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How to develop clairvoyance with the help of special exercises?


Today we will talk about how to develop the ability to clairvoyance. Clairvoyance refers to supernatural abilities that lie beyond the traditional perception of the world. If you're wondering how to awaken clairvoyance in yourself - read this article.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is considered to be the possibility of obtaining information using supersensitive perception. A clairvoyant person is able to predict the events of the future or to see what happened in the past. At the same time, he is in an altered state of consciousness.

The basics of clairvoyance are available for everyone to master, but they require some effort and training. It is believed that the ability to clairvoyant from birth are those people who have developed these skills in their past lives.

Types of clairvoyance

  • Clear sensation - the ability to read information using intuition and various sensations. This kind of characteristic of people with a subtle psyche. For example: at one glance at a stranger, you feel sympathy or antipathy towards him.
  • Clear knowledge is the ability to understand information that comes up in the subconscious or comes from the information field of the Universe. This is a clear awareness of something that has come to you in an inexplicable way.
  • False hearing is a heightened perception of sound vibrations, the ability to hear an inner voice.
  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see visual images inside oneself with the help of the third eye. It allows you to gain knowledge about the past and the future, to see the biofield of people and animals.
  • A clear sense of smell - the ability to supersensitive perception of odors. A person gains knowledge about the world through smell. For example, various feelings are associated with certain smells. He feels the smell of love and joy, or, conversely, of hatred and cruelty.

How can you develop clairvoyance?

If you want to develop clairvoyance abilities, you need to develop extrasensory channels. This can be achieved with the help of various practices. Some of them we will look at in this article.

First of all, you need to learn to rely on your intuition, because it is the basis of clairvoyance. Most people are capable of gaining intuitive knowledge. But not everyone can trust intuition and track information obtained intuitively from logical reflections.

Exercises for the development of clairvoyance

There are many exercises and practices for the development of supernormal abilities. At first, they should be performed a couple of times during the week. In the future, increase the number of workouts to four or five.

Exercise "closed envelope"

This simple exercise will allow you to develop hypersensitivity at the initial stage. It is used to select participants of the "Battle of Psychics". It should be done this way:

  • First, you need to prepare a few black envelopes and cut colored paper into strips.
  • Put colored paper in ten envelopes. Let a few envelopes remain free. Thoroughly mix all the envelopes and proceed to the task.
  • Your task is to determine what paper color is in the envelope. Exercise is based on the fact that each color has a certain energy that you need to feel. Before practice, it is desirable to practice on the multi-colored stripes - try to feel each color and remember these feelings.

After you learn how to cope with this task, you can move on to more difficult practices.

Exercise "Concentration"

With this exercise, you must begin each practice. This simple exercise will teach you to focus on one point. Act in this order:

  • Take a white sheet of paper and put a big black dot on it.
  • Place the sheet about one meter away from you.
  • Concentrate your gaze on this point without blinking.

With the help of this practice, you will gradually learn how to concentrate on a subject for a long time. You can not blink until ten minutes. At the same time, it is very important to stop your logical mind and not to see anything except this black dot on a white sheet.

After you learn to concentrate on a point, you can work with more complex objects: a pen, a flowerpot or a jug. You can talk about total concentration when you learn to see the back side of an object.

Practice on working with photos

  • Take a few photos of strangers, about the fate of which you can find out from your friends or relatives.
  • Focus on the person in the photo and listen to your inner feelings. At the same time, try to stop the flow of thoughts and listen only to your inner voice.
  • Now try to tell everything you can about this person.
  • Check how true this information is.

Of course, the first time this exercise is unlikely to perform. But do not be discouraged. Successful training usually requires at least fifteen workouts. Each time you can tell more and more truthful information from the photo.

Bronnikov method

The method of developing supernormal abilities according to Vyacheslav Bronnikov is one of the most effective and efficient. This eminent scientist all his life engaged in the study of the extrasensory abilities of man and in every way tried to learn clairvoyance. His technique consists of three stages.

  1. Autogenic practice. With its help, you will learn to evoke different feelings: lightness or a feeling of heaviness, heat or frost, sleep or wakefulness. You should feel these sensations, while being in a relaxed state.
  2. Recreation of visual images. Mentally draw in front of you a clean screen on which you will recreate images or sensations. For example, feel the acid of lemon, the warm breath of the wind, the scent of blooming lilacs. Imagine what kind of sensations they have and draw them on a white screen.
  3. "The vision of the hands." A blindfolded person is offered to describe an object. At the same time touching it is prohibited. You can only bring your hands to an unknown object and try to determine what is in front of you. This can be done with an inner vision.

If you have successfully completed all three stages of training, your extrasensory abilities are already at a high enough level. Continue to work further and use your capabilities in practice.

The "see-through" method

This is one of the oldest methods of teaching clairvoyance. With it, you can learn to see what is inaccessible to physical vision.

Should act in this order:

  • First you need to sit on a chair. Opposite there should be a wall about one meter away from you.
  • You need to relax and concentrate on one point that is above eye level. Here is the so-called "third eye".
  • Look at this point for at least 15 minutes. At the same time you can not blink.
  • Move your eyes on the wall across from you. Defocus your gaze, it should be a bit vague. Watch must be at least 15 minutes.
  • After this time, if everything is done correctly, you will see a point on the back of the wall. Continue to consider it for twenty minutes. Perform this exercise every day until you learn to see objects through.

Learning clairvoyance will help you video: