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How to read the health plot at home


It is believed that many health problems are associated with the internal state of a person. Sometimes the cause of the ailments is not at all in the infection, but in the fact that you are overcome by negative emotions or the influence of ill-wishers is to blame. A health conspiracy in such cases is an excellent tool to help solve internal problems and get rid of ills.

How to read a health conspiracy correctly?

In order for the plot to work, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Believe in the magical power of the plot. It is faith in the magical properties of the spoken words that most affect healing. Therefore, it is important not to doubt that the plot will definitely work.
  2. Get rid of negative emotions. If you are saddened with anger, anger or resentment, try to throw out all the negative and achieve a peaceful, calm state. This will help meditation, creativity, or even general cleaning in the apartment.
  3. Read the plot at the right time. Late evening and night are not suitable. Healing plots read in the early morning when the first rays of the sun appear, or during sunset, when the light has not yet rolled beyond the horizon.
  4. Let the fresh air into the room or read the plot in nature. If you cannot go outside, open the windows and ventilate the apartment before performing a magical ritual.
  5. Do not eat before the rite. It is best to read the plot on an empty stomach. On the day of the ritual, you should eat only fast food, refrain from alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances.
  6. Standing while reading a plot needs to face east
  7. Church candles will help strengthen the conspiracy - they can be lit before the ceremony. Fire energy has a beneficial effect on health.
  8. The text of the plot is read an odd number of times - from three or more

And a little advice: if you want to increase the effectiveness of the conspiracy, do not forget to read the prayers, turning to the saints. Believers can go to church and put candles for the health of the sick.

Universal Health Conspiracy

This health plot can be read at home. It is universal and suitable if you want to recover quickly, regardless of what ailment bothers you.

You need to go outside (it is advisable to go to the park, forest or grove), find a young tree. Both hands must be put on the trunk and say the following text:

You should feel how warmth from the tree is transferred to your hands. Imagine mentally how the disease leaves your body or the body of the person to be cured.

Gradually, the patient will begin to recover, and the tree will wither. After a few days or weeks, you can approach it and check if it dries out, which means that the plot is working.

A simple conspiracy of pain

This magic ritual will help in cases where a person suffers from constant pain, and no pills help.

To expel the pain, you must put your finger on the hearth of pain and drive clockwise, while reading the words of the conspiracy:

You can repeat the plot daily until the pain leaves the body. Especially well this magic ritual copes with a toothache.

Plot on the water

Water has a very powerful healing energy, so it can also be used for healing magic rituals. It is advisable to collect spring water or take holy water in the church.

Pour fresh water into a glass and say the following words over it:

After the rite is completed, it is necessary to water the patient. Then he should lie down for an hour or two. Such a conspiracy copes very well with a headache and with exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Conspiracy against the evil eye

If you suspect that a person is ill due to a bad eye or damage, you can use the following conspiracy option:

He is read over the flame of a church candle. Next you need to put a glass of water, which the patient at the end of the ceremony should drink. The remains of water to irrigate the face. Also, wait until the candle is completely burned out, and remove the wax in a secluded place.

This is a very powerful conspiracy that needs to be read on the waning moon - during this period the lunar energy contributes most to healing. The most suitable day of the week is Tuesday. And on Saturday it is better to abstain from performing the magical rite.

Watch the video on how to read the plots on health:

When the plot doesn't work

Like any other magical rite, conspiracy is not entertainment. It can have serious consequences. In some cases, the conspiracy not only fails, but also can harm:

  1. If the patient is an unbeliever. In this case, no sacred text will help him. Should seek help from those who use non-Christian healing techniques.
  2. The conspiracy will not work if the patient is full of negative emotions - anger, envy, resentment, hatred stifle positive energy and do not allow it to penetrate the spiritual envelope of a person
  3. A conspiracy only hurts, if a sick person often harms others, brings malice into the world, and seeks to bring trouble to people. He should reconsider his attitude to life and begin to do good - it is possible that the cause of disease lies precisely in his negative approach to everything.

Well, of course, do not forget about the help of official medicine. No conspiracy will work if you ignore the treatment prescribed by the doctor. The magical rite is capable of speeding up the healing process, but it is not a panacea.

In any case, even if recovery does not come instantly, if you follow all the rules and recommendations, you will not harm the patient, but you will help to bring his state of mind back to normal.