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The value that Tarot Manara cards have


There is a very large number of different tarot decks. Each deck has its own specific features, the value of the cards in each of them may vary somewhat. In this material, we consider the value of the Tarot cards of Manar.

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Taro Manara (or Erotic Taro) was created by an artist from Italy Milo Manara relatively recently (in 2000). Despite their young age, these cards managed to win the title of an excellent mantic instrument that helps to explore the psychological subtleties of the human soul, as well as to understand the problems that arise in relationships.

The cards have a special, very frank graphics, which have a rather ambiguous attitude: some tarologists believe that the deck shows maximum eroticism, while others do not get tired of repeating about its frank vulgarity. Whatever it was, the external emancipation of characters on the lasso hides a deep meaning. Having resorted to divination on the Taro Manara, you will be able to look into the depths of your most secretive corners of your soul, so prediction should be stocked with courage.

Before embarking on divination, it is important to study the subtleties of the values ​​of the arcana and their structure.

Milo Manara left the structure of his deck unchanged relative to the traditional tarot. In total, the deck is represented by 56 lassocks, which are divided into the following subcategories:

  1. Air element - match the suit of Swords, shed light on the innermost dreams and fantasies of man.
  2. The fire element is personified with the Rods, telling about deeds and actions.
  3. Water element - equivalent to the suit of the Cups, will show the thoughts and experiences of man.
  4. Earth element - correlated with the suit Pentacles, will tell whether the plans can be fulfilled.
  5. 22 plot lasso.

In the Tarot Manara deck, Aces play a special role - they are personified with the behavior of the woman.

The important point for the correct interpretation of the cards is to learn to feel the questioner, as well as his partner (s). Do not forget also that it is not at all necessary that the woman on the card correspond with the female images, and the man with the male - everything can be exactly the opposite.

Senior Arcana

The jester will tell about the game, manipulating one partner to the second.

  • Magician - the mind of a person fights with his feelings.
  • Priestess - will tell about secret relationships, complexes.
  • The Empress - a woman in a pair dominates, the emergence of a serious rival.
  • The emperor speaks of superficial power, mutual misunderstanding, fear of a partner.
  • Priest - a person finds himself in an idiotic situation.
  • Beloved - a relationship in which one partner loves, and the second allows himself to love.
  • The Chariot - images of the past, old mistakes are repeated again.
  • Strength - tells about a strong sexual desire, sexual incompatibility.
  • The hermit - a man angry, feels lonely in a couple, talking about parting.
  • Mirror - a person admires himself, suffers from egocentrism.
  • Justice is a manifestation of interest in a “busy” person.
  • Punishment - a relationship that brings torment, sacrificing oneself.
  • Death is a period of crisis in a couple, relationships die, partners desperately cling to the past.
  • Moderation is a union in which a woman is comfortable, older than her man.
  • The devil speaks of mutual passion, jealousy, dependence on erotic fantasies.
  • Tower - no sex, no relationship.
  • The star tells about platonic relationships, unattainable love, waiting for a tale about a prince (princess).
  • The moon - a person trying to sort out his feelings, is faced with illusions, a lack of understanding.
  • The sun - testifies to self-sufficiency, falling in love.
  • Court - feelings (or relationships) are transformed.
  • The world is an alliance with permissiveness.

Junior Arcana

Elements of Fire

  • Ace - talks about the desire to own your partner (partner), energy vampirism.
  • Two - a person demonstrates their physical accessibility.
  • Three - different temperaments, one of the partners wants sex, and the second lacks simple communication.
  • Four - the desire to hide their relationship, the secret excites.
  • The five - a man is torn apart by our internal contradictions.
  • Six - tells about the unequal relationship (different financial situation), the suffering of one of the partners.
  • Seven - the questioner is tired of relationships, he has several partners.
  • Eight - Internet relationships, when people do not see each other.
  • Nine - in a pair there are common interests, but partners are too different (by social status, nationality, and so on).
  • Ten - people are not satisfied with their relationship, they suffer from aggression, mutual lapping.
  • Fiery servant - love affair between employees at work.
  • The fiery horsewoman - the lovers are forced to communicate at a distance, one of them is too forceful for what is happening.
  • The fire queen corresponds to a passionate woman, also tells about the awakening of her sexuality, the first intimate experience.
  • The Fire King - the map speaks of a beautiful relationship, describes a man in lovelace.

Elements of Water

  • Ace - indicates a romantic mood, making new connections, openness to adventure.
  • Two - one of the lovers wants to be held, manipulates his departure, and the second is not in a hurry to let him go.
  • Three - people are happy alone, each for himself.
  • Four - fears because of their feelings, also tells about alertness, restrained emotions.
  • Five - a person requires evidence of the love of another.
  • Six - says curiosity, closeness of one of the partners.
  • Seven - fear of contracting a venereal disease.
  • Eight - a man looks at his beloved, jealous, needs attention.
  • Nine - the questioner freed himself from past connections, realized his true desires.
  • The water servant is a friendship in which one loves and the other does not.
  • The waterwoman is a stagnant relationship, one of the participants in the couple is constantly thinking of the second.
  • The water queen speaks of sadness in solitude, each occupy their own experiences.
  • The aquatic king is exclusively sexual interest, a lovelace male.

Air elements

  • Ace - testifies to dreams, compliments, candy-bouquet period.
  • Two - tells about the manipulation, cooling feelings.
  • Three - point to the insult (usually unreasonable), ridiculous parting.
  • Four - talk about infantilism, dreams and fantasies, failed acquaintance.
  • Five - says disappointment, the final separation.
  • Six - one partner blindly worships the second, idealizes his beloved.
  • Seven - unreal, invented relationships, no feelings.
  • Eight - a man runs away from the fears invented by himself, he is afraid of intimacy.
  • Nine - getting a pleasant (or unpleasant surprise), the beginning of a relationship.
  • Ten - says a very careful selection of a partner, the desire for novelty.
  • The servant of the air - describes the euphoria, pleasant communication.
  • Air horsewoman - will tell about affection, friendship.
  • Air Queen - an indicator of flirting, lightness, unwillingness to have a serious relationship.
  • Air King - one of the partners idealizes the second, immature man in a relationship.

Earth Elements

  • Earth Ace - speaks of a solid foundation in relationships and calculation.
  • Two - one partner studies another for the purpose of his own benefit.
  • Three - the presence of a framework in a relationship, may indicate a marriage.
  • Four - indicates treason, one of the partners is looking for clarity, and the second is not ready for change.
  • Five - a person suffers from low self-esteem, seeking common sense.
  • Six - love of convenience.
  • Seven - the questioner longs for the past.
  • Eight - the need for a break in the relationship, the desire for peace.
  • Nine - fear not to match.
  • Ten - dreams of an ideal, romantic relationship.
  • Servant of the earth - will tell about the surveillance, deception, jealousy.
  • The horsewoman of the earth - speaks of self-sufficiency, the desire to preserve what is available.
  • The earth queen is a period of despair, fear of loneliness.
  • Earth King - a man asserting himself through sex, also describes a man - an insensitive provocateur.