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The Meaning of the Junior Arcana of the Tarot


In this material we will reveal the meaning of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. The Tarot Deck includes 78 cards belonging to the Senior or Junior Arcane. This article will tell about what Junior Arcana symbolize, their features and significance in the scenario.

Feature Minor Arcana

56 Junior Arcana show how a certain event in life will occur. If the Elder Arcana talk about what will happen to a person, the Junior show how the situation will develop in space and time. Therefore, each card has its own meaning and emotional coloring.

Junior Arcana have 4 suits: Swords, Wands, Pentacles and Cups. In turn, each suit is divided into 4 figure cards and 10 number cards. The figure includes: Page, Knight, King and Queen. Numeric cards are Ace, Deuce, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.

The suits of the Junior Arcana are characterized by 4 natural elements - water, fire, air and earth.

  • Staves symbolize the element of fire, possess determination and perseverance.
  • Bowls personify water and are distinguished by emotion, sensitivity and care.
  • Swords belong to the element of air, have a developed mindset, are prone to criticism and doubt.
  • Pentkali are manifestations of the earth element, they speak about reliability, material benefits.

As a rule, Junior Arcana are used for divination on events occurring in everyday life:

  • Two have a negative value in the layouts due to inconsistency and lack of harmony.
  • Threes, in addition to the suit of Swords, are more stable and stable, therefore they are considered positive cards.
  • Fours closed and detached, because of this, have obstacles.
  • Fives belong to disharmonious cards.
  • Sixes and Sevens are positive.
  • The eights are different inactivity, and the nine have a negative interpretation.
  • Dozens, with the exception of the suit of swords, are quite positive.
  • Ace enhances the main features of its suit.
  • Guys usually point to a particular person, but they can also talk about the opportunity or chance that fate provides. Usually portray young boys or girls.
  • Knights symbolize a person or circumstances under which an action is performed.
  • The king and queen indicate influential or powerful people from your environment.

Interpretation of the Minor Arcana Tarot


Rods usually correlate with the career field, business, new projects and creative activities. Associated with the fire element and such astrological signs as Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

  1. Ace. He says that fate gives you a chance for further development. Means the right choice and good luck, material profit. Indicates activity in action, the influx of new forces. Start a new relationship and success in work.
  2. Two. Calm and measured in relationships, indifference and indifference. Detachment from a partner and loss of interest in work. A family union based not on love, but on selfish interests.
  3. Troika. Indicates the beginning of a new period in life, which will be joyful and successful. Promises promising work related to commerce or trade. Union with a loved one will be happy and reliable. Good health or healing from the disease.
  4. Four. Fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals, a period of prosperity. Friendly relations based on disinterestedness and mutual understanding. New perspectives and career plans. Good health and getting joy from life.
  5. Five. Rivalry, conflict situations and time to show your best. In personal relationships, quarrels and misunderstandings are possible. Competition in the work.
  6. Six. Speaks about the successful completion of the tasks, the victory over the difficulties and overcoming obstacles. In personal life, mutual understanding and reconciliation reigns. The work may increase and the conclusion of a profitable contract.
  7. Seven. Means the struggle for their views and beliefs. You will face misunderstanding and criticism. Relationships are threatened by jealousy or barriers. At work, competition and conflict situations are possible. It is advisable to monitor your health.
  8. Eight. Indicates the implementation of goals, active life position and good news. The card is positive in the field of love. The peak of creative activity and success. Energetic and good health.
  9. Nine. Speaks of isolation and a sense of impending danger. Uncertainty in their abilities. Fear of relationships, looping on failures.
  10. Ten. The period of struggle with obstacles and difficulties, heavy recovery of strength, life troubles. Fatigue from the relationship or lack thereof. Possible health problems.
  11. Page. Speaks about new perspectives, success in business and work, promoting ideas and plans. New acquaintances and hobbies. Good health.
  12. Knight. You are waiting for interesting events, changing situations and adventures. Passionate and hot relationships, in which there is no place for boredom and routine. Passion for work.
  13. Queen. Indicates a strong and charismatic woman who has the determination and magical powers. Perhaps the emergence of new relationships or changes in existing for the better.
  14. King. It characterizes a confident man who will be a reliable support. In relationships, harmony and mutual support reigns. The desire for self-realization and disclosure of talent.


Swords are considered the most insidious, influential and fatal suit among the Younger Arcana of the Tarot. Symbolize force and power, which are used in vested interests. In the layouts most often indicate the threat, risk, barriers to the path, the use of force and despotism.

Swords personify intelligence and well-developed logical thinking. Positive features inherent in the suit of Swords: bravery, credibility, energy and enterprise. But the influence of the astrological element Air provokes conflict situations, hatred and anger.

As a rule, the appearance of the Swords in the scenario foreshadows serious dangers and a threat to life. Natural disasters or serious illnesses are also possible. Find out exactly what kind of trouble threatening, neighboring cards will help in the scenario. They can also mitigate the danger from the Swords.

Court Arcana indicate people who were born under such signs of the Zodiac: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.


This is a suit of joy, prosperity and good luck. Symbolizes the feeling of love in all its manifestations, kindness, mercy and selflessness. Speaks about the presence of sincere friendship or cordial affection.

Cups personify close people from your environment, which you can rely on. These are people who can come to the rescue at any time.

The phenomena that characterize the cups are positive and favorable. This is all the best that can be expected from life: love, friendships, positive events and situations and well-being. In the layouts, Cups may also indicate an improvement in the situation and mitigate unpleasant circumstances caused by other suits.

The bowls personify the element of water and are associated with the water signs of the zodiac. These are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. They symbolize the emotional sphere of relationships, especially if there are many Cups in the layout. This suit is characterized by heightened susceptibility, sentimentality and vulnerability.


This is a suit that personifies material well-being, wealth and high social status. Pentacles depict commercial activities, banking and trade. They characterize wealthy and reputable people who can provide support.

The events described by this suit are also associated with material wealth and money. It is possible to receive inheritance, help of influential people, release from debt obligations.

The suit of the Pentacles personifies the earth element. The court maps describe the representatives of the earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

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