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Energy of money - how to attract it into your life


We live in the material world of things in which finances play an invaluable role. No matter how much we strive to achieve high spiritual ideals, to improve ourselves and other spiritualized things - we should not forget about money, because it is through them that we live, eat, dress, have the opportunity to acquire the necessary, to travel, develop and improve ourselves. In this article we will tell you what the energy of money is and how to attract it into your life.

Physically, money is the expression of your inner strength and creative ability. The form of the energy of money is unlimited, it can be used both for the purpose of creation and for destruction.

Financial well-being is literally, the state of your soul. It is not necessary that a prosperous person live in abundance, but for himself he has a firm belief that he will have all that he needs.

  1. Money in the material world is manifested in the form of paper bills or small things that act as their physical body. They just adore the reverent attitude to themselves, which is why it is so important to provide them with a neat look and put them in a cozy, beautiful wallet - their house.

The wallet can have a different shape, size, differ in its material (be leather, suede, fabric). But its main function is the storage of money. In addition, wallets have the ability to attract finances. Special rituals that “charge” him for an active influx of money help him in many ways.

  1. In no case do not keep money in your pockets - they can not stand them, also avoid crumpled or torn bills.
  2. The emotional body of money allows them to feel the characteristics of our relationship to them. They will be attracted to those people who treat them respectfully, with love, value finances and regularly recount them.
  3. And, using our mental body, money can “learn” our thoughts about them. And when a person begins to think that having big money is a sign of a bad person, dishonest, deceiver, then you should not be surprised that finances actively bypass such a person.
  4. When you talk with others on the topic of money, do not call an overestimated amount of your earnings (or real, if it is large enough). Never brag about your income level - it destroys monetary energy. If someone is pushing you into a nuisance, it's better to name the sum less than the real one - just not to jinx your success.
  5. Those who show disrespect for money are waited by their absence. Therefore, you should always keep the money in the wallet in an unfolded form, not to crumple them, gently smooth out the bent corners, and try to exchange torn bank notes for normal ones. Also sort the money in your wallet, separating the bills from the little things.
  6. Make sure that when making a purchase in the store, always place the bills in the right pockets. To do this, you just need to stop being nervous that you will detain someone. First, you will not spend a lot of time on it, and secondly, the opinion of other people is not your problem. Remember that the more respectful your attitude towards finances is, the more you will regularly receive large sums!
  7. A person is able to program himself without a lack of money. You don’t need much to do this - there’s enough uncertainty about your future and lack of will to cope with crisis situations. There is only one way out of this situation - to change life attitudes as soon as possible, replacing them with more correct, positive ones.

For certain sums of money, there is a tendency to “leak” more quickly and not to return. Each digit or number "provokes" to something. For example:

  • Two (twenty, two hundred, two thousand, and so on) - tend to leave without returning;
  • Troika - does not accumulate, but is able to bestow luck;
  • The Four - the personification of financial stability, though not a sweeping one;
  • Five - the active number of money, it can be used in talismans, gambling, it will bring happiness;
  • Six is ​​a faceless number in terms of money;
  • Seven is a very unlucky number;
  • Eight - option "or success, or defeat";
  • Nine - is more a spiritual number, and therefore does not guarantee the accumulation of money.

There are a number of rules, adhering to which, you will ensure your financial well-being:

  1. You can not borrow money in the evening.
  2. Do not lend money on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.
  3. Do not lend money for Epiphany, on other holidays, the thirteenth of February.
  4. When you lend money to someone, do it with your right hand, and take it back into your left hand.
  5. Carefully place the money strictly in the hand of the applicant, so that he does not drop it.

If, however, it happens that he drops them or some other incident occurs during the transfer of finances (for example, your debtor is unexpectedly called), you should immediately say the following phrase to yourself 3 times:

"If anyone is guilty, and my money go back!".

Otherwise, you will return the debt for a very, very long time.

And if you drop the money, then you need to say:

"Powerful, powerful, my treasury!"

  1. You can not lend the amount expressed in twos. They will not return to you.
  2. Lend out large bills of money, try to give as much as possible than they ask for, but by all means ask for change. If the borrower can not give change - you need to ask you to exchange any bill (think up for this any sensible reason).

The bill that was given to you for change must be hidden and stored until the debt is repaid. If you do not want to lend money to this person anymore, return this particular bill to him using any excuse.

  1. Lending money, require a pledge! Of course, we are all tactful and shy. But do not forget that even relatives and friends can sometimes not expose themselves from the best side. Therefore, we strongly advise you to reinsure yourself once again - you will sleep more peacefully.
  2. Do not forget to share with others. Engage in charity, help those who need it. Remember that the more you give, the more you get in return.
  3. There is a rule that one-tenth of your own income must be sacrificed (this may be the help of strangers or your near and dear ones). But make sure that this amount of assistance does not become more than thirty percent of your total income. Otherwise, you risk suffering from a deterioration in your financial situation.
  4. Do not seek to earn money for anyone else. Even if you want to pay for the education of your child, you need to think in this context: "I earn finances for myself, because I am a parent and perform my parental duty, I put my child on my feet."
  5. Do not ask for a lot of money, always indicate the goals for which you are going to spend them. Money is energy that can be used in different spheres of life. It is important for you to install the one that is preferable for you personally.
  6. Do not ignore the opportunities provided by life, always use them to the maximum. So, if you are asking for an increase in your income, you should not lose the proposed job, even if it does not meet all your expectations. Otherwise, the Higher Forces will find that you don’t really need money, since you are so scornful of help from above.
  7. Engage in an active independent search for new opportunities. Apply your knowledge, skills and abilities in practice, make an attractive resume, think about what your parties will help you get a good job. Even if your search is delayed for a long time - you should never despair, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and faith in the final result of the case. Sometimes it may take a little more time to achieve what you want than you thought, but the main thing is not that - but what you get at the end, isn't it?

Now you know how to achieve the location of the money egregor and tune in to the wave of success and material benefits. Finally, watch a video that will reveal to you the other secrets of monetary magic.