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How to read at home a love spell for a woman who will work exactly


Share the way to read correctly at home, a love spell for a woman who will work exactly. This is an effective method of folk magic, which will help to enchant your beloved quickly and without consequences. For the ceremony to work, strictly follow all the rules.

Love spell for wife

This method can only be used by married men who want to kindle faded feelings in the second half. It can also be applied to the ex-wife, who wants to return.

The "side" effect of such a love spell is that the spouse will stop harassing you with scenes of jealousy, scandals and showdowns. She will surely love you, trust you and consider you the best of men. Harmony and happiness will return to matrimonial life.

You will need:

  1. Two photos - yours and spouses. You should be shown in the pictures one by one. It is important that the photos are high-quality and clear, and the view was directed to the camera lens
  2. Wedding rings. We'll have to figure out how to take a ring from the wife for the time necessary to perform the ceremony. Keep in mind that you need to do this imperceptibly, so that the spouse does not guess that you are going to use the love magic
  3. Fabric red. It should be made only from natural material.
  4. Church wax candles. Buy three in the church shop. This should be done on Friday afternoon.

Prepare everything you need and wait until midnight. Light candles, put photos and rings in front of you. Then clearly say the words of the bewitching plot:

After reading the plot, wrap the photos with a cloth and hide them under the mattress of your family bed. Make sure that the spouse does not accidentally find pictures. Wedding rings should be put on - from the moment the spouse starts wearing the jewelry, the love spell will take effect.

A strong love spell for a woman

This method works equally well for any woman, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. Its advantage is that it has no negative consequences.

But the power of the rite will depend on how energetically you approach each other. If you and your darling are absolutely incompatible, the love spell will be weak. In this case, it is better to switch attention to another woman.

And if a woman has extremely negative feelings for you, a love spell can cause unpredictable consequences. Therefore, if you know that she is offended by you, first solve this problem, and then do the rite.

For the love spell, you need twelve church wax candles, a large mirror, a pen and paper.

In the evening, sit at the table, and put the candles so that they form a circle. Place the mirror in the center of this circle. Write your full names on the paper.

Sit at the table and light the candles. Wait until they completely burn out. Clump collect and together with a piece of paper hid in a secluded place. After three weeks, burn the paper and bite the cinder in the ground.

From this moment the spell will take effect. Yes, you have to wait, but the feelings of your darling will be very strong. Also, such a love spell has almost no negative consequences, because it belongs to white magic.

Love spell

By making a present to a girl, you make her feel positive. You can enhance them with a love spell.

Prepare a gift that will definitely please your darling. Carefully find out what she would like to receive. In the evening, sit at the table and light three church candles, placing them in a triangle.

Place a gift in the center of this triangle. Cover it with your palms and begin to mentally represent your darling. Imagine how you spend time together. Feel all the good that you feel in relation to it.

Then read the words of the love plot:

After the ceremony, go to bed immediately. A conspiratorial gift must be presented to the girl the next day. From this moment the spell will take effect. If, after receiving a present, the girl takes the initiative herself - calls, writes or offers to meet, then the ritual has worked.

Watch the video on how to make a love spell for a woman at home:

In what cases the love spell does not work

Despite the fact that love magic is a strong enough thing, it does not always work. What can prevent love spell and not give the desired result:

  • You do not believe in the power of a love spell. If you doubt that the rite will work and do not trust him, his power will decrease many times.
  • You perform a rite of revenge, resentment, or under the influence of any other negative emotions. In such cases, the energy is blocked and does not allow the love spell to be fulfilled.
  • The bewitched girl has strong feelings for another man. If this is true love, no magic can destroy it and switch the attention of the chosen one to your side.
  • The woman has a very strong positive energy. In this case, an invisible protective barrier is created around her aura, which prevents any kind of magical effect.
  • Someone found out about your intention to perform the ceremony. No one except you should even guess about it, keep your desire to bewitch your beloved in secret
  • The girl has already bewitched. In this case, you first need to make a lapel, and then bewitch the beloved

Also, the spell will not work if you make a mistake in the sequence of actions, read the conspiracy incorrectly or forget about some minor nuances of the rite.