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How to determine the damage to loneliness alone and remove it


The dream of every woman is to have a strong family, healthy children and an attentive husband. Many women manage to set up a family idyll, but there is also a certain percentage of good-looking and educated "losers". Who are these women, and why are they single? Healers believe that the cause of failures in family life is a deliberate magical effect - damage. How to determine the damage to loneliness, on what grounds? Is it possible to remove it yourself, and in what ways? Consider the points all questions.

Magical reasons for loneliness

Esotericists distinguish several types of damage to celibacy, which differ in the methods and strength of the energy-informational impact:

  • crown of celibacy;
  • print of loneliness;
  • damage to loneliness.

The above effects are imposed on a person only with the help of black magic or black-book rites. The sorcerer goes to the cemetery, conducts the ceremony at the grave and "crowns" a person with a dead spirit or binds the spirit to his victim. As a result, a woman, no matter how pretty she is, remains unmarried. The same thing happens with men doomed to idle life.

Sometimes damage to celibacy or loneliness is superimposed on the entire gens and is transmitted along the female / male line. A characteristic sign of such damage is divorce in the gens - all women of the gens are left without husbands. A special kind of damage to solitude is the “black widow” spell. This damage is manifested by a series of deaths of men: no matter how much a woman gets married, she buries all her husbands.

How does the damage to loneliness in terms of energy? When diagnosing exposure, the clairvoyant sees overlapped energy centers, which are responsible for creating strong family ties. At the same time, acquaintances and short-term close relationships with men, who always end in rupture, are possible. Consider in detail all kinds of loneliness.

Types of damage to loneliness

Crown of celibacy

Relationships are tied easily, however, can not last long. The gap occurs either in a natural way (quarreled, did not agree on the characters), or a tragic ending (the death of a loved one). A crown of celibacy can be ordered from a professional sorcerer or warlock, with a secret or obvious foe always surrounded by a doomed woman. Crown can order a sorcerer, and because of black envy. Can I remove the crown on my own? It is better to seek help from a professional healer.

Seal of loneliness

This magical program allows the acquaintance with the opposite sex and even sexual relations, but it never comes to a wedding for various reasons. Either the partner falls in love with another, either disappears suddenly, or is simply not ready for family life and is looking for an easy relationship. The seal of loneliness can also be accidentally imposed on a dear grandmother or mother, who for some reason does not wish to give a girl in marriage. Seal of loneliness, compared with the crown, is easily removed at home.


Previously, so called women doomed to eternal loneliness. Energetically, a woman becomes unattractive for men, and intimate relationships are impossible. At home, you can take an old-age vest. However, you should carefully look at your circle of friends - there are enemies and envious.

A generic spell on the lonely share

This is a generic spoilage, which is transmitted from parents to descendants through the female / male line. Close contact with people of the opposite sex brings suffering and torment. As a rule, the partner leaves the damned person, intuitively sensing disaster. If a partner does not leave the elect (zu), his life may suddenly be interrupted due to an accident or illness. The cause of the family spell is always a fierce enemy of the family, who either curses himself or hires a black magician. This type of damage cannot be removed by yourself.

Rites to remove loneliness

Remove the crown of celibacy with holy water

This rite should be started on a waning moon on Thursday. Buy without putting a thick rope of natural threads, and on Saturday, start witchcraft. For the rite, a coma of rope, you need to prepare:

  • 3 church candles;
  • white cloth made of natural fabric;
  • scissors and woolen threads of a green shade;
  • spatula, hammer, big nail.

At exactly 12 days, cover the table with a white tablecloth and place candles in the candlesticks. Nearby, place an icon of the Mother of God and the Lord Almighty. You can put your own icon next. Close the door to the room, turn off the phone and light the candles. Begin the rite by reading “Our Father” three times.

Now cut a piece from the rope that can be tied around the head: you should have a head crown. Fix the ends of the rope with green threads, and wind the rope around the same threads. Put the crown on your head and put out the candles with the fingers of your right hand. Wear this headgear until four o'clock in the afternoon without taking off. Then go to a strong young poplar in a wreath and dig a small hole at the roots.

Remove the crown from the head and say three times:

Cover the hole with earth, and hammer a nail in the center so that only the cap remains outside. Return home silently and without thinking. Light the extinguished candles at home and leave them to burn out. Take holy water and wash with a slander:

Do not wipe the face, let it dry on the air. The next morning, buy big candles in the church - 2 pcs. For seven days, light a candle and recite the flame seven times:

Extinguish the candle after reading the plot with your fingers, re-light the next day. On the seventh day the candle should be completely burned out. If there is a candle end, take it to the church - there is a special box for used candles. After a while you will meet the contender.

How to remove a widow spell

A sign of the spell - a woman buries one husband after another. Not only husbands can die, but also men who are close to her. To get rid of such printing, you need to do the following. Buy 4 candles in the church medium size. Light the first one at the icon with the male face to the left of the exit, the second - before the female face to the right of the entrance. Light the third one at the icon of the Wonderworker and say:

Then cross and tell about your request in any words. You need to speak in a whisper so as not to attract the attention of people. After telling about the problem of the Wonderworker, place the last candle at any icon, but not at the Crucifixion. This candle will be for the health of rivals, enemies and envious. Say the following words:

Then you need to buy candles and put behind the dead all the men you buried - husbands, close friends. When leaving the temple, leave as many coins in the donation box as you have turned at the moment. The ritual is over.

Important note. Before performing the rite, you must confess, keep a bloodless fast for 3 days and read prayers every day. Do not remove the pectoral cross, wear it all the time. Soon you will be able to successfully get married and live with your husband to old age.

Cemetery ritual

How to remove damage to loneliness in the cemetery? Damage can be "buried" in the cemetery and get rid of her forever. To do this, on a waning moon, take a commemoration to the deceased and go to the old cemetery. Roam among the graves and find a grave that no one visits. It is desirable that the cross was not there - just a mound.

Mention and say:

Pour some vodka into a glass, have a snack. Leave everything on the grave and leave without looking back. You must walk in silence and not talk to anyone on the road. There is a danger of drawing the spirit from the cemetery with you, so don’t look back even if you are hailed. At home, take a shower, wash all clothes, wash your shoes outside (or pour water out of the bucket over the threshold).

Important note. If the cemetery is active, find the grave where it is no longer buried. It is considered a bad sign if a dead person is brought to bury during the rite. For women, the rite is held on women's days (Saturday, Friday, Wednesday). For men, the rite should be held on the men's day (Thursday, Tuesday, Monday).

If you could not find a grave without an inscription, choose a deceased younger age than yours. This is especially true graves with your name. In the church you can put a candle for the rest, if the name of the deceased is written on the plate.

Report on loneliness

How do you self-damage damage to loneliness? To do this, you need to buy in the church 7 candles and the icon of the Mother of God “Seven-souls”. The ceremony is held in the first quarter of the moon on Thursday night, when the sun has gone down. It is necessary to lock the doors on the latch, curtain tight curtains and turn off the phone.

Cover the table with a white cloth, put a new handkerchief, and on top of it - an icon. Put 7 candles in crystal glasses with salt and light from one match. If the match goes out, light the candles from the already lit candles: you can not light a few matches. Cross yourself, look at the icon and read a prayer to it:

After the prayer, cross over and read the plot part of the rite:

In the morning, go to church and put a candle for the health of yourself and a candle for the health of ill-wishers, order a memorial service for deceased relatives. Upon leaving the temple, leave alms and donations to the temple. You also need to listen to the full service, to confess and take communion.

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