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What is damage and how does it manifest itself - 9 signs


In this article you will learn what damage is and how it manifests itself. It is necessary to know if you have suspicions that your life is under the influence of magical interference. You will be able to determine if there are signs of damage to you, so that you can get rid of it.

What is spoilage?

Damage is a very serious type of magical intervention in a person’s life, which is extremely negative. As a rule, it causes damage to your foe or enemy who wishes to seriously harm and ruin your life.

For the guidance of damage, special magical rites and plots are used. It often uses photographs, candles, water, salt, and other ritual attributes.

Ways of targeting damage there is a lot. But in most cases there is no cause for concern - only a person with a strong energy or an experienced esoteric can seriously harm this way.

If an ordinary person tried to damage you, you can easily remove the symptoms yourself, because his energy is not enough to seriously ruin your life and health.

Signs of spoilage

So how does damage manifest itself in a person's life? We list the main features and their brief description.

Emotional condition

In a person who is spoiled, his character and mood change, and very significantly. It is likely that such manifestations will occur:

  1. Irritation for no apparent reason. If you were suddenly annoyed by close people, you feel angry about trifles and you cannot control these emotions - you can talk about damage
  2. Mood swings. So you rejoice over petty concerns, then suddenly you feel ready to kill a man who has said a careless word. A feeling of happiness is replaced by a sharp disappointment
  3. Depression. Arises for no apparent reason, may be accompanied by suicidal thoughts. Sometimes a person hears otherworldly voices that call for suicide. It can reach hallucinations - olfactory, tactile or auditory
  4. Obsessive ideas. Conscious thoughts and desires that may harm you or your loved ones may appear in your mind every now and then.
  5. The state of emptiness. A person becomes extremely apathetic, his vital energy disappears. Therefore, he is absent-minded and unable to concentrate on current affairs.

If you have noticed such negative changes in your emotional state, this is a reason to sound the alarm and think about whether you have a bad eye.

Attitude towards sunlight

Sometimes a person who has been spoiled may experience fear of and disgust at sunlight. The skin becomes extremely sensitive, it can burn even at a gentle temperature.


If you have always been famous for well-developed intuition, you should listen to the inner voice. If you are spoiled, you may occasionally have bad feelings, you fall into a state of anxiety and anxiety for no apparent reason.


If you are usually a person who loves himself, then you should be wary if self-esteem suddenly fell. Sudden manifestations of complexes and self-doubt can also be signs of damage.

Therefore, pay attention to whether you continue to like yourself or look for flaws in the reflection of the mirror, even when you look your best.


A person who has been spoiled may have serious problems in relations with close and not so close people. This is manifested in the following:

  • Suddenly, you begin to hate a loved one who was greatly loved, for no apparent reason. He averts and annoys you
  • Relations with colleagues deteriorate - previously-friendly service comrades begin to plot and insert poles into the wheel in important matters
  • Close people began to avoid you, although you didn’t do anything wrong. Meetings with friends break down, a loved one suddenly lost interest, and parents stopped calling and visiting
  • In family life began a series of constant quarrels and conflicts, which have no end. This may indicate that the damage was imposed with the aim to destroy marriage and love between spouses.

It is also worth guarding, if suddenly you began to experience a strong fear in communicating with strangers. It is difficult for you to walk up to a passerby to find out the way; you cannot contact a consultant in a store. There is a feeling in the soul that everyone is extremely hostile towards you.

Pet behavior

If your gentle pet suddenly began to show aggression, to avoid contact with you and in general behaves extremely strange, this is a cause for concern. Animals very keenly feel the energy state of a person and adapt to it.

Watch a video on what damage is, how to remove and diagnose it:


Often the appearance of a person who has been spoiled undergoes serious changes. He can lose weight drastically or, conversely, quickly gain weight without changing his usual diet.

There may also be other problems with the appearance: hair will start to fall out, acne will appear, ulcers on the face and body.

Internal sensations

It is worth guarding if you feel a constant weight, as if someone is sitting on your shoulders. It also happens that a person feels cold inside the body, pressing sensations in the chest.

First you should consult a doctor - if the cause of the illness is not in the presence of any disease, then it is possible that you have been jinxed.


Any health problems that have appeared for no apparent reason can also be a sign of damage. Very often, a ritual is performed to make a person fruitless. Therefore, girls may experience menstrual irregularities, and men begin to suffer from impotence or other reproductive health problems.