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Tarot Card of the day for today - free divination online


Tarot Card is a simple and quick layout for beginners. It helps and easy to grasp the meaning of the magical arcana, and quickly get an answer to an exciting question.

With the help of online fortune-telling "Map of the Day" you can find out your forecast for the day online in a couple of minutes.

How to guess:
Rest for 1-3 minutes and clear the mind of thoughts. When you are ready - draw a card. Under the map you can see the decoding of the map in various areas - in affairs and relationships.

To guess

Repeat divination is better in 5-10 minutes.

Who can do the layout?

Not in all cases, you can use the map of the day. Do not use cards of idle curiosity or for fun. Arcana will tell the truth only in three cases.

Here are the situations in which it is allowed to take a Tarot deck and make a map of the day for tomorrow and today:

  1. Beginners taro. If you are just starting to learn the magical world of the Tarot and wish to comprehend all its secrets, try your strength in this fortune-telling. You can quickly and easily, in practice, memorize the values ​​of maps without cramming, and using the example of your own predictions. Gradually, regularly practicing, you can easily understand the meaning of each arcane and learn to feel the cards of the soul, and not to make mechanical predictions
  2. If you want to know the forecast for the current day. In this case, guessing is better in the morning. Arcana will talk about the main events that are very likely to happen to you. Prediction will help protect you from trouble and take advantage of the chances of Destiny. But do not abuse - well, you need to guess every day
  3. When you need to get a specific answer: "no" or "yes" to a clear closed question. In this case, you can not even look for the value of the arcana in the interpreter, but to see in which position - straight or inverted - the card fell out. The answer will be positive and negative, respectively.

In all other cases it is worth looking for other, more suitable for your situation layouts.

How to determine a favorable moment for fortune telling?

It is not always possible to guess and make a map of the day Tarot card, remember this, and when you are looking for a prediction online on specialized sites, and when you guess yourself.

A simple method will help you find out if you can get a deck or better postpone it until a more suitable moment. For this:

  1. Get a deck of tarot cards and carefully shuffle
  2. Close your eyes for a second, cover the deck with your palms and focus on your feelings.
  3. Randomly take out 10 cards in a row and lay them in a row on the table
  4. Calculate how many arcana fell in a straight, and how many - in an inverted position

Depending on the quantity, the value is as follows:

  • There are more direct cards than inverted ones. This means that the moment for fortune-telling is favorable, you can safely proceed to the layout for the coming day.
  • Upside down cards more than straight. This means that the cards will not tell the truth, it is better to postpone the magic ritual until a more favorable time.
  • There are an equal number of straight and inverted cards. This indicates that you have been negligent about divination. Probably the question you want to ask doesn’t worry you too much, do you want to just have some fun, or are you curious?

It is very important to choose the "right" time for practitioners with tarot cards. Do not tempt fate - guess only in a favorable period.

How to guess right?

The balance of the day is very simple. You will need a classic deck, which you usually use for divination and do not give it to anyone. Get 22 Senior Arcana, and put the rest of the cards aside.

Shuffle the arcana. Take your time, do it carefully. Then, arbitrarily, without looking at the deck, pull out any lasso and put it on the table. He will give the answer to what is waiting for you in the very near future.

Watch the video about the importance of senior arcana to understand the interpretation of the layout:

Arcane values

A brief description of each arcana from the classic Tarot deck:

  1. Jester - willingness to change, curiosity and the desire to learn new things. An opportune moment to start a long time conceived deeds and creativity
  2. Mage - should take the initiative in an important matter, not to be afraid of responsibility. Enlist all the confidence and courage - you will need them
  3. High priestess - it is necessary to refrain from active actions and to be in the role of an outside observer. Then the situation will develop in the most favorable way for you. Listen to the heart, turn off the mind
  4. The Empress is a symbol of creative inspiration. Suitable day for creativity, search for new clients and partners. Luck will accompany you in any endeavor.
  5. The emperor is a symbol of courage and strength. Your energy is so much that you are able to share it with others. The right day to deal with the accumulated load of cases, commitments, plans
  6. The High Priest is an auspicious day for contemplation and reflection on the meaning of being. You will finally be able to see the truth, to understand the essence of things and problems that have occupied your thoughts all this time.
  7. Lovers - listen to intuition, and solve all problems. Only you know the answer to your question.
  8. Chariot - it's time to stop dreaming and start acting
  9. Power - you will be incredibly productive today. But do not overdo it with emotions, it can greatly hinder the achievement of goals
  10. Hermit - relax and rest, you urgently need to be alone with yourself and hear the inner voice
  11. The wheel of fortune - everything that happens is inevitable. Submit to Destiny
  12. Justice - today you will be very rational in performing any task. Logic rules the mind, emotions are disabled for a while
  13. The hanged man is an unfavorable day, which will be accompanied by bad temper and unpleasantness. Try not to do anything important.
  14. Death is the end of something that is long overdue.
  15. Moderation is a symbol of creative impulse, discoveries, new acquaintances. Very bright, rich, interesting, eventful day
  16. The devil - your dark side will manifest itself in all its glory. A day full of negativity, but solely through your fault
  17. Tower - there will be something unexpected and very pleasant for you. In an inverted position - the surprise will disappoint and leave behind a lot of negative emotions
  18. Star - it's time to go into society, you will create an incredible sensation, take advantage of the moment
  19. The moon - you wake up in a bad mood, but do not give in to it, and everything will be fine
  20. The sun is a happy day full of joyful events and bright emotions.
  21. Court - it is time to make a decision that you are afraid to make and have long been postponed "for tomorrow"
  22. Peace - harmony and happiness in everything, enjoy

Try not only to read the predictions in the interpreter, but also to solve their secret meaning. So you learn to intuitively read the values ​​of maps.