Dream interpretation

Sign: the nail broke


Nails are not only the protection and decoration of the fingers, but also energetically connected with the internal organs of the body. Strong shiny nails talk about the health and welfare of their owner, brittle and dull - about ill health and problems. What does the sign mean: broken nail? The people have long noticed that the nails do not break just like that, but foreshadow certain events.

Signs about fingers and nails

Consider the signs associated with the value of the fingers. For example, on thumbs nails break if a person has put on an exorbitant burden of responsibility. Nails on index fingers break if a person likes to suppress others and impose his opinion.

Middle fingers they say that a person lacks love and care from loved ones. Broken nails on the ring fingers Warn about health problems. Little fingers They talk about problems in relationships with loved ones.

There are good signs associated with the nails on the thumbs. For example, this “accident” may portend separation from a person whose society is very tired. This may be a move of the ill-wisher to another city or a change in the behavior of the quarrelsome neighbor. In any case, this person will not bring problems.

Other interpreters associate nail failure on the thumb with unexpected happiness that will literally fall on your head.

Index fingers on hands symbolize the authority and will of the person, leadership habits and the assertion of his power. Esotericists believe that the nails on the index fingers break at the authoritarian people who love to exercise their power and bend the environment in an arc.

Other interpreters believe that a nail broken on the index finger indicates respect for the person and his leadership qualities. Which interpretation is correct? This will tell the inner flair.

Middle fingers - these are our emotions and feelings. Broken nails on the middle fingers speak of emotional exhaustion and mental breakdown, feelings of guilt and self-judgment. If the nail breaks often, self-incrimination can lead to depression. You do not notice next to a man who is ready to lend a helping hand.

Sometimes the middle fingers are associated with human health. Accordingly, the nail on the right hand will warn about the disease, and the nail on the left - about healing.

Little fingers - a symbol of friendship and mutual understanding. When children want to make peace, they connect little fingers and make a promise not to quarrel in the future. Also, little fingers can tell about unexpected turns of fate - favorable or unfavorable.

Right hand

Some signs are connected with the meaning on which hand the nail was broken. The right side of the body is connected with the good intentions of a person, and if the nails on the right hand break, it will wreck the good plans. Consider in detail.

Broken thumbnail warns that conceived plans are in jeopardy. What to do in this case? Either wait a little with the embodiment of ideas in life, or think through all the details very carefully.

  • The index finger warns of problems in relationships with people, depression and despondency.
  • The middle finger promises fast road and good luck.
  • Ring finger warns of conflict with parents.
  • Little finger prophesies a large monetary loss - either money is stolen, or it can be fired from work.

Broken nail on the index finger may warn of loss of authority among colleagues. If you are a team leader or boss at work, you should analyze your mistakes: why has the authority decreased?

If you are an ordinary employee at work, a broken nail on the index finger warns of problems in the service.

Middle finger hands symbolize intuition, conscience and moral installation. However, a broken nail on the right hand foreshadows the road and monetary difficulties.

Ring finger warns of conflicts with loved ones. Either it will be a quarrel with the second half, or with their own parents.

Little finger on the right hand warns about misunderstandings with family and money spending.

Left hand

Nails on the left hand say about the negative impact on the person. Broken nails foretell that negative events do not come true.

Nail on the thumb warns that obstacles on the way collapsed. Now nothing will prevent plans conceived to be realized.

Nail on the index finger heralds liberation from the person who manipulated you, commanded and did not let you live in peace. For the chief, this sign also foreshadows good - harmful employees will become docile.

Nail on the middle finger foreshadows a pleasant road. If you risk betting on something, you will definitely win and stay with a profit. However, this does not apply to gambling and various scams: the case must be honest.

Ring finger brings good news - either about dear people, or about money. All obstacles have collapsed, nothing can hinder your happiness.

Little finger the left hand heralds the arrival of guests or acquaintance with a pleasant man of the opposite sex.


Is it possible to prevent bad prediction if Broken nail on baptism? This sign is considered very bad. There is a ritual that can destroy a bad prediction. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and turn around three times around its axis, moving from right to left.

In the old days it was believed that often broken nails of a young girl predict a meeting with the second half and a quick wedding. However, this prediction is still considered controversial, because the fragility of the nail plates may indicate a lack of calcium in the body.

Believe the signs or not, the business of choosing a person. For example, cutting nails on Monday can get rid of longing and despondency, and on Saturday helps to get rid of loneliness. On Sunday, nails cannot be cut - failures will follow.