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Guessing gypsy Aza - learn all about your future!


Gypsies have always been famous for being born fortunetellers. They brought to Europe the tendency to guess by cards, and with them various kinds of gypsy fortune telling. A fairly common way to predict the future is divination by a gypsy woman Aza.

Gypsy Aza is a famous modern gypsy seer. She has in her arsenal a huge number of different layouts about the love sphere, happiness, which accurately describe the real state of things and give the correct recommendations to those who guess.

Most often use fortune-telling on kings. The representatives of the fair sex are given an excellent opportunity with the help of this technique to understand their feelings, to improve the relationship that you now have, to return lost love or to forget about it once and for all.

Unfortunately, a very common problem for many people is the inability to let go of people leaving your life. Many of the last forces try to cling to completely hopeless relationships, because of which they themselves suffer and make another person unhappy. And thanks to this gypsy fortune telling, it will be easier for you to understand the current situation, draw conclusions from it and put an end to it.

Divination to the four kings is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. Four kings are selected from a card deck, for each card you think of the name of a guy or a man about whom you think and mentally ask a question to which you would like to receive an answer. In this case, it is allowed that one card remains "empty", it is likely that this person has not yet entered your social circle, but plans to appear in your life very soon.
  2. Randomly lay out a deck on the table.
  3. Carefully shuffle the deck and put the cards down under each king in this order:
  • in the first row - two cards;
  • in the second one;
  • in the third - two;
  • in the fourth - one.
  1. Repeated maps should be drawn from the hand. Interpret only the remaining options.

In the process of interpretation, be guided by the following interpretations of the maps, which we cite below in the article. Also, do not dismiss your intuition, which is a very important auxiliary tool for every fortune-teller. And with the help of maps you just set up this tool and connect it to the action.

  • 6-ka - promises a trip that can be both far and not beyond your city;
  • 7-ka - you will dream and hope;
  • 8-ka - her appearance foreshadows you passionate kisses;
  • 9-ka - indicate a love or love in the person that you think;
  • 10-ka - the person you are interested in is interested in you, but he is not in love with you. There is a friendly sympathy with respect;
  • A jack means a representative of the stronger sex is not averse to retire with you, but for what purpose - unfortunately, they will not be able to tell about this card;
  • Lady - you will have an intimate affinity with the person you are asking about from the deck;
  • Ace - the person you are interested in has a strong and deep feeling for you, sincerely in love with you and wants to tie up your future with you.

Please note that the representatives of the stronger sex can also use this fortune-telling to find out what is at heart in the persons attractive to them. But in this case, the kings should be replaced by ladies, and the rest of fortune-telling has no differences.

The following video offers you another interesting gypsy fortune telling.

  1. No guessing is 100% guarantee that the future will develop exactly as indicated by the cards. They just talk about the likely scenario, and we can independently change our future through thoughts and actions.

Change your point of view and life position - the future will also change permanently. And if today it seems to you that you are experiencing the “love of your life”, then very soon it can easily turn into an illusion with changing priorities of a guessing person.

  1. If you are going to perform the alignment, stock up with only a new deck of cards. After all, if you take the old one, the cards may think that the next game is coming, and they will begin to tell lies.
  2. It is important to take the prediction as seriously as possible, give up the irony or mistrust. According to the gypsy Aza, resorting to distrust and mockery, you thereby offend the cards and risk getting terrible answers from them.
  3. Never repeat a fortune telling many times in a row on the same question. No one likes obsession and maps as well. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will have to accept this.

Understand that happiness and love can come into your life not immediately, but after many disappointments and unhappy relationships. And there is no fault of the cards. So just thank them, perhaps they are trying to save you from a possible mistake that will bring you painful suffering.

  1. All card divination should be held in a secluded atmosphere, in peace and complete silence. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, concentrate as much as possible on what you are asking. It is through concentration and concentration that you enhance your intuitive abilities, which will ensure a more reliable result.
  2. You can not resort to fortune telling, especially on the subject of love, on Sunday and on days of major church holidays.
  3. Also, in no case do not take up the procedure of divination, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs - so you only harm yourself, but you will not get a truthful answer from the cards.

Now you know how to get help with maps. We wish you that they predict you only true information and never upset you!