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A knife as a gift: why it can not be given, how to neutralize the harm of such a present


Before the housewarming, I sent all the guests a list of things that I would like to receive as a gift (I learned that they are doing this in the West - very practical, I tell you). And then my sister calls and excitedly reports that a set of knives on a magnetic rail, which I had long dreamed of, cannot buy, so as not to bring trouble to my house! It turned out that knives cannot be given at all. But I wanted this set so much, and after repair I could not buy it myself. Therefore, she began to ring the oldest family members, recognizing all the ins and outs of this annoying superstition ...

Why is a knife considered one of the worst gifts?

  • If the knife gives a friend, you will soon quarrel or lose a loved one in another way. It is believed that this sharp object attracts into relationships (even old ones, stretching almost from the garden). The cost and brand name of such a knife is not important - you can use both a penny bread knife from the market, and a custom-made blade decorated with gold.
  • In no case do not give knives for the weddingotherwise the family will fall apart. And if, accepting such a gift, the groom or bride cuts her hand, knowledgeable people believe that the family (or one of the newlyweds) may soon die tragically.
  • Since in the old days (and sometimes today too) the knife becomes an important attribute of black magic rituals, many are afraid that with the blade an evil curse will fall into their house. Scandals, illness, lack of money, and betrayal can begin in the house. In rare cases, a curse even causes the death of its victim.
  • Many believe that the knives (even peaceful, kitchen) naps the spirit of war and murder. Surprisingly, even practitioners-extras agree with this superstition: they claim that 60% of the murders were committed with a home knife. In this regard, some people are sure: by giving a man a knife, they can cause hidden aggression in his soul. And if a person has been prone to violence before, the affair will end in trouble ...

And it does not matter for what reason such a gift was bought - for a birthday, housewarming party or February 23. It is impossible, and that's it! It also does not matter who you are going to bestow - a man or a woman.

By the way! Superstitious people believe that the knife presented on New Yearwill bring misfortune to the house exactly for the next 12 months.

But what if you really want to hand it over?

There can be many reasons - say, your friend is an avid collector of weapons, a spouse has long dreamed about a set of knives of some brand, or you just bought an expensive model ...

You can give! But just turn the gift ritual into a regular deal. Instead of a knife, ask for a fee - a small, symbolic (a coin or two). It so happens that you bought a knife, and the purchase does not bring any negative.

Or (as an option) buy a certificate from a large store of dishes, the amount of which will be no less than the cost of a knife / set, or just an envelope with money. If a person buys a knife for these funds, bad superstitions on such a gift will not apply.

By the way! If your birthday man is a deeply religious person, do not be afraid to scare him with the "wrong" gift. Because the church does not approve superstition, Orthodox (not baptized "for show", but actually constantly visiting the church of God) believe that a knife is just a knife, and only the Devil can harm a person, and even if you let him in your soul.

This is what the father says about omens and superstitions:

Handmade knives - a delicate matter ...

You should never redo custom-made knives for a specific person.. The knife gets used to it, like a loyal dog. Once in the hands of a stranger, he will not "rebuild", and not only will not obey the new owner, but may begin to interfere with him. That is, the fault of such a masterful blade new owner may even seriously hurt.

Also, according to superstition, ill buy antique, antique knives. They keep the energy of the former (very first) owner, and if that person was cruel, the new owner is unsatisfied. For old knives from the First or Second World War, picked up on the battlefield, this applies to the greatest extent. Of course, such a military weapon could get drunk with blood, depriving people of life. Even if the blade rusts and becomes decrepit, it will not become "kinder".

Superstitions and traditions of different countries

Where else (except Russia and the CIS countries) can not present a knife?

  • England. Not only the knife, but also any other sharp object is frightened here. It is customary to pay for all piercing-cutting here, handing a penny to the floor, a small coin.
  • China, Mongolia. Asians believe that this gift can seriously embroil people, so they refrain from giving both knives and other sharp objects.
  • Latin America. The local superstitions say: if a person hands you a knife, cooperation or friendship is "cut" between you. That is, just like this, knives are not presented here - only with a hint of the end of any relationship.

And where on the contrary, such a gift will only be delighted?

Caucasus. Here the attitude to cold weapons is special. The guy received his first knife at birth from his father. Growing up, he learned to handle him. By the way, this tradition cannot be called dead - until now, having learned about the birth of a son, a man may even give away beautiful blades to his close ones.

And if you go to the Caucasus, and colleagues or partners give you a knife there, it means that you are highly appreciated and respected. Having refused a gift, you can offend the donor. Even if you are superstitious, just give a person a coin, explaining that yours is so accepted. It can be a small coin of your country, and it’s not scary if that person throws it away in a minute. The main thing that the "deal" took place.

Japan and other countries of Central Asia. Here, too, cold weapons, especially custom ones, are valued. The Japanese believe that there will never be any harm from a good blade - on the contrary, it will quickly cut through all the misunderstandings that exist between people, and also save its new owner from problems, becoming his faithful talisman.

Finland. Here in the old days there was an interesting custom: the guys put a knife into the sheath of a girl. If she accepted him, it meant that she was ready to marry a young man.

By the way! In the same Russian Empire the knife had a special relationship when it came to weapons. Remember at least the army premium dirks! To receive such was considered a privilege and honor.


  • In our country, it is believed that the knife is a bad gift, after the presentation of which people can seriously quarrel, or there will be a misfortune in the house of the person who received such a gift.
  • Worst of all, if the knives are given to the wedding - in this case, either the case will end in a quick divorce, or someone from a couple of widows.
  • If you want to give a man a knife, but do not harm him mentally, turn a gift into a purchase. Accept the smallest coin in payment - this is enough to cancel the evil omen.

But not only the knife can not be given and taken as a gift. I suggest to get acquainted with anti-top giftsthat will bring nothing but problems: