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Damage to the rift and divorce of the family - how to identify and remove


In this article we will look at how to identify, and then remove the damage to the discord and divorce of the family on its own. At all times there have been people to whom someone else’s happiness and well-being brought moral suffering. To get rid of them, they used the methods of black witchcraft - they spoiled the house and the whole family. If you are faced with such a disaster, you need to fight for your family peace and restore harmony using the methods of white magic.

Signs of black witchcraft

How to determine that quarrels in the house and financial turmoil - the consequences of sorcery effects, and not a series of random troubles? As a rule, temporary bad luck does not last long, and soon life enters its normal course. After the induced impact of the sequence of troubles does not end, and the household and animals begin to constantly get sick. To this are added financial problems, debts appear.

Other signs of a magical attack on home and family:

  • animals begin to behave unusually, make attempts to leave the house;
  • house flowers begin to wither, and new plants do not want to take root in the best conditions for them;
  • sometimes unusual patterns appear on the walls of the house that do not wash off;
  • Friends and acquaintances began to come to you less and less often, and after coming under any pretext they try to say goodbye;
  • household members are injured "out of the blue" - burns, limb injuries, bruises and bumps;
  • the oppressive atmosphere in the house, the joy was gone, the laughter disappeared.

This is the effect of damage to the family and home. There are other signs, in each case they are individual. If you suspect something is wrong, carefully review family photo albums - if there are any spoiled photos with pierced eyes or body.

If the pictures are intact, it means that there may be a plotted object in the house - a needle, a pin, scissors or something else. Make general cleaning and review all the things in the drawers, pantry and cabinets, sort out the feathers in the pillows, look under the mattresses.

Diagnosis and cleaning the house with salt

Salt is capable of absorbing any information, therefore it is often used to diagnose and clean magic effects. To determine the damage in the house you need to buy a new pack of salt and throw a few handfuls on the cast-iron pan. Take for this purpose not modern frying pans with a coating, namely from cast iron alloys.

Light a strong fire and ignite the salt, stirring with a wooden spoon or a sprig of wood. If the salt turns black, it starts to emit an unpleasant smell or shoot - there is damage to the room. Calcify the salt for at least fifteen minutes. At this time, you can read "Our Father." After washing the salt down the toilet, rinse the pan and heat it over the fire.

Detect enchanted item

How to check if the item is enchanted in the house? To do this, use the church candle. Light a candle, read "Our Father", bring the candle to the subject and slowly move aside. If a black train is pulled from the fire, the thing is filled with negative information and needs to be cleaned or removed from the house. Take a walk with a candle around the house and check the "wicked" places and objects.

Determination of spoilage on households

Sew a linen pouch for each member of the family and fill it halfway with coarse salt. Sew the top of the pouch with a hidden stitch. Salt is bought specifically for the diagnosis, the remains must be thrown into the trash - do not use as food. Put the bags in the room where the person is sleeping. After a few days, check the condition of the salt - if it is stuck into a stone, there is damage. If the salt remains crumbly, you should not worry.

Prayer cleansing at home

The most affordable way to clean the house from damage is reading prayers. The prayer word is powerful and can cope with any black magic effect if you believe in salvation.

Light a large church candle in each room, burn incense. Walk from room to room and read the following summary of prayers and appeals to higher powers:

Prayers for cleansing at home should be read at a certain time: sunrise, noon or sunset. It is necessary to read daily until you feel positive changes in the atmosphere of the house. After the prayers, you need to sprinkle all the rooms with holy water - dip a bunch of greenery into the container with water and sprinkle the corners, doorways, windows, walls crosswise. When you make a cross with a bundle, say "in the name of the father and son and the holy spirit" without "amen."

Cleansing the house with cereals in the full moon

To clean the room from damage will help porridge of seven cereals:

  • oatmeal;
  • barley;
  • rice
  • millet;
  • buckwheat
  • pea.

Peas must first soak. Porridge should be cooked in the full moon at sunrise, taking each cereal in a tablespoon. In the porridge, add salt and butter. Go around with porridge the whole house, stop in front of the windows and doors. Baptize porridge and read the plot:

After you need to go with porridge from the house and bury with a bowl in the wasteland or in a place where people do not go. Dig deep into the ground and stick a twig of poplar or aspen above. At the same time, say:

You need to return home silently, you can not look around. At home, wash your hands under the tap and do not say a single word until 12 o'clock. This cleaning should be done monthly, if your house is visited by a large number of people.

House cleansing with aspen branches

This ceremony should be started on the first Sunday of the month - pick up several aspen twigs. Before you break a branch, you need to ask the tree for forgiveness for anxiety and permission. Under the roots leave something - coins, bread, honey, milk.

On Monday, you need to steam the branches with boiling water in an enamelled bucket. When steam comes, read the plot 12 times:

When the water has cooled, start the magical cleaning of the house. Wash with water and a new cloth, first the windows, then the doors, and then the floors and the threshold of the house. Water should be poured at a crossroads, wearing plain clothes. It is important not to greet anyone on the way to the intersection and from the intersection. Choose a time when there are few people on the street - early morning. Returning home, wash your hands under the tap. And it is better to take a shower and wash off the energy of dirt.

Special conditions. In your house should be the icon of the Mother of God. Before the rite should pray to her, read akathist. Only after that, steam the branches and wash the house. It should also be on the eve of the usual cleaning of the house, clearing the room from the physical dirt.

Purification of the house on the Trinity and on Good Friday

These days should be preventive cleaning of the house from the negative, even if it is not felt. On Good Friday, you need to defend with a candle in the service, and a candle to bring home. Light a candle and walk around the perimeter of the room with reading "Our Father". Where the candle will smoke, linger and baptize the space. After walking around with a candle, sprinkle the room with holy water.

On the Trinity they clean the house with mint. Peel the fragrant mint (or buy a few bunches on the market) and scatter on the floor. Floors must be pre-swept and washed. In the morning, scatter, and in the evening, collect the mint with a broom on the scoop and burn it outside the house. You can bury deep in the ground, where people do not walk. Throw away the broom and dustpan in the trash can outside.

If there is no agreement in the house

Church candles, holy water and a prayer to the “Life-giving Cross” will help remove the quarreling scandal from the family. At exactly 12 o'clock at night, light 12 church candles and read the plot 12 times. It is important that the sky was clear - with the stars. The house should have icons of Jesus and the Virgin, before the ceremony should be fumigated with incense.

After reading the prayer to the Life-giving Cross, they conspire 12 times:

Put holy water before the candles, and after reading the plot, sprinkle all the household and the whole room with it. If you have your own yard, sprinkle the yard crosswise.