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How to perform layouts on the relationship on playing cards


Of course, each of us really wants to know what the person you like thinks about, how he treats us, and what we may have in the end. In order to satisfy our curiosity, there are many different divinations.

In this article we will focus on ways to tell fortunes by means of playing cards.

Divination for a relationship

This alignment is used to shed light on the events that await us in the next four months. For fortune telling you need to shuffle playing cards, mentally drawing the image of a loved one. If you use items belonging to him or photos, the results of divination will be more accurate.

You should put 3 cards on the left, which symbolize this person’s feelings towards you. Then, lay out 3 cards on the right side. They will indicate what you are experiencing in relation to this person. Next - 1 card in between. This is all that you can have with him. The following three cards will show what your relationship will lead to.

How to interpret cards

  1. Six. If you get a six, then your elect is interested to meet you. 6 worms predicts a meeting with your beloved. Six tambourine also means a date, but it can be more business. Six Cross talks about friendships. And if 6 tambourine fell out, the partner does not feel the desire to communicate with you.
  2. Seven. 7 worms - a person experiences physical attraction, passion, but no more. Cross - friendships. 7 tambourine says about the material interest of the partner. 7 rush brings you frustration and misery.
  3. Eight. This is a communication card, love confessions. If the eight worms fell out - a conversation awaits you, perhaps a recognition of your feelings. A tambourine is a joint activity with the aim of obtaining material benefits. Cross - friendly communication, understanding and support. Eight peak promises you a conflict with your loved one, you can not find a common language with him.
  4. Nine. All, with the exception of peak nines, indicate the feelings that your partner feels for you. The strongest - if dropped 9 worms. Nine peak means that the partner does not feel anything for you, but dislike. Perhaps he uses you for his own selfish, selfish purposes.
  5. Ten. Peak indicates sincere intentions to be with you. A dozen tambourines suggests that a person tends to be your sponsor rather than a lifelong partner. 10 crosses promise you friendships or a family based on common hobbies. Ten peak - this relationship threatens you. It is better to break them in order not to have negative consequences.
  6. Jack. You are always in his thoughts, his heart belongs only to you. Worms - a person thinks about your relationship, plans with you a common future. Jack of the Cross says that a person wants a relationship with you, but is not sure how to proceed. Tambourine indicates that he has someone else in mind except you. Peak - treason on his part, self-interest.
  7. Ace. May show how stable your relationship will be. If an ace of hearts is dropped, a wedding or long-term relationship awaits you. Ace of crosses promises companionship. Tambourine points to the upcoming relationship for material gain. A peak means a break, an infidelity of a partner, possibly a negative magical or energetic effect.
  8. Kings and Ladies. Point out people in your social circle. They are either positive or negative characters, depending on which card they fell out of. Cards of the tambourine suit will usually indicate people free from the marriage bond who are not yet thirty. Cross - for married, who are over thirty. Peaks often play the role of older detractors.

As a rule, the more cards the suit worms, the more favorable the outlook for relationships. And, the more peak in the scenario, the more adversity and trouble you expect with this partner. If ladies fall out, perhaps the person does not keep you loyalty. A lady suit tambourine may indicate a secret admirer of your partner.

The classic alignment on the relationship

It is considered the most simple and does not require special skills. You need to think of your partner on the king of any suit, shuffle the cards and remove with your left hand towards yourself. Then you need to expand the cards until you drop the king, whom you guessed. Next, you need to say out loud what your king is. On the second card ask him to say. On the third - whether he loves you. On the fourth - to say that you love him, with all your heart, removing the fifth card. On the sixth - with all my soul. On the seventh map you need to ask if he has any better than you. If you say “say” and “love me” with the king you made, then your partner is not sure about your relationship. If the king has a tambourine, then you still have everything ahead and it’s hard to say what the result will be. The words "Is there anyone better" means that your partner does not keep you faithful.

Alignment of cards by relationship by name

For this divination, you need to know the full name of the person. More accurate results you get if in the process of divination will present his image. You can also put a number of things that are associated with or belong to him. Then, shuffle the 36 cards and arrange for the number of columns in the number of letters in the name of the chosen one. Now look at the bottom cards. Red suits correspond to a fair-haired man, and black suits to a dark-haired one.

If the cards do not match, you need to postpone them. After collecting the cards, lay them out again with the shirt side up. Take the first part of the cards and lay out one by one. Repeat the alignment until you have two identical columns of cards. Then you need to turn over two cards and put off cards with the same name: 2 kings, 2 eights, 2 ladies.

Now they can be decrypted. Two sixes promise you a quick wedding with the chosen one. If there are four sixes, the partner keeps you faithful. Two and four seven predict a romantic date. Two eights say that there is still a showdown. If four: conflict can not be avoided. Two nines mean great love between you. Four - feelings will be very strong. Two dozen indicate that the chosen one is not indifferent to you. And four - his interest is not disinterested. Two and four jacks promise you a lot of trouble with this person. Two ladies are encouraging, and four talk about the interest of others to your relationship. Two kings predict you a friendly chat. Four indicate consanguinity. Two aces foreshadow you intimate relationships, and four - a strong passion.

With the help of maps you can also figure out how to treat you partner. To do this, select the card that you associate with your chosen one. Most often the king is taken. It must be put in the center. The rest of the cards, shuffling, decompose as follows: on the right, first, below the second, on the left, third, top fourth. The remaining four cards need to be expanded in the corners.

To decipher the cards, you can ignore their suit.

  • Six predicts you parting with your loved one because of his departure.
  • Seven - you expect romantic communication.
  • Eight - showdown, break is possible.
  • Nine - strong mutual feelings, marriage.
  • A dozen talks about possible friendships, but no more.
  • Jack - troubles and troubles.
  • Lady - your chosen one has another.
  • King - you will come to the aid of a reliable friend.
  • Ace indicates reciprocity of feelings.

There are a great many ways to guess the relationship with the help of playing cards. This is not surprising, because it is one of the most exciting issues for us. In this article we reviewed only a few of them. To learn more, we recommend to watch the video.