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Conspiracies from dismissal and trouble at work


In our difficult time it is difficult to get a good job with a high level of income and a convenient schedule. And, naturally, when a person finds such work, he has a desire to stay on it longer, and, accordingly, there is a fear of dismissal. Magic will help solve this problem, we bring to your attention a strong conspiracy to not be dismissed from work. The rules for its implementation, as well as several examples of similar slander, we give in this article.

Before you begin to read the plots of trouble in the work, you should perform certain preparatory actions:

  1. It is desirable for a couple of days before the planned ceremony to abandon the use of meat food. It’s just perfect if you can only stick to raw foods during the preparatory period. In this way, your physical body will be purified, which means that mental and ethereal energies will more quickly fulfill your desire.
  2. Showing cleansing procedures - visiting the bath or sauna. It is important to relax your body, pamper yourself with pleasant spa treatments to get rid of tension and fatigue.
  3. It is necessary to refuse in the preparatory period from the use of beverages containing caffeine. Drink tea without sugar, because it has a very negative impact on the human body.
  4. Mandatory rule - use herbal infusions. An infusion is not the same as a decoction, pay special attention to this moment.

To prepare the infusion you will need to boil water up to sixty-five - seventy degrees and fill it with a collection of herbs. Then wrap them in a towel and insist for two or three hours. To infusion, you can use honey and lemon.

Of the herbs most often used for healing infusions chamomile pharmacy, agape, yarrow, valerian, mint, oregano, motherwort, horsetail, calendula, thyme and rosehip.

Thanks to all the preparatory actions described above, you will cleanse your body, relax and adjust your consciousness to the correct wave.

Next, consider the most popular conspiracies to stay working on your work.

A conspiracy to not be fired

Also help from shrinking. You need to bring to work water in a can, which for three days you put at the foot of your bed. Go to the working toilet, wash your face with water and say this text:

Was here, here I will,

Went here and I will go. Amen.

Black ritual of dismissal

This rite belongs to black magic, so think carefully before resorting to it.

  1. If your decision does not change, you will need to go into the woods, pick thirty-six leaves from the oak. The sheets are folded together like a card deck.
  2. Then you need to go to the clearing on which the stump stood. Outline it with a stick.
  3. It is necessary to sit next to hemp squatting and call the devil to play cards with you in such a speech:

Little devil, bratushka, go play cards.

When you say this phrase, you need to immediately distribute the sheets like cards, as if playing two people. At the same time sentence these words:

Damn, damn, I will lose to you in the oaks, and you will do to me (this and that).

After that, the oak leaves, which were not meant for you, should be broken into small pieces, but yours should be collected and attributed to the building of your work. They are thrown at the front door.

Now you can be calm - you will linger on this work for a long time, the ceremony has tremendous power.

But in order for the ritual to work, you need to adhere to one very important rule - never to play cards, not even to touch them! Otherwise, you will most likely quickly lose your job and will not be able to find a new one for a long time. It is better not to conduct such experiments.

Conspiracy to be respected by colleagues

If you have problems at work in a team and would like to improve things, we advise you to use the following ritual.

Wait for the time when nobody will see you at work. Take a ring of gold or silver, dip it in a bowl filled with water, and say a magic hex:

In the process of reading the text, you need to slightly splash water over the workplaces of your employees, relations with which you are not satisfied.

After that, you will need to purchase a silver coin and put it in a colored talisman. Keep it in your wallet, it is best if it is red.

Rite of passage to save your workplace

Grill a small amount of ordinary salt in a skillet. During this process, the following text is read:

Then you need to bring the spoken salt with you to work and drink a little around your place of work.

Conspiracy to appease the evil chief

If you know that the authorities treat you with antipathy, bring a coin to your workplace and speak it in the following words:

After that, the money is placed on the right side of his desktop and left to lie for three days. Then buy a candy for her and treat her to some kind of child.

An important point! In this conspiracy, the word "century" appears at the end - this is not a typo, this expression has come down to us from representatives of the pre-Nikon tradition, during the times of which this slander was created.

Plot from trouble at work

If the situation in your work is far from ideal and the authorities and colleagues in every way seeks to expel you, but you want to stay, take advantage of this conspiracy.

You will need to come to work first, go to the toilet and say:

The plot for the evil chief

Runtime - any odd number when the moon is decreasing. In the morning, get up as early as possible, pour running water into a glass, come up to the window with it. The glass is held in your left hand and you look at the water, while saying:

The total number of repetitions should be three.

Thanks to the described conspiracies, you will significantly improve the situation at your work and can no longer be afraid of dismissal.

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