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Divination on the king of diamonds: the value of the card


Guessing on the king of diamonds is used when you need to know how a man treats you. This card symbolizes a fair-haired and light-eyed young man, often - quite well-to-do, sometimes - a soldier. Let's talk about common ways of divination.

The King of Diamonds - who is he?

It is important to understand that the card symbolizes a person with certain character traits, appearance. Here are the signs of a man who can be thought of under this card:

  • This is a stubborn man, with a limited outlook. For him there is no gray tones, only white and black
  • He has many enemies, which is why the king is often depicted on the map with a battle ax.
  • But in the financial sector, he is quite successful - this is a man born to lead and achieve success in business. But there is a downside to the coin - it can be greedy, self-serving, greedy and dependent on power.
  • He is emotionally cold and detached, rather cruel. These qualities are necessary for self-realization in the business sphere, but they prevent to build harmonious relations.

For a person who personifies a tambourine king, it is very important to choose the right direction in life, to find reference points that will help to achieve success in your career and relationships.

Who is suitable for the king of diamonds?

Because of the stubborn nature and inability to seek compromises, the tambourine king may have many problems in his personal life.

If we draw an analogy with the cards, then the king of tambourines is best suited to the ladies of the clubs and hearts. But ladies peak should be avoided - such darlings will not bring happiness in private life.

Divination on the king of diamonds for Christmas

This fortune-telling by the tambourine king is to sleep - on the night before Christmas you need to take a card and put it under the pillow. Falling asleep, you need to say these words: "Sleep, Sugar, dream, Mummers"

In the dream, you should see the image of a young man who will be the bridegroom in the future.

Important: before bed, be sure to tidy yourself up. Wash and shower, carefully comb. Strengthen the effect of divination can be if you put your personal jewelry under the pillow.

Divination on the king of diamonds: a combination with other cards

If the king of diamonds appears in the set, divination can have the following meanings:

  • In the near future there will be a romantic date or acquaintance with the second half.
  • Relationships that you already have are promising to be happy and harmonious. This is, first of all, the union of two partners, strong and successful

But depending on which cards the king of diamonds appeared in the scenario, its values ​​may vary.

Combinations with diamonds cards and their meaning:

  1. Ace - expect messages from a young man who was speculated on the king of diamonds
  2. Lady - your relationship with the chosen one is serious, probably the case will end in marriage and the birth of children
  3. Jack - in your surroundings there is a dishonest person who pretends to be a friend
  4. 10 - your elect will provide financial support
  5. 9 - your second half has a fan or lover
  6. 8 - get a gift from a familiar girl
  7. 7 - you should expect problems with work
  8. 6 - your deepest wish will come true

Combinations with hearts cards and their meaning:

  1. Ace - a successful meeting will take place, which will affect your career
  2. King - Meet the man who shares your life views
  3. Lady - enter into a long-term and happy union
  4. Jack - expect profit
  5. 10 - symbolizes deception, betrayal by a loved one
  6. 9 - the same as 10: deception, betrayal
  7. 8 - an important conversation with the chosen one will take place
  8. 7 - indicates children
  9. 6 - wait for pleasant news from distant relatives

Combinations with club cards and their meaning:

  1. Ace - there will be a common cause with a person liable for military service
  2. King - a new working team
  3. Lady - indicates that in your environment there is a man who is strongly influenced by a woman: mother, mistress, wife, daughter, girlfriend
  4. Valet - idle pastime
  5. 10 - there will be a patron who will assist in an important matter
  6. 9 - news from a person liable for military service
  7. 8 - there is a military man in your environment who will play an important role in life
  8. 7 - to travel, business trip or long road
  9. 6 - the trip is coming, difficult and unexpected

Watch the video about fortune-telling on the king of diamonds:

Combinations with peak cards and their meaning:

  1. Ace - learn about your chosen one something unpleasant. Lead overshadow your relationship and jeopardize love
  2. King - in the near future, a serious conversation with the authorities
  3. The lady - indicates the betrayal of a loved one, deception and hypocrisy to the reason
  4. Jack - the elect makes a lot of promises, but will not fulfill any
  5. 10 - an unexpected reconciliation with a long-standing enemy will take place
  6. 9 - love will turn into hatred, promises a quarrel with a loved one
  7. 8 - indicates the person who gossips about you
  8. 7 - personifies a person dependent, deceitful and unpleasant
  9. 6 - wait for guests from afar

How to guess on the king of diamonds?

Above, we talked about Christmas divination, but there are other options.

For example, before bedtime you can shuffle the deck carefully and put it under the pillow. Falling asleep, imagine the image of the beloved in every detail. You will have a dream, the events of which predict the future:

  • If in a dream a man was in love with you and watched intently, it means that in real life he has similar feelings.
  • If in a dream there was a quarrel, followed by an apology, in real life there will be a rival
  • If in the kingdom of Morpheus, the chosen one presented flowers, wait for a short time to get married
  • If in a dream received a letter or note, the forecast is disappointing. In real life will have to part with her beloved

Do not be discouraged if fortune-telling has led to disappointing conclusions. It is rather an indication of how to act to fix it. In your power to change the fate.