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Protection from energy vampires: the best ways


Protection from energy vampires is necessary if you suspect that some people from your environment literally “suck” energy out of you. How to determine that your interlocutor is an energy vampire and protect yourself from him? Consider in detail.

Signs of the Energy Vampire

Energy vampires are dangerous because after talking with them you can feel emotionally tired. You lose energy, feel bad, see the world in black colors. You can protect yourself from this kind of impact, but first you need to determine whether the energy vampire is really in front of you.

Here are the signs:

  • Does not perceive and does not rejoice in the success of people, but envies them and wants to fail
  • In a company, it often offensively makes fun of someone, especially if the subject of ridicule is stronger and more successful.
  • She loves to criticize other people, but perceives inadequate criticism.
  • In any, even the brightest and most joyful situation, will find something bad.
  • He constantly complains about life, but does not notice good moments. Love to dump a lot of problems on others.
  • Looking for those guilty of their own problems around - blames friends, the state, bosses or relatives
  • Not able to perceive anything new, clings to the past and does not let it go

Energy vampires are very toxic people who pose a real danger. They are able to make people doubt the positive outcome of the case, criticize them so that a person’s hands are lowered, they spoil the mood and introduce “how bad everything is” into the mentality.

The best way to protect yourself from an energetic vampire is to refuse to communicate with him. But it is not always possible to do this: parents or other close relatives, bosses and other people who cannot be removed from their surroundings often “vampire”.

Therefore, it is important to know how to protect - consider them further.

What kind of people are not afraid of energy vampire?

There is a category of people for whom protection against the energy vampire is simply not required. Take a look at the signs characteristic of such lucky ones - perhaps you are one of them.

Signs of an energetically stable person to whom "vampirism" is not capable of harming:

  1. He is always full of strength and energy. This is a man who never sits still, constantly busy with something. He has a lot of hobbies, affairs, hobbies, a varied and rich life. It is a generator of ideas, creative or for business, "zinger"
  2. He has a positive mindset. Able to detect something good in any seemingly most negative and unpleasant situation. Grateful to Fate and the Universe for what he has, never complains about life. He thinks not by problems, but searches for their solutions. Perceives troubles as an experience useful for further development.
  3. He has no negative blockages like: “only thieves and scammers earn a lot”, “it’s impossible to get married with a child after thirty”, “all people are bad and only think about themselves”. On the contrary, he knows for sure - life is beautiful and everyone is free to live as you want, you just need to look for the right ways and set the right goals.

If you are such a person, you do not need to fear energy vampirism. Is that in rare moments of emotional instability and vulnerability - they happen to everyone, even the most cheerful optimists.

The best ways to protect against energy vampire

How to resist energy vampire? It's easy, and you will definitely succeed. If you feel that you are conducting a dialogue with an unpleasant person, because of whom you are losing energy, use the following techniques:

  1. "Closed posture". A person who feels uncomfortable begins to defend himself unconsciously: he crosses his arms over his chest or crosses his legs. This is not surprising - in this case, the subconscious senses the energetic vampire and acts reflexively. If you do not want to sit in a closed pose, at least cross your fingers
  2. "Water column". Communicating with the energy vampire mentally imagine that between you is a thick and powerful wall of water. This technique is ideal for those cases when you feel a sudden breakdown, deterioration of health. Water column will not allow energy to leak
  3. "Waterfall". This technique can be used after a hard day, communicating with the energy vampire. When you feel that you are very emotionally exhausted and tired of contacts with people. Stand under the shower and imagine that you are standing under the cleanest mountain waterfall. Water rumbles, flows from the head to the feet, washes away all fatigue and accumulated negative energy. If the imagination is well developed - you can imagine the waterfall and mentally, without rising under the shower
  4. "Cocoon". This technique is best used in anticipation of meeting with a potential energy vampire, or just an unpleasant person. Imagine that your body is surrounded by a dense cocoon of thin golden threads. You are calm, you feel comfortable, you do not feel any irritation or any other negative emotions.

Watch the video about the methods of protection from energy vampires:

The listed techniques require at least a small concentration, but not everyone can concentrate at the right moment. Therefore, if you apply some of them it does not work out, just mentally outline the circle around you and imagine that no one can step over it, not a single trouble will cross the border.

And remember: never share with the vampire plans, ideas, thoughts, events that occur in life. Do not feel sorry for him and do not even help in small things. Do not listen to complaints and whining - either leave, or get rid of the phrase: "I believe you can handle everything." And do not try to convert a person who is energetically toxic into a normal person - you risk getting out of this venture with big losses.