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How to decipher the value of the tarot cards for divination


Today, an increasing number of people are beginning to be interested in fortune-telling on the Tarot cards. And this is no accident, because with their help you can solve complex and sometimes unsolvable riddles that fate sets before us, to find a way out of difficult situations. Maps can give us irreplaceable advice and show possible future developments. But in order to proceed to divination, we need to get acquainted with the decoding of Tarot cards, which is considered generally accepted among tarologists. This question we will consider in detail in this article.

The structure of the deck of tarot cards

The Tarot deck includes 78 cards that are called arcane. Arcana are divided into senior and junior. Beginners are advised to use 22 Major Arcane cards because mastering the full deck is much more difficult. These 22 cards are considered the most important and informative, because they can show the main events and answer the main questions. Junior Arcana includes 56 cards, dividing into 4 suits. 14 cards of each suit can show us all the additional characteristics of the main events.

Let's look at how to decipher the basic 22 tarot cards.

Map 0. Jester or Fool. This is a map symbolizing beginnings and intuitive perception. Zero means beginning and end, all and nothing, free choice. This card shows that a person is faced with a difficult choice when he needs to decide: to stay in their previous positions or to boldly walk towards the unknown of the new. May also indicate obstacles to the goal.

If the card is turned over, the person does not know what he really wants and cannot predict the situation. May indicate the questioner’s short-sightedness, his fear.

Map 1. Wizard or Mag. The first card of the deck, indicating success, victory. A person definitely makes the right decision, he is full of bold ideas that foreshadow good luck and progress.

In the case of an inverted card, the person is in a depressed state, not confident in his abilities. If in the men's scenario, this card falls with a card of the High Priestess, this man is suppressed by an imperious and powerful woman.

Map 2. High Priestess. For the person who asks the question, this is the card leader in deciding the question. Means making the right, carefully considered and considered decision.

If the map is turned upside down, this indicates a wrong choice based on excessive emotionality, and not on the rational act of a wise and mature person.

Map 3. Empress. This is a map of the maternal energy of the earth, harmonizing and creating. Human wealth foreshadows material success, success in love and satisfaction in all spheres of life. It may mean the emergence of offspring, marriage.

In the upside down position means dissatisfaction with life, depression.

Map 4. The Emperor. This card indicates the influence of a strong, self-confident man on a person. It is also possible that a person who asks a question shows leadership qualities. If it’s a woman’s hand, then there is a significant and powerful man next to her: a father, a loved one, or a tyrannical boss, depending on the number of cards drawn.

In the inverted position, it speaks of a low social status of a man, a dependent position and a lack of his own strength.

Map 5. Hierophant or High Priest. One of the strongest and most secret maps. Promises global changes, fundamental changes in fate. Can talk about the emergence of a spiritual mentor, or, conversely, about forced loneliness. There may be serious tests in order to gain spiritual experience.

An inverted map means the completion of a certain stage in life and the need to start a new one.

Map 6. Beloved Ones. When the situation on the situation says the need to choose. May mean marriage, close relationship.

Upside-down card warns about the wrong decision, separation from your loved one. Perhaps even the death of a loved one, or parting forever.

Map 7. Chariot. Foreshadows an unexpected success, a quick career rise, a victory thanks to your own strength.

If the card is turned upside down, you may be threatened by negatives from those around you, exerting strong moral pressure on you. Possible failures and adverse circumstances.

Map 8. Strength. Means that fate is on the side of this person. He expects success and overcoming any obstacles. Although this requires a positive attitude and the struggle with their shortcomings. Recovery from severe illness is also possible.

Inverted Strength speaks of defeating negative qualities and weaknesses of a personality over you. In a scenario, a man can talk about the negative impact of a strong woman.

Map 9. The hermit. Speaks about the need to dive into yourself to find the right solution, the search for spiritual values. Can talk about learning and communication with wise mentors.

Inverted warns against rash decisions, the danger of a wrong lifestyle, unwillingness to listen to wise advice.

Map 10. Wheel of Fortune means good luck. This is a map full of optimism and luck. The main thing is not to miss your chance, because the wheel of fortune can turn in the opposite direction ...

The inverted map means the occurrence of a “black” band in a person’s life, warns against rash decisions and risks.

Map 11. Justice or Justice. May mean success in business, promotion. Says that a person should be unbiased in judgments.

In the case of an inverted card, a divorce, disagreement, judicial red tape with an unfavorable outcome is possible.

Map 12. Hanged Man. Says that a person is in a state of uncertainty and the need to find a solution to the current situation. It may require self-sacrifice for the good of others.

An inverted Hanged Man means selfishness and unwillingness to accept the situation as it is.

Map 13. Death. It means the final break with the past, the need for change. Not always means death in the truest sense of the word. More often - time to change. When fortune-telling on relationships, clearly, says about the upcoming break.

In the upside down position it speaks of fear and unwillingness to change.

Map 14. Abstinence. This is the restoration of inner potential, acceptance of the situation, harmony, consistency and endless patience.

Inverted position means intemperance.

Card 15. The Devil speaks of the hopelessness of the situation. The man is entangled in the web and can not get out of it. Often there may be problems with alcohol, drug addiction or getting into a religious sect.

Inverted Devil says that you can not risk in any way.

Map 16. Tower of Destruction. It means a collapse in affairs, relationships, or a very serious test of feelings, after which you can change your mind about others.

In the case of an inverted card, you just have to accept the situation, because on your own you can not change anything here.

Map 17. Star. This is a card of success, opening up new opportunities and patronage of higher powers. In personal life, it speaks of the emergence of deep feelings that lead to long-term relationships. The combination with the Magician shows the point in time at which changes will occur.

The inverted position speaks about the destruction of hopes and undertakings, disappointment in love.

Map 18. The Moon. This is a mysterious and mysterious map leading into the depths of the subconscious. Through our intuitive perception of the world, it speaks of our dreams, aspirations, dreams, fears and anxieties.

In cases of an inverted position, it indicates hidden threats and underlying dangers. In conjunction with the card Justice says that a person is cheated, something does not agree. It also shows instability in relationships and uncertainty in their choice, treason.

Map 19. The Sun. It is a symbol of the onset of a bright streak of life, success in undertakings, the birth of a new life or a breakthrough in creativity. The sun encourages a person to reach out to the light and good, gives you the opportunity to live fully and feel happy.

An inverted position indicates the presence of factors that prevent your desires from being fulfilled. You need to overcome many obstacles to Celje.

Map 20. Court. Its value is in discovering new opportunities and talents in a person, throwing off old fetters that hinder development. You will need to put a lot of work on the way to the dream, but it will not be in vain. In love, you are waiting for a new relationship or strengthening of old, if you were not alone.

An inverted card about your indecision, unwillingness to move on, fear of change.

Card 21. World. This is a map of harmony with the world and fullness of life. Energy is the key of you, but dreams come true. Symbolizes success, material well-being, victory over previous adversities and failures.

Inverted position indicates the impossibility of achieving success, the need to make concessions, the victim. If you are standing next to the map of Death, then you set yourself impossible tasks, you need to think and rethink everything anew.

Thus, we considered the basic meaning of the most important Tarot cards in the deck. More detailed information you can get by watching the video.