid of the lack of practicality, learn to see the world without rose-colored glasses
  • You got into a series of troubles, problems related to the interaction with the authorities or with other official institutions
  • It is impossible to establish contact with parents or elderly relatives
  • There is not enough ability to set the right goals, there is no energy to achieve them. Lack of courage to resist negative external circumstances
  • You quickly catch fire with new ideas, but you do not have enough enthusiasm, energy to bring what has been started to the end. Short-term business turns out to complete, and long-term goals can not be
  • There is a shortage of money: a career does not go well, earnings leave much to be desired. We have to work hard, as a rule, to engage in hard physical labor, which is extremely exhausting
  • You feel that your thinking is limited to negative attitudes. Feel the need to expand the scope of consciousness and move out of the comfort zone
  • The state of health is extremely weak. The body is clogged, which is expressed in weak immunity, constipation. Long recover from illness

Weak Saturn has a negative effect on human energy. Reduced physical and mental potential. Usually astrologers indicate this in the natal chart.

Why do you need to increase the energy of Saturn?

If the signs listed above correspond to you, it is necessary to increase the energy of Saturn with the help of a mantra in order to improve the quality of life.

What regular spiritual practice with the use of mantras gives:

  • Fate begins to send a lot of opportunities for spiritual development and realization of goals.
  • Increased life expectancy. The body is strengthened, quickly restored. Both physical and mental health improves
  • Appears the ability to control emotions. Mantra helps to make the mind calm, cold, soberly assess any situations that occur on the path of life.
  • Willpower, logical thinking, self-control and discipline develop

Important: Saturn alone cannot be blamed for all its problems. In any case, the responsibility for your own life lies only with you. The harsh planet is only part of the karmic mechanism. It reflects the fruits of your actions and actions committed in the past.

See in the video how to read the Saturn mantra:

How to strengthen the effect of the mantra?

To ensure that the results of regular spiritual practices using Saturn's mantras are particularly strong, you can use the following tips:

  1. Follow the Sabbath fast. It consists not only in abstaining from junk food, but also in rejecting negative thoughts. It is recommended to be silent for a day, if possible
  2. Feed the birds or stray animals. This will help “plant” the correct karmic seeds. The perfect good will return to you many times
  3. The same principle applies to gifts and charity. Please your loved ones with your help, donate money to a nursing home or help raise funds for a sick child's surgery.
  4. Give up on Saturday activity. Devote the whole day exclusively to self-development. Or do good things - you can go to the volunteer cleanup, pay a visit to the orphanage and play with the children
  5. Help people who are in a quandary. Give them a piece of love and warmth, if you can not help financially
  6. Try to abstain from alcohol and other toxic substances, try to become a vegetarian for a while.

These steps are pretty simple. Following these tips, after a while, you will notice how your life is changing for the better.