Dream interpretation

What dreams of a lot of shoes?


Shoes are a necessary part of a man’s clothing, without which no one in the modern world can manage. Shoes are both part of the image and a symbol of comfort. What dreams of a lot of shoes? Many people associate this symbol with travel and the road; however, the dream can have many interpretations. Consider, what will tell dream books.

Shoes in dreams

Shoes can not mean the usual way, but the way of life - the choice of the right path, life partner or profession. Many pairs of shoes does not bode well. This dream speaks of conflicts, difficulties of choice and misunderstandings. Particularly unpleasant sense is the vision of many dirty old boots, shoes or shoes - this foreshadows torment and sadness.

For accuracy of interpretation it is necessary to remember the following:

  • shoe color;
  • style and size;
  • events related to shoes.

Also the sex of the dreamer is of importance - a night-time picture appeared to a man or a woman.

If you are in a dream go to the shoe store in search of your pairit means that you will soon find your purpose in life and take the right path. Some dream books offer such an interpretation - a meeting with a life partner, a reliable person.

Try on different shoes in the store - you will soon have a good chance to make good money. Another interpretation of sleep - you are looking for diversity, trying to attract many bright moments in your life, expect changes.

Clean or new shoe dreams for well-being. A lot of old shoes foreshadows a series of troubles, a black streak of bad luck. If you intend to go on a trip, it is better to postpone the trip. If you have planned some business, postpone the plans until better times.

A large number of new shoes may dream to an unstable position at work, as well as a change of job. You may have to move due to the latter circumstance. Also, sleep may portend family circumstances, because of which you have to move or change jobs.

Some dream books believe that a large number of pairs of shoes dream to dishonest enrichment. Believe it or not, you decide.

If you are confused and don't know which pair to choose from the setIn reality, you will have difficulty in choosing the right direction - you need good advice.

If you try on a couple and feel the comfort, well-being and success awaits. If the boots or shoes were uncomfortable or too heavy, expect difficulties in the path of life.

Shoe color and type

Consider the meaning of color in a dream:

  • white shoes foreshadow positive events in life, and for young girls - a quick marriage;
  • yellow shoe is considered a harbinger of treason and betrayal - you or your girlfriend will deceive you;
  • red shoes promise a passionate relationship, a surprise from a loved one;
  • cloth shoes promise well-being and peace;
  • wooden shoes warn of danger.

Shoe type

Many beautiful shoes dreams of a creative person who has found his way and lifestyle. Soon the dreamer expects success and public acceptance.

Shoes or boots in heels dream to change. If shoes were heels and without soles, beware of trouble.

What dreams slippers? Sleep reminds that the body needs rest. You worked too much, it's time to relax and unwind. Just beware of love affair, it can turn into trouble.

Why dream boots? For young people, this range of shoes foreshadows comfort and coziness, and for older people - illnesses and ailments. The forerunner of ills are galoshes.

Sport shoes dreams of solving an important matter immediately: you should hurry and have time to do everything in time.

Women's dreams

For the fair sex a large range of shoes will please not only in reality, but also in a dream. Many dream books agree that such a picture foreshadows marriage for a girl. However, for the accuracy of the interpretation of the plot, it is necessary to take into account the state and appearance of the products:

  • new beautiful shoes promises a successful marriage and a strong marriage;
  • dirty torn shoes foreshadows poor family life, scandals and conflicts;
  • choose and try on shoes in a dream - waiting for a stormy night with a man;
  • take off his shoes - to a temporary separation from his beloved;
  • to see shiny shoes - to the disappointment of dear people;
  • varnished assortment - your chosen one will be a wealthy, but narrow-minded person.

The assortment of various shoes, glimpsed in a dream, can mean a long journey and a journey.

Men's dreams

For men, the vision of women's shoes in a dream foreshadows relations with several women at once. It may be necessary to go through several novels before there is a single and desired girlfriend.

The choice of shoes in a dream speaks of a thorough approach of a man to the choice of fellow traveler in life, and not of fastidiousness or the desire to walk with anyone.

Opinion dream books

ABC interpretation of dreams. To consider shoes on the shelves of the store - a large selection of roads that you can go. For men - a relationship with several female individuals.

Modern dream book believes that clean shoes dream to a pleasant journey, and dirty - to the unfortunate.

  • Dreambook Azara says that the dreamer is waiting for the bustle and the hard road.
  • Dream horoscope believes that you should accept a business proposal from a partner.
  • Dream for a bitch spells an unforgettable and bright journey.

Dream Dream. If you had a dream about an unusual-looking shoes, soon there will be an unusual place or strange situation.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova predicts a change of place. To see shoes of unusual shape or color - to get into an unusual situation.

Erotic dream book believes that beautiful shoes dream of harmonious relationships in a pair. Dirty or torn shoes talk about discomfort and discord.