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Gypsy Tarot: the history of creation and features of the deck


Gypsy Tarot today is a powerful tool that will help awaken your intuitive abilities and tell you about the events of the past and the future.

Plots on the lassoes of the Gypsy Tarot relate to the life of the Romanesque people, with absolutely all the maps illustrated. According to the practitioners, the gypsy taro is a fairly responsive deck that allows you to study different spheres of human life.

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A pack of Gypsy Tarot cards is considered an example of the “canonical” image of the Arcana, which was used by wandering representatives of Gypsy nationality.

The creator of the deck - Roland Buckland was an esoteric, as well as the author of a number of publications, in addition, he developed a fortune-telling system using the old gypsy technique. Roland is the grandson of the Gypsy Baron (for the Gypsies, this is the head of the camp or the person responsible for communication with representatives of other nationalities).

Images of arcana for the Gypsy Tarot deck were designed by artist Lisanna Lake. Looking closely at each map, we can see on it features of the Gypsy culture, traditions and customs characteristic of this nationality can be traced.

Gypsy Tarot is a universal deck. Gypsies never liked to have a lot of things, because they constantly led a nomadic lifestyle. For this reason, they gave their preference to such fortune-telling tools, which can be used in different situations.

Gypsy women were not made to guess for themselves, as a rule, they used cards to make money. With the help of the modern version of the Gypsy Tarot deck, it is possible to analyze any events and relationships, as well as perform psychological diagnostics of the questioner. You can guess on it for yourself.

Many tarologs who use Gypsy tarot say that the cards respond very wisely to all life questions. They are very reliable, do not let down and do not deceive those who ask them.

Despite the conciseness of its main meaning, each map contains additional information that allows you to get to the heart of the problem, find the right solution within yourself, improve your intuitive abilities, and even get a step closer to the clairvoyant.

The Gypsy Tarot deck has a number of its distinctive features inherent only to them. Next we look at all of them in more detail.

  1. The main point - there are authentic real Gypsy life scenes in the images.
  2. The names of the Emperor, Pope and the Hanged Man are missing in the Senior Arcana group. Instead, they took other symbolic names.
  3. The deck was supplemented with completely new cards - Earth and Sky.
  4. In the category of Junior Arcana there is no graphic drawing, they contain only numbers with letters.
  5. Arkan "Justice" in the gypsy deck has the number "eight".
  6. Arkan "Force" takes the position under the number "eleven".
  7. The deck is made up of 78 chips (standard number of cards). Chips are divided into Elders (in the amount of 22) and Junior.

There is a division of the Minor Arcana into the following categories:

  • Wands (only their name changes, in Gypsies, this suit is called "kosh"). In some embodiments, Gypsy Koshi cards are depicted as whips. The whip is a mandatory attribute of each of the participants of the camp. Cards relating to the suit Kosh, tell about the authority and success. In addition, they indicate strength, both professional and physical (that is, sexual).
  • Cups (gypsies are called "koro"). Their distinctive feature - koro presented in the form of teaspoons, boilers or cans. As a rule, Gypsies do not perceive cups as objects from which they drink. Their bowl is a capacity into which ideas, fantasies and dreams “flow”.
  • Denarii in the Roland Buckland deck depict classic pentacles as chariot wheels (called bolers). The wheels with which the nomads have the opportunity to move from place to place, have a deep symbolic value. They demonstrate cyclicality when the beginning follows the end and so on in a circle.
  • Arkan, which depicts a story with the wheel, will predict the continuation of what was started, as well as its long duration. This suit has a positive value, both in the group of Junior and Senior Arcana.
  • Swords (for gypsies referred to as "Shiv"). On the lasso we can see no longer a sword, but rather a large knife. But real chavels successfully use it as a leading weapon. It is thanks to Shiva that you can steal a good horse, and also restore your justice.

Divination on the Gypsy Tarot cards: features

  • Before you begin a divination session in the Gypsy tarot, you should relax and fully concentrate on the issue that worries you. Eliminate any extraneous thoughts.
  • Arcana interpreted carefully, because some of them vary greatly in their value from the classic deck of Ryder Waite. In order to avoid a mistake and make a correct forecast, it is important to study the detailed meaning of each map.
  • If, wondering, they want to know about another person, it is advisable to put her image on the table next to the lasso (photo).
  • Do not perform any manipulations on this deck, except the fortune-telling itself.
  • Cards must be laid out simultaneously by three pieces, and at the end a single card is put (one or two - it depends on the desired number of arcana).
  • Do not allow anyone to touch your deck of cards. With the passage of time, the cards "get used" to a particular person and become attached to him energetically.

In general, fortune-telling on the deck of the Gypsy Tarot is not very difficult to accomplish, for this you will need to stock up with extreme attentiveness and, most importantly, correctly interpret the cards that you drop.

An example of a simple layout on gypsy cards

This alignment is performed on the High cards. Arcana laid out in a direction from top to bottom and from the left to the right as it is schematically shown in the figure. It is allowed to do this in the form of a triangle.

We need to expand them so that in the top row there is one card, and the other three rows are formed by two lasso.

Now we turn to the value that the cards have, it will be as follows:

  • The first card - tells about the inner "I" guessing;
  • the second will describe the person who loves you;
  • the third is who or what is destroying a person;
  • the fourth is a description of your teacher;
  • the fifth one will demonstrate the torturer who wonders;
  • the sixth card - tells about future events;
  • seventh - describes what will remain in your life for a long period of time.

There are also other variants of fortune-telling on the Gypsy deck - weekly fortune-telling on Gypsy cards, fortune-telling on love, fortune-telling on the attitude of a particular person, and so on.

Now you are aware of the main features of the Gypsy Tarot cards, and from the following video we suggest you learn more about the meaning of the Elder and Junior Arcana