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What are the nipples for girls and boys?


One of the most sensitive areas of the body is the nipples. Since ancient times, they have been credited with many signs and superstitions, including sudden severe itching. Periodically, I have a severe itching in the nipple area, but for a long time I did not even suspect that this is not a simple sign. According to old legends, itching occurs in the event that an important event should occur in the near future. In this article, I will tell you why the right nipple or the left is scratched, and what it can mean for girls and guys.

Signs for girls

The magical background in the sign "itchy nipple" should be sought only if this happens only with one of them. In another case, the cause of itching is usually natural physiological processes, and this is usually observed in women.

To understand what the right nipple in girls is itching for, first of all it should be noted that the right side is responsible for a rational start, therefore, it often indicates negative aspects. For example, severe prolonged itching indicates that the girl is jealous of someone. For those who are in a pair, strong nipple scabies may indicate that the guy has spun the novel on the side or is thinking about it.

This sign acquires a positive meaning in the event that the sensation of itching quickly passes away - this usually heralds a meeting with the person to whom you feel sympathy. If the nipple itches for several days, then the girl will soon find out about herself the unpleasant gossip that the envious had dismissed.

The left breast in women is associated with intuition and feelings, therefore, the sensation of itching on this side mainly indicates aspects of personal life. Quite often scabies arise when a lover in love thinks about a girl. To find out who he is - you need to turn to your intuition. As a rule, the admirer is the one whose first name comes to the girl's mind. To soon meet with a fan, you need to knock 3 times on a window glass or a mirror.

In a married woman, the left nipple itches in those moments when her husband longs for her. But also this sign can promise the fulfillment of desire, therefore, as soon as scabies has arisen, one should think about something intimate. To conceived come true, until the implementation of it can not tell anyone.

The answer to the question of why the left nipple of a girl itches, can be connected not only with the personal sphere, but also with finances. Severe itching indicates a quick monetary profit, and the amount of the sum depends on its intensity and duration.

Signs for guys

Guys, despite their rationalism and pragmatism, also rarely believe in superstition, so they also ask themselves why the right nipple or the left one is itching when they suddenly feel a strong itch.

Scabies in the area of ​​the right nipple usually foreshadows good luck or luck for men. In some cases, this is due to an unexpected win, so if you feel a strong itch, it is recommended to buy a lottery ticket. Also, this sign may indicate that the following events await a man soon:

  • the offensive of the white line in life;
  • beloved will soon reciprocate;
  • unexpected good news;
  • sudden financial gain;
  • get valuable advice from a loved one who should use;
  • fun pastime in a noisy company;
  • it's time to take a vacation and take a break from work;
  • cardinal changes, for example, relocation, job change, marriage, the appearance of a child, etc.

The right nipple is usually scratched by guys in those moments when they have to make a difficult choice. We need to think about the situation, and if the right decision is made, the itching will stop immediately.

Scabies on the left nipple foreshadows men change jobs. Also, this sign may indicate that at the moment he is trying to suppress some desire in himself, but most likely he will not be able to resist the temptation.

Severe itching on the left is not rarely a warning that someone wants to cheat or substitute a man. Short-term scabies in the nipple area means that some girl is thinking about the guy at the moment. It is possible to determine who this person is in the same way as it was indicated in the interpretation of the signs for girls.

Times of Day

To clarify the meaning of the signs of “what the nipple is itching for,” you need to pay attention to what time of day itching began to be felt.

  • Morning. There will be a chance to find the success that we have long dreamed of, the main thing is not to miss it. If scabies appeared closer to dinner, then a pleasant event awaits you, and for single people this promises familiarity with the second half.
  • Day. We'll have to deal with important and serious matters that cannot be postponed until later. Cash receipts are not excluded.
  • Evening. The second half is thinking about ending the relationship, but you can influence her decision. If the nipple itches in the evening with single people, it means that the one who likes you cannot decide on the first step.
  • Night. Relationship with a loved one will end soon, because he wants more freedom, and is not ready for commitments.

Days of the week

To find out more about the upcoming events, it is important to consider what day of the week the nipple was combed.

  • Monday. A new fan constantly thinks about you and will soon make itself felt.
  • Tuesday. Conflicts and misunderstandings with a loved one or with someone from family members. Also, you may have to do routine work or solve existing problems.
  • Wednesday. Someone envies you and spreads gossip. If itching in the nipple area is strong, then detractors will try to prevent you from realizing your plans, but nothing will come of them.
  • Thursday. There is a business trip or a trip, but in any case the trip will be successful. Prolonged severe scabies - to large financial expenses.
  • Friday. A pleasant pastime in a relaxing setting. Possible trip out of town.
  • Saturday. Pay attention to the behavior of the second half, it obviously hides something. A slight itchy nipple on Saturday may portend a change in the weather. For men, such a sign usually predicts profit.
  • Sunday. Fundamental changes are already on the threshold, and they can touch any area of ​​life. But if on this day the left nipple is itchy, it will most likely have to deal with troubles.