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Is there any damage to you - how to find out yourself?


Poor health, terrible mood, problems in relationships - when everything is overwhelmed in a flash, the question arises: is there any damage to you and how does it know if someone has caused a bad slander. Let's talk about using simple ways to determine if dark magic is to blame or to find other reasons.

How do they damage people?

At the word “spoilage”, associations with magical rites immediately arise, images of strange rituals arise in the imagination. But the damage is not always induced in this way. Sometimes the bad influence of your own thoughts causes you to program yourself to damage.

How do you damage people?

  1. With the help of special dark rituals using various magical attributes - mirrors, candles, hair and other things. Usually a person who wants to spoil reads special plots, conducts ceremonies
  2. Damage to another person can and unconsciously. No wonder experts do not recommend in the hearts of throwing words like: "Damn you!" or other similar. Anger, resentment, anger and irritation can accidentally ruin a person’s life
  3. You can also jinx yourself if you surrender to the power of negative emotions. So try not to criticize yourself, do not call bad words. Scold yourself less and call bad words

Regardless of the type of damage you need to know how to determine whether the evil eye is on you. Or the cause of problems in life lies in something else. Let's talk about signs of damage.

Is there any damage to a person? How to know this? First signs

First of all it is worth checking how vulnerable and vulnerable you are to the evil eye.

Signs of spoilage can be expressed as follows:

  • Take a look at your palms. Each person can be traced three clear lines. If the two of them intersect, you jinx easily enough. It is required to additionally protect your energy field.
  • If there are intersections of lines on the palms in the form of sharp crosses, the damage probably comes from the past. Magic anger could have your ancestors - and the curse began to pass from generation to generation
  • The same applies to moles - if there are many, you are especially vulnerable

We summarize: if the three main lines on the palms are clearly pronounced and do not intersect, it is almost impossible to jinx you - you have a strong biofield and powerful energy. Otherwise, you need to defend yourself.

After such an elementary diagnosis, pay attention to the following signs of damage:

  • Weakness. Lack of vital energy affects your well-being - you feel yourself weak, you do not have enough strength for basic things
  • Pain without a cause. If you considered yourself a healthy person, then after the damage, frequent pain may occur for no apparent reason.
  • Nerve strain. A person who has been jinxed is incredibly vulnerable to stress. His nerves are very weak. He is annoyed by trifles, often changes mood
  • A person who is “spoiled” has a fear of sunlight. Unbearable to be in the bright sun
  • Frequent illness and injury. Immunity is weakened, more and more often there are traumatic situations.
  • Confusion, depression, stress. The psyche is very weak, a person begins to get very nervous and worry about nothing, is in constant anxiety, his thoughts are confused

Damage is very strong effect on the human bioenergy shell. First of all, the subtle body suffers - there are breakdowns in the aura, which cannot but affect one's well-being.

Diagnosis of damage: ways

There are several methods available to each that help determine the presence or absence of damage. It:

  • A rite with water and an egg. Put a glass of water on your head and break an egg into it. If there were stains in the water, the protein was riddled with white threads - there is damage
  • Ritual with matches and water. Take a glass of water in your hands, looking into it, focus on your own thoughts. Then light a match, wait for the fire to burn out, and throw a candle into the water. If it sinks, there is damage. Pop up - everything is in order with the biofield
  • Rite with a wax candle. Light a candle and drive around the human body. If the flame goes out, it starts to smoke, then crack, there is damage. If it burns smoothly - there is no cause for concern.
  • Rite of passage with silver. Take any silver jewelry and slide it over your cheek. If there is a dark mark, damage is

Watch the video on how to find out if the damage is on a person:

How to cure damage?

So, you found out that there is damage to you. How to get rid of a bad eye? Prayers are a great help in this. For example, Our Father.

For the prayer to work, follow some rules:

  • It must be read twice a day: in the morning, barely awake, and in the evening, before going to bed.
  • In the process of treatment of damage you need to fast. Avoid alcohol, smoking, do not eat fatty, meaty, spicy foods. Become a vegetarian at the time
  • It is necessary to check the house for the presence of the plotted objects. It can be needles, shawls, crumpled money, shreds of hair. If you find something suspicious - immediately burn while reading a prayer.
  • Carry a consecrated cross around your neck (for believers) or use special amulets. The easiest way is to pin a pin to your clothes.
  • It is necessary to abstain not only from harmful food, but also from harmful thoughts. Do not allow negativity, criticism, condemnation into your consciousness.

In severe cases, it is worth contacting professionals who deal with spoilage. They will make a diagnosis, and then help remove the evil eye, to determine its cause.

It is also worth considering - if you yourself have become the cause of all the problems that suddenly piled on you. Perhaps the culprit is not at all someone's evil libel, but your own actions, thoughts and actions.