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Tarot of Shadows - a brief overview of this interesting deck


Different ways of predicting the future have been popular with people at all times. Tarot cards have always occupied a special place. Today there are a huge number of different variants of Tarot cards, among them a very interesting deck stands out - Tarot of Shadows. We will tell about it in this article.

This beautiful deck was developed by Vera Sklyarova, part-time artist Vasilchenko O. The cards belong to the category of occult, in their tradition are unique.

Total Tarot Shadow deck is represented by 78 lasso. With the help of the Tarot of Shadows, it becomes possible to determine how dark forces will affect a particular individual.

It should be noted that the cards in Tarot of Shadows are interpreted somewhat differently than in the Wait deck, which is familiar to us. Therefore, we offer you the author's meaning of each card, although in an abbreviated version.

  1. Shows us a self-sufficient, successful person, but insidious, aggressive. Dominates love. Health: Feeling Unwell
  2. For women - speaks of a strong character, independence, but also vulnerability. Drops on weak character men, they have no luck at work.
  3. The desire for independence, selfishness. For men - the lack of character. In love: fleeting connection.
  4. The mind controls the emotions. Arkan describes a strong, purposeful person who has a strong temperament. In business: no need to hurry, think carefully before you decide something.
  5. The card describes a vile, aggressive, dishonest and cynical person, who himself suffers because of this. She loves wealth. Treason or lack of feelings.
  6. Man suffers from internal contradictions. It is possible suicide, an extremely unfavorable period in life.
  7. Guessing is manipulated and deceived, which contributes to the destruction of his life and moral principles (imposing someone else's will). In love: betrayal. If a woman is an insidious temptress, playing on the feelings of others. Travel problems.
  1. Indicates a love spell. He promises problems in business, describes a frivolous person. Health may suffer.
  2. Negative traits (in particular, egocentrism) prevent a person from achieving the desired. In a relationship: only passion.
  3. The past interferes with the normal real person. Large cash losses.
  4.   Necessary to clean themselves and their families from the negative (low energy). On the person can push others.
  5.  A person suffers because of his relaxation in business, he is very indifferent to everything. Passively goes with the flow.
  6.   Also characterized by a dependent person, dependent on the opinions of others.
  7. Unexpected troubles in business. But when other good arcane falls out, the assumption is false.
  8. For men - talks about love change and manipulation by a woman. For women, for her, a partner is only a source of wealth.
  9. Aggressor, brawler. Relations are rough, devoid of feelings.
  10. The card speaks about the breakdown, the collapse of plans. There is a lover (lover). Possible divorce, separation.
  11. Life in the world of false fears. Indecision, lack of results.

In love: avoid conflicts. Prejudice interferes with feelings.

  1. Success in all spheres of life.
  2. Negative lasso, warns against judgment. Targeting damage from revenge.
  3. Loneliness because of cruelty. In love: conflicts. Black magic is shown.
  4. Rough actions, mistakes. Watch out for cheating. Chaos time.
  5. Speaks of lies and secrecy, sometimes with good intentions.
  6. In order to avoid collapse, be careful in business.
  7. Alcoholism, hooliganism. About the customer gossip.
  8. Talking about betrayal, sacrifice.
  9. The man is broken, depressed, he is a victim. Physical deficiencies. In love: complete incompatibility.
  10. Strong dependence on something, coercion.
  11. The man is quick-tempered, for the sake of his "goes over the head." In love: passion overwhelmed the mind.
  12. To protect your energy - throw away all the old stuff.
  13. Describes the intellectual.
  14. Success in magic.
  15. Trouble in matters that are solved in a sound assessment of the situation. The client is a frivolous person.
  16. It is worth thinking before acting. Success in business.
  1. The questioner is a victim of circumstances, he was unjustly accused.
  2. Making every effort will lead to success. Arkan describes a strong personality.
  3. The card shows a too self-confident person, a workaholic, but lonely.
  4. Implement your idea. Successful negotiations. For women, use your magic gift.
  1. Excessive deepening of self, detachment. Necessary to clean the biofield.
  2. Cunning, lucky, intelligent person, seeking the desired. In love: love spell is possible.
  3. In business - not a quick success. In love: no change. Drop bad habits.
  4. A rude person, trying to self-actualize at the expense of others, psychologically unstable. Failure in business, change of employment.
  5. Pure biofield and good health.
  6. Describes a hardworking person. Practice magic.
  7. Very successful card - success in everything.
  8. The need to comply with the measures, for the rest - everything is fine.
  9. Man suffers from feelings of guilt. Possible break in relationships. Women - foreshadows loneliness, damage.
  10. Negative vision of everything, doubts. Bad karma provokes all problems. But everything should end well.
  11. Indicates a good intuition. Clean up.
  12. Goals will be achieved, success in everything.
  13. Be attentive in business.
  14. Persistent and aggressive personality. Perhaps the occupation of black magic.
  15. Faith - a hindrance to achieve the desired. A person may suffer from his gift of clairvoyance.
  16. Connection with the other world, complex interpretation of the arcane.
  17. Greedy, mean person. Faced with troubles, chronic pathologies.
  18. Loneliness causes suffering. Failures in business.
  19. The love of material goods.
  20. Increased short temper. Be calm in business so as not to suffer from failure.
  21. Laziness interferes in life. Do not rush into business.
  22. Greed.
  23. Envy is the cause of all the problems.
  24. Can describe a strong energy vampire, the desire to possess something.
  25. Soon the truth is out. Need to cultivate.
  26. Describes a talented, fair, noble person
  27. A person is led astray. Confusion in matters. Healing soon.
  28. Indulging your passions, which you should fight.
  29. Unrequited love, longing. Melancholy, depressive.
  30. Time of deception, various scrapes. This is a travelers map (business trips).
  31. Perfectionism, possible profit.
  32. There is no common sense, constant throwing. It is necessary to clean the biofield. Mother-son relationships.
  33. Success in business. Strong temperament, vanity with naivety.
  34. Militancy, a lot of their achievements. Possible career success.
  35. A positive person, but suffers from timidity. Compassionate, non-conflict.
  36. An earthman with a bad temper, stubborn. Period of study.
  37. Describes a positive person. Take care that everything ends well.
  38. Talks about independence, strong spirit. Non-recognition of weaknesses. Successful case resolution. Lucky magic.
  39. Life in the illusory world, separation from reality. Creative inclinations. Give up on business.
  40. Human biofields are protected by higher powers. Success in any business endeavors.

No matter how tempting and attractive Tarot of Shadows would not look, they should not be used by novice tarologists. For its correct interpretation it is necessary to possess a certain store of knowledge and skills in order to create true predictions.