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How to perform fortune telling on 36 cards


Divination on 36 cards is a fairly simple technique available to anyone who wants to know the details of their future. The main rule in this fortune-telling is the acquisition of a new deck of cards that have not previously been played and which no people touched except the guessing one.

Rules for the performance of successful divination

Try to ask the cards questions only on one subject - for example, about relationships, about the near future, about your desires, material benefits, and so on.

How truthfully the cards will answer your questions depends on your compliance with all the rules of divination. Every fortune-telling has its own specific techniques that should be followed. And then we list the mandatory rules for all divination.

  • use only a new deck that has not been played before and will not play;
  • never try to deceive the cards, formulate your question in as much detail as possible, because after hearing a lie on your part, the cards will also begin to lie to you;
  • before doing any deal, you should concentrate as much as possible on the problem disturbing your soul and in your thoughts ask for cards to help you.

Divination card of the day for today

This technique can be attributed to the most simple and popular. You will need in the morning, immediately after you wake up, get a deck of cards, mix it thoroughly, and then remove one card from it to choose from. She will tell you about what events will be filled with the next day, as well as give advice on how to best behave.

The following video will also help you learn how to guess on ordinary maps.

Divination for the near future

Before you start guessing, you should stir the cards well. Then move the deck over with your left hand and extract 6 any cards from it in two rows.

Each of the cards will tell you about specific problems, namely:

  • First - will tell about thoughts disturbing your soul;
  • The second - tells about your emotional state;
  • Third - present the events of today;
  • Fourth - tells about the desires, dreams and hopes with which you are filled;
  • Fifth - sheds light on the distant future;
  • Sixth - with what consequences of today you will face, the card will also warn you about various dangers.

Heart suit

  • AceY-promise to receive a pleasant present.
  • Kings - Get ready to receive unexpected guests, whose visit will please you.
  • Ladies - a married man will meet you.
  • Jacks - a pleasant pastime with friends, fun.
  • Dozens of - you can relax and dream a little.
  • Nines - everything will start with a slight flirtation, and end with a serious hobby.
  • Eights - You will spend a lot of time on your hobby.
  • Sevens - promise the appearance of significant changes in life.
  • Sixes - you will be able to receive an important assignment for which you will have to leave the city.

Club Suit

  • Aces - gossip will spread around you.
  • Kings - A devoted comrade will come to your rescue.
  • Ladies - the fair sex.
  • Jacks - troubles and cares.
  • Dozens of - the beginning of minor life changes.
  • Nines - Get ready for a pleasant conversation.
  • Eights - you will be disappointed in something (or someone) and you will cry.
  • Sevens - their appearance promises global success.
  • Sixes - the way at the end of which a date awaits you.

Diamonds suit

  • Aces - receiving news, thanks to which your life will change for the better.
  • Kings - girls are promised a meeting with their future spouse, and married men or women - are predicted that a new friend will appear in life.
  • Ladies - will interact with an unpleasant woman.
  • Jacks - spend time surrounded by friends.
  • Dozens of - material profit.
  • Nines - romantic meeting.
  • Eights - their appearance promises immersion in dreams.
  • Sevens - new purchases.
  • Sixes - all your plans will certainly come true.

Peak suit

  • Aces - getting unpleasant news.
  • Kings - the appearance of a rival in life.
  • Ladies - quarrel with the woman.
  • Jacks - control yourself if you do not want to get into a fight.
  • Dozens of - this card advises you to be examined in a medical institution just in case.
  • Nines - promise the termination of communication with a person close to you.
  • Eights - you will discuss some topical issues, control your emotions.
  • Sevens - deception will come from the side where you do not expect it.
  • Sixes - will have to go on a night trip.

Also, when making a hand, you need to pay attention to certain stable combinations of various cards, which include such variations:

  1. If clubs and spades are combined, then not very successful events are coming in life.
  2. The combination of the peak six from any of the card suit cards - symbolizes an unsuccessful trip, and if this six is ​​combined with a nine tambourine or a ten, it means you will go on a trip to receive financial assistance.
  3. When the lady of the heart suit is combined with a dozen of the same suit, a person close to you in spirit who you have previously communicated well will come into your life.
  4. A dozen tambourines and nine worms is a good promising job.
  5. The seven of hearts and four kings - the begun affairs will come to the end with success.
  6. A heart of jack in combination with a diamonds nine is a warning symbol - do not go anywhere on this day.
  7. Jack of clubs suit and peak seven - today it is necessary to be afraid of trouble due to the fault of your detractors.

Now you can easily perform the alignment today or the events of the near future and you don’t have to turn to various fortunetellers and fortune tellers for this.